Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires has always been one of my favorite places. I had a chance to visit a few clubs in Centro and there are more now than before. There are now street girls around Florida, which is a new development.
There is a bar called Morgans Cutty Sark which any taxi driver will know. If you go there, you can walk around the area and find a dozen bars with loud music. They are pretty much the same. Your drink, $10, chick drinks $ 20. Walk in and you will be approached within 5 minutes and asked to buy a drink for a chica. Most speak some English, enough to describe time, price and services. In general they want to make the commission from drinks and for take out. High pressure for drinks. After visiting a couple, I went to Cutty Sark.

The chicas there were a little older, 23-30, but as always knew how to dress and act well. Music is not loud. You can go in and have a beer and not be approached by any of the chicas unless you invite them or talk to them. I went in and had a beer and looked around, the music was low enough that I heard an American at the other end of the bar and went over and we talked for a while about B.A. He had to leave, and it was about 1:30. I ordered another beer and saw a chica in a black dress near me and she smiled and tilted her head so that her long black hair moved on her shoulders when I looked at her. I asked her if she was tired, and she said only a little. I invited her for a drink and we went into the other room which has couches rather than stools. We talked about different things for about 20 minutes before she asked if I would like her to go to my hotel with me. (Note: In this time she had not finished half of the drink that I purchased for her, because she does not get commission for drinks.) I asked the price and she said $ 200. I asked for how long and she said until I was satisfied. I told her that I would love to be with her, but I only had $ 100 saved because I did not think I would need more and would like to do it the next night. She took my hand and put it on her breast and told me that she liked me and would accept the hundred.

We went to my hotel, which took her I.D., and went to my room. She asked for the money and I gave it to her. We undressed and crawled into the bed. She had a pretty face, beautiful hair, a good body, and great personality. We had about a half hour of foreplay, and she made me believe that she was in love with me. She began licking my chest, slowly moving lower until she began a BJ while skillfully using her hands. After a few minutes she began licking my chest until she reached my face and opened her mouth to put her tongue into mine, then she rolled on her back and began stroking my penis. At that time I realized I was wearing a condom, boy was she good. She must have put it on for the BJ and did it so that I didn’t notice.

I climbed on top and moved slow enough that I was able to hold off for a few minutes before exploding. I rolled off and pulled off the condom. We continued to kiss and she continued stroking with her hand. I began licking her breasts and moved lower until I could taste her and she stroked my head until I moved back to her face for more kissing and mutual stroking. Finally, we lay in bed stroking each other until I was falling asleep. She whispered that she had to go home. It was about 4:00- we had been in the room for about 2 hours. I asked her if she was available the next night, and she told me that she was going out of town for a few days and would not be back before I left, but gave her cell number in case I get back soon to B.A.

On my next outing, I skipped the other places and went straight to Cutty Sark. I saw another girl that interested me, and bought her a drink. She was younger, 23, and prettier. We talked for a while and agreed on $ 100. We went to my hotel and had an enjoyable time, she stayed for about an hour and a half.

I have heard about the great escorts in Buenos Aires and thought I would give it a try. A friend recommended a place in Recoletta. I got in a cab and asked him to take me there, but he said that it was too expensive ($300-$400!) and he suggested that he knew a street close by where there were three clubs right next to each other. The name of the street is Suipacha. I went into the first one it was called Hook. It should have been called rip-off! They wanted $20 for a beer and you had to buy a drink for the girl you choose at the same price. I told the waiter that I didn’t want to pay $20 for a beer I just wanted to take a girl back to my hotel. He said that it would cost $70 just to get the girl out of the club and I would have to negotiate a separate price with the girl for her time after that. So I went next door to a place called Catto’s Disco Club. They were much more friendly and reasonable, $10 for my beer and $15 for the girls. There were many beautiful girls to choose from, some dancing to live music and some just hanging around the bar. I found a very beautiful blonde and asked her if she would join me. It was $150 for an hour and a half and let me tell you she looked like she just stepped out of a Playboy centerfold(23 years old)! When she left she gave me her phone number, which would come in handy later. The next day I tried the club across the street, but it was too early. There were only like 2 girls. The clubs apparently don’t get cranking until midnight. So I returned to Catto’s and picked up yet another beauty $200 for two hours. My final day I called the first girl I was with and she came to my hotel. Some friends of mine picked up some girls on the streets around the Waldorf hotel for $50, but they were not as good looking as the girls in the clubs. Here are a few things to remember. The drill in the clubs is buy a drink, pick a girl, buy her a drink, negotiate with her and split. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish, they know what you want. When you bring a girl to your hotel she must register at the front desk. The street girls don’t have papers and can’t register so you will have to sneak them in the hotel somehow. I am returning in June and will submit an update. Hope this comes in handy to anyone traveling to BA

