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Recently spent time in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and stayed at the Del Lago Hotel. The number of available girls was small, perhaps no more than four or five. Also, they only show up occasionally. Girls can be picked up, if they are around, either in the outdoor bar by the Bohio restaurant, or in the Mirar bar, or rarely in the lobby. Also, security is heavy at the hotel and this can present problems.

Met Jackie, a woman in her thirties, blonde ie, courtesy of Clairol, a bit plump, spoke minimal English. Because of language problems, we negotiated by writing our proposed prices on napkins. We settled on $60, but originally she wanted $150. Took her to my room where she spent time making two long distance phone calls charged to my bill. I rate her as a 7 in looks, and 3 on attitude, and 4 on FS.

Five days letter, went to Mirar bar, and saw a nice looking woman at bar. I sat down at a table. She looked at me and I looked at her and we both smiled. I nodded my head, and before you could say Venezuela, she said something to the bar tender, brought her glass of beer to my table and a waiter followed with another beer for her. She spoke little English, but we negotiated by writing on napkins. She wanted $100 and we settled on $60. I paid for her beers, and we went to my room. Her name was Sheila (pronounced it Shayla), she is about 5’5, dark complexion, long hair, great body and attractive (seemed like a mix of Spanish, Indian and African). Rated her an 8 on looks, a 10 on sex and a 10 on attitude.

Three nights later, I get a phone call in my room from a lady saying her name was Dubrasca. Since I didn’t know her, I tried to be careful and she said I knew her friend Sheila. They were in the bar so I joined them. Dubrasca has a business and her business card says Coordinator of Special Events. Both woman wanted to take care of my biological needs in my room, but although Dubrasca had a low cut blouse showing plenty of her tits, she turned me off. So, I paid for all their beer, and only took Sheila back to my room. Sheila and I saw each other several times before I left, and if I return, I’ll try to see her again after all, I have Dubraska’s card, and I’m she sure would schedule a special event with Sheila for me). Incidentally, Sheila’s English started to improve too during my stay (probably got tutored by Dubrasca.

As for security, watch it. They patrol and discourage girls from going upstairs alone. Two alternatives. First you can check the girl in for one night, and I saw that happen. Instead, I found a way to take the girls outside and access the hotel from another entrance and didn’t have any problems. We also exited the same way.

Close to Columbia where prices are less expensive. Check shopping malls and cheap bars for girls most are not pros.

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