Puerto Ordaz

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Recently went out to a club called Minas Gerais in P.O. Cab drivers know where it is. Not far from where lots of street action and Transvestites are. The show starts about 11. Before hand you can sit around the bar and talk with a lady or two. Their drinks will cast 5,000 Bs My beer was 1,500. You can dance with them and just get to know them and keep buying them drinks. Private dances go for 10,000 BS or you can take one home for 50,000. When asked if the 50 was total incluido. Just got a big smile and a sense that it probably did not. The private dance was not so much touching but, the little lady was not that aggressive so, YMMV with others. Her sister was a lot more active in the touching and goofing around area. I opted for one dance in the house and called it quits. Looks for the girls were 3 to 8. A lot spent a lot of time talking on their cell phones however, there were a few great looking ladies that looked to be having a great time and giving a great time to a couple guys. The dances were a two song, shake the booty for one song, take it all off on the next and maybe shake things in your face briefly if you are next to the floor. If anyone else has experience with this place or the Hollywood or? Please share the knowledge. I’d like to know the ropes ’cause it is a little different than here in Gringolandia

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