I asked her if she was free for the next night, and she was. (No problem because she does not work for the bar and does not have to work out of the bar.) She was going to night classes to get her high school diploma and did not finish class until 9:30, so she agreed to meet me for dinner and a movie. The next night I waited and she called at about 9:35 and was at the hotel in 10 minutes with her books. I put the books in my room and we went to dinner and caught the late show at the cinema. After that we went to a small bar to hear midnight jazz and had a bottle of champagne while listening to some great music. About 1:30 she asked if I wanted to go to the hotel, and we went to my room. She asked for a gift, so I gave her a candy bar- she was not impressed. I asked how much she wanted and she said $100 because she wasn’t earning anything for this night and needed the money. I told her that I understood and gave her $100.

We repeated the previous night’s activities and she left near 4:00. Unfortunately, it was my last night in B.A. so she gave me her cell number in case I came back and told me that she enjoyed her time with me. I told her that I had a wonderful time with her and she left.

The chicas at Cutty Sark are some of the best in the world. They make you believe that they want to be with you because they are in love with you. They even refer to the payment as a gift, rather than money. They are feminine, classy, know how to make interesting conversation, don’t watch the
clock, and always make the customer feel great all the time that they are there. Since they are not on commission and have no house time limits, they do not push you for drinks. You can get out of Cutty Sark for $30 plus a tip.

In other bars, the chicas can drink a chick drink every five minutes and the bar bill can add up. In other bars you need to pay a take-out fee to the bar. You find it costs $100 before you get the girl out of the bar and she watches the clock when she is in the room. You end up spending a lot of money on other things. There are a lot of beautiful women in B.A. who are available, but the best deal is at Cutty Sark.

I spent a month in Buenos Aires. Lots of action available, and prices are falling due to the terrible state of the economy. Girls are the most beautiful and passionate in the world. Fair skinned but hot blooded! Clubs where you can pick up chicas to take to your hotel are located in the downtown area and in Recoleta, a well-to-do residential area not far from downtown. 4 clubs are adjacent to each other in the 900 block of Suichapa. Hook and Ness were my favorites. A drink for you and a the girl of your choice will cost $30 to $35, so if you want to spend the evening drinking…take her to your hotel first…which should cost you $100-125 as of December. They may ask for more, but most will accept $100..some will stay an hour, others all night depending upon how much they like you.

Stay away from Cutty Sark in the downtown area on Reconquista. Some of the girls here will rob you if given a chance. This is one of the oldest pick up clubs in BA, but it has gone down hill! The clubs on Suichapa are a far better choice. Slightly more expensive, are the clubs in Recoleta. Password and Affaire are next door to each other on Guido and Play Women and Solid Gold are near each other on Azcuenaga. Other clubs in the area include Sodoma, Brut and Black. Black is the most expensive club in town, near the Alvear Palace Hotel.

In Black, expect to pay $350 plus for drinks and a girl to take home. You will spend half this amount in most of the other clubs and if you are careful in your selection the girl will be just as beautiful! There are a number of web sites that advertise escorts. escorts-argentina.com is reputable. The girl you see on the screen is the girl who will arrive at your door. Cost is about $150 for an hour to two hour session.

Living in BsAs, I used to go to a night club called Rio Cabana on Avenida Cordoba No.5000. This club would be recommended for those who prefer relatively quiet atmosphere (not crowded) and girls with non-professional air (nor gorgeous). The girls were mainly from Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. They were mostly decent, and the club staff was quite friendly, without any rip-off. Going out with a girl for 90 min. used to cost 110 Pesos, and additionally 40-70 Pesos for nearby motel for 2 hours minimum charge according to the selected room category, as the club has no rooms to stay in. 10-20 girls can be found there usually later than 21:00 (it’s open till 5:00). And the drinks at the club, esp. beer and “gaseosas” like cola, are at reasonable price. Better ask effective price system at the club, as my info is almost 1 year old. (But I’m sure there must no big difference.)

Just for additional info regarding Rio Cabana, you can make a phone call to the bar from a nearby hotel and ask to send a girl from the selection available at the moment. You’ll have to ask how the girls are or tell how you like them. The employee called Silvio is always helpful, but seems to speak only Spanish. The only difference from the normal occasions in which you visit the bar and take a girl out with you, is that you have to take care of the taxi rides for the girl to come to the hotel and return to the bar. But this may also good when you don’t have much time to go yourselves to the bar.

