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Visited Pucallpa in the Amazon territories. It’s good place to pick up a girls. There are several nightclubs. I have been in 3 different clubs, 2 were nothing special however the third one called LUNA ELITE is a very good place. There were around 8 girls inside. They were around 18 to 23 years. The strip show is terribly excellent. There is now entry price, a beer costs around US$ 5. I left that place twice with a nice chick. The last one was an 18 year old beauty having a stunning body. I paid US$ 100 for the whole night and she did everything I wanted except a blowjob. I was her first client and she was did have a lot of experience having sex. Well, I was a good teacher and I had big fun with her. Later I visited Iquitos and must admit that I was rather disappointed. Two clubs were worth nothing. The girls were nice on the other hand, but they didn’t want to leave. When I lost my last hope I was driven by taxi to a club called MI FILL that proved to be one of the best clubs I have ever been. Again the strip show was great however prices were more expensive than the ones of Pucallpa. I paid for a 19 year old chick US$ 150. She was well worth every dollar I paid and did every thing I wanted. I had very good sex.

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