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M writing to you guys about a little secret place in the city of maracay in Venezuela. I went to a local place called “quinta cristal” which means crystal mansion. I was shocked to see so many different and beautiful women there. Most were in their early twenties. Any kind you want them too!!! Blondes, brunettes, redhaired, tall, short, petite big breasts ..small breasts .I’m telling you again, any way you want them!!! 9S and 10s mostly. You can actually relax and drink up and take your time to choose which one of these angels you want, most are shy so don’t be too direct. Treat them with respect and make a small chat first. They usually stand around the bar or sit by themselves so you need to call them over to you, because they won’t just come up to you and ask for what you want. They chat and very friendly. All for just>>>>>20 dollars full service!!! Room is 10 dollars the “”mansion””. I went there and met a brunette 22 year old. She was about an 9 but she was so nice friendly and never in a hurry that she would be a 10 in my book. She would clean me up ..blow me and do me and lay down talk after we were done. She even agreed to go to the beach with me the next day!! Well I came back a couple of days later and this time i got a very petite beauty with short blond hair. About a 9 man was she a awesome fuck too. I was too big for her. She couldn’t ride me because it would hurt her. And trust me she tried! I gave her 20 bucks and a one dollar bill because she never seen a dollar bill before she was very nice too.. The key is being nice and sincere with them. Buy em a couple of drinks talk and if you can tip her after she is done.. I didn’t tip any of them but I bought them drinks and chatted. You see these are normal girls without a job. They just show up at the mansion that night whenever the situation is dry. These are not your regular crack street hos. Trust me, you meet them, you’ll love em. Try to have a friend that speaks Spanish at least if you don’t know how to..

As for the location of this place. I can’t really remember but you can ask any of the older local guys and I’m sure they can point you in the right direction. Just ask for “Quinta Crystal”. Trust me guys. This is a place you don’t want to miss. No wonder Venezuela is always in the top 3 of miss universe and miss world. These women are simply angels.

I have just returned from a two day stay in Caracas. In a word, it sucks. There is little of any historical or cultural value to this aesthetically challenged, smoking rock pile of a city. Bad airport, bad food, bad urban planning, and pretty expensive to boot. 3rd world value at 1st world prices. OK, some of the women are pretty hot, but they don’t seem quite as friendly or receptive to Americans as other Latin American destinations. English use and comprehension is minimal.

The paid tail scene is pathetic. Most of the places the cab driver would take us were of the $8 beer, $15 lady drink clip joint variety with apathetic $200+ a night “dancers”. The clubs even charge you to leave with them! Some don’t even serve beer but want to force you to buy a $35 bottle of rum. If the club looks too nice and the waiters are wearing bow ties, leave unless you want to get fleeced. Annoying.

There is a long street name forgotten which hosts a number of short time hotels with attached bars where the chicks hang out. No shortage of these. Prices did not improve much, however. Girls wanted $70 or so for 2 hours, with an additional $45 for room with a few drinks thrown in. Many were dark with loud salsa music, infested with sleestack putas who looked bad even in the twilight dimness. Depressing.

After checking each place on this street, the Embassy Hotel, also mentioned on this discussion board, is the best bet; clean, modern decor, pleasant staff, good American music. Beers $2.50. The women were pretty hot, with some 10’s and no dogs. They will not approach you, but are receptive of any attempt to draw their attention. All prices quoted were at least $100 for 2 hours, and did not seem open to negotiation.

Caracas has the some looking girls. and as the economy is doing bad there is a lot of prostitution. despite this prices are high.

A few places to go :

Club el Morisson. first class club with the best looking girls. rooms available at the club for about $50 for 1 hour. girls go for $100 $150. before 2.00 pm you pay a fee for the girls to leave for your hotel $150 after 2.00pm you do not have to pay this fee, price for the girl is also $150, for a hour.

Club/Hotel SAVA. same thing as Morisson, however Morisson is more up scale, although you also find some very good ones here.

Go the the terrace at the hotel Euro building. this is a 5 star hotel and there are always girls on the terrace looking for customers. they will go for about $120/hour.

Go to the website they have some very good escorts here for reasonable prices.

There is one girl I know personally her name is Amanda, she works occasionally at the Morisson. she will go with you all night for $150 200. she is a definite 10+.

Top secret is the way to go for some action. The girl I had was Laura and from the time she walked in, till she left she did not stop. Be careful when calling escort agency to hotels, the hotels charge a fee for the company if they find out.