It was recently my good fortune to visit Buenos Aires, the Silver Queen. Since part of the enjoyment I experienced resulted from the contributions of others to these pages, I thought I might add some of my own. Basically, the city is full of women who are willing, able and well worth every penny. My understanding is that the jobs are scarce and pay can’t keep up with prices (Buenos Aires is expensive, except for eating); so many women you wouldn’t normally expect to find in the business turn to prostitution just to make ends meet. Without exception, the ones I met were friendly; good company, and had no problem getting a rise out of me. My high-school Spanish limited my options somewhat, but less than you might think; as English was almost as well understood as the Dollar to which their currency is tied. I made my first connection through an Internet site, Platynum.com.ar It presents you with an overwhelming mosaic of beautiful women, their vital statistics, phone numbers and sometimes e-mail addresses. I arranged in advance to spend my first day with Natalia, and I couldn’t have asked for better company. A great tour guide, dinner companion, lover and friend. I was sincerely disappointed that our schedules did not allow us to spend more time together. BTW, not every hotel will allow you to have unregistered guests in your room; nor will all of them let you register a “friend” for the evening. Not even for five minutes. There is, of course, an alternative – the “Hotel Horizonte”. I kid you not; I could never make up something like that. Tres Sargentos 484 near San Martin: $30.00 gets you a very nice room with bath, cable, two drinks and a condom for an hour and a half. Don’t worry about trying to find it; all the women know where it is! Next, I had to experience the renowned Cutty Sark Bar. It was everything promised, and more. Sure, the drinks are expensive; but the scenery is gorgeous and available. I could not resist the attentions of Sabrina, especially after she started doing unbearable things to my ear; and we ended up sleeping until morning curled up together after more passion than I’ve experienced in some time. My following good fortune occurred quite by accident. It was pretty nasty out, being winter and all, and I stopped into the Café Orleans on San Martin for some quite excellent hot cocoa, as it turned out. And there, sitting amongst about a half dozen other women, was Patricia. After some not-so-subtle eye contact, she consented to share my chocolate and more besides. Turns out this place is like Cutty’s without the lounge singer and bar atmosphere; normal clothes, enough light to read by, but the same principal. And it closes at 2:00, not 5:00. I had not planned on sampling the street scene, but circumstance threw me together with a young lady working on Tres Sargentos. We ended up going to a disco for a couple of hours; and while we didn’t get any more intimate than that, it was due to a lack of time, not desire. She was a nice lady; and I’d advise that if you see someone you like, don’t let the lack of a bar tab put you off. Finally, you may have noticed I make no mention of the money involved with my companions. I probably could have bartered with them; but considering that what they asked was maybe one-tenth of what you would pay in the States (assuming you could find it), why bother? The truth is, we can afford it, and they need it and are worth far more than they ask. So enjoy Buenos Aires, meet some really wonderful people, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Avoid the “cabarets” at all costs! The ladies will try and give you a card, like hundreds of other people on the street, but it’s like a hook – they don’t let go! (You’ll notice they are laminated for re-use.) Once they get you in, you’ll end up buying expensive drinks for everyone in the house; and all without seeing a darn thing. Don’t go there!

