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Street Scene
Across from the Las Velas hotel that borders Calle1B & Carrera 1 ladies can be found. Calle 1B has apartments where the girls live. Bars, internet cafes and restaurants. Guys drive by and pick (like street action in Managa). Tip the madame, some nights two or three girls and some 15. $25.00

Casas are your sure thing to get laid. You can have sex with them in the Casa itself or take them out and have sex with them where you are staying, that is if the hotel will allow overnight guests. Drinks are served. Most of the girls live in the Casas and must be present at night unless she’s been barfines for the night.

Again I don’t understand this casa had a lot of chicas and most seemed to be young, close to 20 years old or so. Didn’t find the place until my second to last night I will go back again on my next trip. But I did found a little honey here 18 years old, working just a short time. Nice long legs and a great rack. Took her back to the hotel and it was a good choice. The services went well above the call of duty. Everything I asked for she did, a great BBBJ and anal were both offered and taken without question. Total fee 75,000CP.

Tatianna fairly tall 5’8″
Maria Maribel no GFE nice body and energy level Lina blonde

La Dolce Vita
Second floor above a restaurant in Plaza Santa Clara. Girls don’t approach you. No take out fee (Bar Fine). Air cond, good lighting, reasonable drinks. Good Italian restaurant downstairs. Prices range from 60,000 to 100,000 CPs (~US$30 to US$50),

Noches de America
Bocagrande Carrera 2/Avenida San Martin
Marked with large neon sign out front
Noches de America very different compared with La Dolce Vita. Strip club that operates less on dancing with the girls and more on watching the shows. Booths, tables and chairs. Shows consisting of 3-4 girls appearing on stage in succession. Girls dance two songs, second completely nude. VIP area or champagne room for more private activities at a price.

No admission fee
6,000 CPs Beer

Bottle rum and coke 40,000 pesos
Better deal than buying drinks individually. Danced talk and take to hotel

La Candela
Plaza de los Coches near Puerta Del Reloj
(Clock Gate) Second floor
Admission 10,000 CPs

La Escollera
Corner of Calle Cinco and Carerra 1 road along the beach. Large, two-story, open-air bar/disco. Entrance fee a few dollars, drinks reasonable, contains working and non-working girls.

3 floors, each with a bar, dance space and sitting areas. Weekend admission 7,500 CPs
Free weekdays Pint rum and pitcher of coke for 35,000 pesos

Mr. Babilla
Calle del Arsenal No. 8b-137
Only open Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights. Same street as Calle 24, which extends from the convention center along a bay to the Puente Roman, Large selection of women. Make reservations Best after 11.30pm

Av St Martin Calle 6a,
esquina Boca Grande.
57-5-665-8811, 8261
Fax 57-5-665-9204
$230.000 $115US
In-room safes, health club, swimming pool, business center and casino
Rooms 145,000 pesos Over night guests are OK 145,000 pesos U$70 per night includes breakfast
Ocean views, swimming pool, Ladies you bring back must be checked in for the night.
Tel 665-8811

Cartagena Hilton
Spacious rooms, business center, gym, tennis courts, private beach, restaurants, and multiple-pool swimming complex. Expensive unless you can find a deal possible on the internet. Overnight guests may be a problem here especially late at night.

Charlotte Hotel
Hotel Charlotte
St Martin No. 7-126,
Boca Grande, Co between Calle 7 & 8
36 rooms
Swimming pool
Other side of San Martin no direct beach access Air-con, English CNN, Cinemax, & ESPN available. Fridge, safe in lobby, Breakfast included
Tel 575-665-9298
Located down the street from Almirante, towards the airport, one block from Malecon.

End of Boca Grande, easy access to Centro.
$225 for 8 days/7 nights all inclusive
Breakfast and lunch buffet and hotel restaurants.
Girl charge is for 45,000 pesos (about US$25)

Ave San Martin No 5-85
Tel 57-5-665-0623/0751/1007/1135/0302
Fax 57-5-665-0879
$40-55$ per night depending season. Guest fee $10-$15 No problems bringing chicas back, best is to give the night porter 10$ the first day. Basic rooms but clean, good air-condition but cold water.

Hotel Caribe
Carrera 1, No. 2-87
End of Ave San Martin Calle 1
Large swimming pool, outdoor restaurant gym, sauna, late night bar/disco, tennis courts, shops, multiple restaurants, and casino.

Hotel Las Velas
80,000 pesos per night
Two-bedroom suite 150,000 pesos
Carrera 1 (the beach road) near Calle 1A, No. 1-60, swimming pool and beach access. No cable Tv and all the stations go off the air after 1:00 a.m. No hot water. Many of the rooms only have two single beds so make sure to ask for a room with a double. Las Velas is a hotel right on the beach with huge room $12.50 extra fee for chicas. Carry your room key with you so you don’t have to get it from the front desk at night with your guest. Peak season Dec15 – Jan20. Add 20%

only with the assistance of a friend in the hotel business I was able to get a rate of $70 including service charge. I found all of the employees at the Almirante to be very helpful and cordial. Every evening the maid service would come in and turn down the bed, lie out the dirty laundry bag, and leave a cognac nightcap on the nightstand. I befriended one of the guards out in the front of the hotel and asked him some questions about bringing in guests. He told me the unstated policy is: Enter after 9 or 10PM
The lady must sign in at the front desk. The lady should leave the hotel by 8AM. The actual is a little different. The first night we just walked straight thru no stop, but the rest of the nights I was redirected to the front desk. I was stopped one day midday after doing a little shopping with my friends assistance – as we returned to drop the stuff in the room the guard at the front door stopped us and said the girl may not come in at this time of the day. I think you might be able get away with midday visits if you AND the lady walk straight thru and assuming the lady is dressed in UN-imposing way. Lets face it guys, these guys at the door know what going on when you Mr. 35 to 60 years old come waltzing in with Miss little 21 year old. I did go to breakfast one day with one of the ladies and I am probably just being paranoid. But I felt like the employees sort of gave use a weird “what are you doing here ” look. Any way I was not comfortable so I didn’t do breakfast anymore or order room service and had a great after breakfast treat.

Dany el Churrasco Argentino
Carrera 3A No 2-104

El Carbon de Palo
Plaza Santo Domingo next door to Paco’s on 2nd floor
Beef 450grams of baby beef or Thick Tenderloin $11

El Meson de Maria y Mulata
Calle del Arsenal Calle 24
La Matuna/Getsemani area
Mr. Babilla next door

La Dolce Vita
Plaza de San Diego located on ground floor
Excellent Italian food
Fair prices

La Olla Cartagenera
Avenida San Martin No. 5-100

Pizza Faroah
Corner Calle 5 and Carrera 2
Pizza Small 14”$6

Pizza Piccolo
Pizza and Pasta chain
Across from Almirante
Spaghetti, mushrooms, chicken light crème sauce topped with cheese $3.50.

Restaurante Paco’s
Plaza Santo Domingo in the old city
Seafood, Chicken
Not Expensive
7 nights a week

Restaurante Riquisimo
Near Las Velas hotel on the way to the Hilton right next to the Tropical Net Internet café. They bring out fresh cuts and grill them in front of you once you make your selection from the dishes on display. Chicken, steak, Shish kebab’s, and sausages. Standard beans, rice and chicken dishes. Portions are large and come with salad and fried potatoes. A huge grilled chicken breast cost $3.50

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