Check the El Univeral newspaper and look under “masijistas” in the classifieds, it lists numbers of in call escorts. $50US 60 minutes.

The itinerary for this trip was partly driven by my being captive by United Airlines and it’s partners. I had always wanted to visit Quito so when a rash of favorable postings appeared, it was only a matter of time before I would arrange a trip there. Since UA could only get me as far as Caracas, I added a few days in that city as well. Social obligations in Quito significantly cut into my whoring, but added immeasurably to my enjoyment of the city. Of course you won’t hear much about that since my reports are intended to hold the attention of the debauched adult reader namely you. Besides, ever since he learned what they are, WIN has been eyeing my epaulets suspiciously. For a while it looked like I’d have nothing to write about, but eventually a few good things fell into my lap. Some of them facefirst.

Since the first gotcha! in a new city is often the cab fare from the airport into town, I queried the gay not that there’s anything wrong with that steward about typical fares. He offered me a ride into town, but I demurred so he sent me into last class where the Sun don’t shine to speak to a stewardess that could help. Help she did as she hooks me up with pretty Mimi in the same predicament as I, and later arranges for a UA ground person to escort us to the taxis and negotiate a reasonable fare. The fare was 40kb 40,000 Bolivars; approx 600B=$1 for the long ride into Caracas. Mimi and I had a nice chat during the ride. When she asked me to join her for dinner at the Hilton however, I declined. After all, I was now in the land of international beauty queens for a short 40 hours, and as nice as Mimi was, in her late 30’s she was solidly in what Christopher Moore would call toe tag territory. I would come to rue this decision, as you shall see. Following some negative comments about the Coliseo, I decided to try the Lincoln Suites as suggested by Stony. With a rear entrance right onto Sabana Grande, the LS is very male friendly, although a bit pricey at about $110 for a starkly decorated suite. And unlike the Coliseo, Norm will be pleased to learn that there were no bugs in the room. other than one horny arachnid. Roaches, especially the nonsmokable variety, give Norman the willies. Stay away from NYC Norm. From the states, phone Adrianawho speaks perfect Englishat 0115827612727.


Unpacked, showered, hid a couple of C notes in my pants and headed over to the legendary Morrison’s. I picked up the money in the shoe routine from maibpenrai during a recent night of debauchery in TJ. With my 13’s and flat feet, I can practically fit the national treasury of Venezuela in my shoes. And given Morrison’s reputation, I thought that I might need it. I arrived to a packed house at 12:30. The place is comfortable and friendly enough, but IMHO the chicas are vastly overrated. Mostly 67’s with only one 9 discernible, and she was occupied. All I can say is that they obviously don’t recruit those vaunted beauty queens here. I talked with very friendly Marisa with huge soft tits 7 for a while, but left with Sylvia 8 who seemed desperate to go with me. Perhaps she was behind on her rent, but every time I started to look around, her price went down. Finally she was at $100 for 2 hrs and we settled for $150 for all night. I was not very enthusiastic about this choice, but I was suffering from a dangerous combination of exhaustion and horniness, with few better options. The bar fine is about $50 and includes 6 drinks for your new friend. Back at the LS, Sylvia demands the $150 upfront claiming that this is customary in Venezuela. I explain that in my room we operate under US rules. In a libido busting negotiation we compromise on $75 up front and $75 in the morning which in a prescient moment I figure will cut my losses in case she’s a dud in the rack and I have to toss her. Interestingly, as we get it on her mood changes a lot quicker than mine, and she is quite excitable. For me, it turns out to be a prolonged angry fuck culminating in my ripping off the condom for a facial finish. She puts her hand up to avoid the show, but I slap it out of the way. Exiting the bathroom, Sylvia again starts into the tiresome mas dinero ahora routine. I explain for the last time that she won’t get another Bolivar less than 2 cents until the morning, but that I actually would prefer that she leave now. A sullen Sylvia gathers up her things and leaves me to enjoy a very restful slumber. I figure that most people would think that $75 for an hour takeout with one of El Morrison’s finest is a good deal.

Bottom line:
It’s possible that this was a bad night, or that the beauty pageant recruiters had cleaned out the place, but with the exception of BKK’s Pegasus, I have never seen such an overrated place. Shit, I’ve had a better selection in Inglewood at half the going rate. So about now you’re thinking I’m a cheap charlie. Not! I’m a big fan of BKK’s art bars and Rio’s Barbarella’s, and the New Sagittarius in Belo Horizonte is my favorite club. Simply put, when you move into that price range, the place better be littered with 9’s sans the scams and attitude.

