Tequila Rock

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Tequila Rock’s a dance club with a lots of hookers on Diez Canseco street in Miraflores. Entry fee .10 $3.00US looks like a “normal” disco with regular couples. The difference is the girls will request money “usual excuse is they need some cab fare”. There’s no bar fine (sometimes charged at other places). Drinks are under $5, girls look on the 7 – 9 scale, cost for girls is from $50 – $100 depending on how popular she is and how much time you bargain for. Plenty of hotels nearby for $10 a room all night. Fridays and Saturdays the place is full of beautiful women that can be bought.

Tequilla Rocks is one of the better pick-up bars. It’s possible to pick up both professionals and regular women (Spanish ability helps). There’s a lot of street action as well. Several hotels in the area allow chicas. I stayed at Las Palmas, in Mira Flores.

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