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Hotel El Prado
Carrera 54 No.70-10
Tel 011-57-5-368-0111
Toll Free 9-800-9-52020
Fax 011-57-5-353-2334
Swimming pool, tennis courts, sauna, restaurant. More expensive then Puerta del Sol

Barranquilla Plaza
Cra. 51B No. 79-246
Near El Prado hotel
356-0731 or 356-5876
Fax 345-5079
No problems bringing women to Barranquilla Plaza

Puerta Del Sol
Calle 75 No 41D-79
Tel 011-57-5-356-5006
Toll Free 9-800-9-58144
Fax 011-57-5-368-1686
Walking distance to two of the best casas. No problem bringing Chicas to your room. Large rooms, comfortable lobby sitting area, outside pool, patio, gym, outdoor bar and restaurant. 117 rooms 7 floors. 90,000 CPs or less than US$45 including taxes and breakfast. During the week prices are higher Published corporate weekday rates 133,700 CPs single, 147,700 CPs double, credit cards are accepted

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