Enjoying the view from a sidewalk café on Sabana Grande, I realize that the reputation of the Venezuelans for extreme beauty is well deserved. The average young woman on the street in Caracas puts her Rio counterpart to shame. OTOH, some of the best Rio has to offer actually show up in the clubs and Termas. From my experience the night before, this is not the case in Caracas. Unlike Bogey’s experience, no chicas were hanging out of bus windows trying to get at my blond hair and blue eyes. Alas, my hair is brown, and as for my eyes, well, Marisa at Morrison’s did remark on their attractiveness, but in a fit of honesty, I admitted that they were blue only so that I could easily locate them when they fell into the sink. Or so said the manufacturer. I scanned the ads in El Universal for some afternoon company. Prices seem to start at 30kb for an hour with various specialties listed including griego for all of you backdoor fans. I decided to go with a recommendation from gendumonde for a service run by Melissa, a nice young women who was raised in the States. She recalls gm and male, but says that her prices have gone up since he visited a year ago. I remind her of the vast worldwide influence of our august body, and she agrees to 40kb plus 5kb for rt cab fare. Later, after we get to know each other and she and her cabby husband serve as my tour guide in Caracas, she agrees to extend this price to all our members in perpetuity. Given her chosen profession, I am utterly amazed at Melissa’s girl next door wholesomeness. To wit, the following conversation ensues.

So what can I expect for my 40kb? I inquire.
Well, all of my girls give a very good massage followed by…ah…the intercourse. Intercourse is good. Anything else? Well, I’m told that Jessica is very good at the oral sex. I sense a nervous shift of weight considerable weight, I will soon learn. Oral sex is good, I opine, as the clinical banality of our conversation is starting to get under my skin. Do any of your girls take it in the ass? Well er let me see um I think Jennifer likes that. I can almost feel the phone blush warm in my hands. Good. Why don’t you bring Jessica and Jennifer over so that I can have a look see? Shortly, I’m sitting in hubby Carlo’s cab as the two J’s parade around for my benefit. Jennifer is a solid 9, and Jessica is not far behind. I choose Jenny. Great bbbj not even her specialty!, world class body, very excitable. She displayed a good deal of vanity however, constantly glancing at the mirror opposite the bed as we went at it. Not so much to enjoy the spectacle unfolding before her, but rather I suspect to be reassured that her now sweaty and contorted face was as beautiful as ever. All in all, reminiscent of Tony Max’s orgasmic teenager’s before the fall, only far better looking, and generally more experienced without being jaded. Jenny said that she’s 23, but her body seemed too pneumatic for that age. Later, Melissa will confide that she is quite a bit younger.

That night I take a cab to supposedly the best restaurant for local food, eschewing all the McDonald’s that so upset Norm. Had the national dish, papellon criollo, which was delicious Norm, just as you suspected it would be. As for Mc D’s, there’s practically one on every corner, and guess what? Melissa’s wealthy dad, who disowned her when Carlo knocked her up, is now going to sport $300k to attend Hamburger University in the States, and then turn over the franchise to his not so little daughter, the madam, to run. I’m lining up to plant some of that special sauce between the buns of her first employee of the month.

I know a good thing when I see it so I decide to throw in my lot with Melissa, Carlo, and the girls for my few remaining hours in Caracas. First thing next morning I have Carlos bring Jessica by the LS. Only Jessica has started her period so Carlo shows up with Alba, a slightly hefty 7+ with a very pretty face. Alba turns out to be a doll. Alba starts out with a slow, languorous bbbj that seems to go on forever about 20 min in sex time. Both of us are now ready for some more vigorous activity. This is about my best bbbj in recent memory. She stares straight into my eyes without even a flinch. Carlo is waiting patiently as I bring Alba down about 15 min late. He returns again in an hour with Melissa after I check out of the LS. We take a tour of the city and a great crafts town El Hatillo to the south before they drop me off at the airport.

A final note on safety in Caracas
Noticed no problems whatsoever walking around during the day and early evening, but several people noted that there seems to be a witching hour about 10pm beyond which taxis should be taken everywhere. I asked Carlo why drivers don’t stop at red lights late at night. He explained that stopping would risk a carjacking, or worse, by gun toting bandits. The clever citizens of Caracas have used the calculus of survival to figure out that the risk of stopping exceeds the risk of slamming into someone at an intersection.

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