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Hello, I was recently in Arequipa, Peru. I went looking for some action. After talking with a cab driver I was taken to a strip club (Queens) I paid about $6 Us to get in which include my 1st beer. When I entered I notice I was the only client I asked for a beer, This is where it was a different experience, I noticed that there was a glass already set upright and away from the other glasses, usually a bartender will open a beer right in front of you and pour it at that time. I was a bit suspicious from the position of the glass and at first glance there appeared to be something already in the glass.

The bartender opened the beer with his back to me obstructing my view and poured the beer into the glass then turned and gave it to me. I was soon joined by a girl wanting to toast I faked a sip and drank no more I bought her a beer and ended up sipping her beer as she gathered her thing to leave for my hotel. A large bouncer type appeared and hung out at the bar. I paid her bar fine and we left. She was an enthusiastic fuck and we had a good time for $80 US. Since I was traveling alone I sided on the side of safety with the beer, I do not know if there was anything in it, but I found the behavior of the bartender unusual. Beware.

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