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In the “City of the Parks” the women are even better looking than Bogota’s ladies. One place you might go is called Bar Stop Show. Ask any cab driver, and if he does not know, it is next door to the Cine Rivera. On the same block is another decent place, the Champagne Club. These two places have doormen and security, so they do not let drunken, brawling idiots get in the door. It’s safe for gringos. You do have to be very picky at the Stop Bar. I felt personally that Bucaramanga had tons of gorgeous women walking around on the sidewalks, and the women at the club were rather ordinary. They tend to be quite young and energetic. They will charge about 60,000 pesos (about 30 dollars) for you to take the girl to a nearby house or your hotel room for a tryst. They also will include in the bill alcohol and food. They take VISA, but one of the girls told me that the barman is in cahoots with the female cashier and they will put stuff on your bill that you did not order. From what I heard, the Champagne Club has classier girls, but I did not go. Be careful what neighborhood you wander into when visiting either Bucaramanga or Bogota. Some places can be hazardous. It is unlikely that the women will speak English at all. Buena suerte!

Juernes Bar
Over 40 girls ranging from 3 – 8’s. Local working men bar filled with Colombians. Small dance floor where the girls and customers dance. Show with one girl dancing on tables stripping. Girls usually charge 60-70,000 all night with a 20,000 bar fine. 100,000P all night total 120,000P with bar fine. They will accept 100,000P total. Try getting to meet you when the place closes to avoid the bar fine.

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