Morgan’s no longer exists. There are lots of places near Cutty Sark that are similarly revolting. Girls on the street in the area are likely to be TV’s (or as they say in BA in Spanish, loosely translated, chicks with dicks). Now, if you want to know what to do, and you don’t want to mess with the trash in the downtown area near Cutty Sark, then join me and the cognoscenti and focus on the other side of the city, on the Recoleta, named for the famous walled cemetery, where there are three establishments I’ll mention in ascending order of quality and taste. The Recoleta is the beautiful part of BA where the whole city goes to have drinks, meet friends, have dinner. The Café La Biela is a national landmark – Borges used to write here in the afternoons under the trees. The restaurant Munich is superb. NEWPORT. This is a bar in the Recoleta that caters almost exclusively to freelancers, and guys looking for freelancers. Unless you know it is a whore hangout, you wouldn’t probably find it on your own. One night I was there some married American tourists came in and I don’t think they had any idea what was going on; there was live music, soccer on the TV, and gyrating babes all over one side of the place, with ogling grown men on the other. I overheard one of the wives say it looked like a high school dance. Well, sort of, I thought, only here you don’t ask the lady just for a twirl on the floor. Here you will find an Argentine girl or a Brazilian girl over in BA working, who will have sex with you in your hotel room for USD 150 to 250, depending. Depending on how pretty she is, how stupid you are, and the time of night. Most women here do not deserve more than 150 USD (pesos and dollars are the same value, spend either in BA without care) for two rounds of full service, about two hours, but you must agree on time and money up front. Must. Every girl will say one hour, and will leave as soon as your first orgasm, unless otherwise agreed. If you want more than an hour, say so. If you want more than two rounds, be SURE to discuss it. Whatever, AGREE to it and your mileage will improve. The USD 150 – 250 should cover at least one complete round, and if she likes you or you feed her dinner, maybe two. I found a lovely Argentine babe here one Monday night, tall, thin, curvaceous, long jet black straight hair, white skin, blue azure eyes, real boobs (almost a rarity these days in the USA) and nicely trimmed pubes, I later saw. It blew her mind that I could speak Spanish, as she had spotted me as a N. American. We had a drink and then split for my hotel. We showered together and fucked our brains out for several hours, everything imaginable, on the bed, on the couch, on the table/desk. Very satisfying. Oral given and received. Similar places abound in the Recoleta, like Play Woman (no freelancers, all on the house program here), and a few other bars with freelancers. Directions: Newport is at the end of a long row of restaurants and discos, including Hippopotamus, in the Recoleta. Take Guido (a street) to the end at the wall of the Recoleta Cemetery, bear left (the only way you can go), and it’s on the end of the block on the left before the traffic light. Walk here in 10 minutes from Alvear Palace, and 20 from Caesar Park or Hyatt Park. Get here after 11 PM, not before. PASSWORD On Guido, right before you hit the Recoleta Cemetery wall, on the right hand side, upstairs. Big yellow banner. Basically, this is a bar where regular girls, not freelancers, work and are cared for by a truly nice guy. They know where the girls go, and the girls check in when they come back – for everyone’s safety. USD 200. Many 7’s and a few 8’s, a rare 9 and no tens, but many of the figures and real boobs will overcome other, less qualitative factors. For your money, you can find a very attractive bleach blonde, like I did, 23, gorgeous behind, trim and curvy, nice boobs, and a little ability to speak English. For me no problem, I am very capable in Spanish. This very pretty, actually quite nice, babe and I have a few drinks, and then we go back to my hotel, where we suck, fuck, eat a late dinner, and then suck and fuck some more. It was very nice. Noisy. I like that. USD 200. Plus meals. Your mileage may vary. Most of these girls have kids and have been abandoned. BE NICE. Other places around like this, but I didn’t get to them. Get here after 10.30 PM but not before. Better than Newport because of consistency, although Newport will yield a diamond in the rough on occasion. But here, you are safe. The owner is totally cool, young dude, you’ll find him at the end of the bar, in a suit and tie, short cropped brown hair. BLACK This truly upscale and expensive place is across the street from the Alvear Palace in the Recoleta. If you can’t see it standing right in front of the Alvear Palace and looking across the street, on the second floor, you are blind. Has a black chess knight symbol in all of the windows. The fact that it is across from the most expensive hotel in BA is no accident. If you aren’t in the habit of spending big bucks for babes, this place is not for you. Get here after 10.30 PM, but wait until 11.30 or so before making a decision. Girls keep arriving until midnight. Simply put, the absolute, most beautiful and desirable working girls in all of BA. Many 8’s, nines and tens. I have been to Brazil, Prague, Colombia, the South of France, Thailand and Moscow. I was completely surprised. I had never seen so many upscale, gorgeous babes “working.” I will not describe the woman I met here because, quite frankly, I will be seeing her again. And again. And again. This place varies on hour, woman, and day of the week in so far as prices go. It can go anywhere from USD 300 to USD 500. Ask before you commit. The girls will not talk to you until you motion for them to join you. When you do, you are pretty committed. By the other girls, that is. You see, once you beckon a babe, the other girls won’t look at you or speak to you, and if you blow a babe off, you’re deemed a reject. So take a walk up and down Black’s long bar, and check out the lovelies. I met an unemployed professional – a lawyer by training – who was trying to maintain her standard of living. She was, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, much less watch take off all her clothes and, ahem, etc., etc. etc. (Hey, give me a break, I actually like this babe.) She was so amazing, and it was so clear from the fact that she didn’t leave until the next morning, plus other tactile observations, that she was having a great time too. (I’m no Rock Hudson, but I have, shall we say, a certain quality of endurance that women appreciate.) She confirmed this when she departed, and that was it. I spent every night with her until I left, after I met her. We dined together and took long walks in the beautiful city together, on days when I finished early. She was stunning, dressed like an excerpt from Vogue, and amazingly intelligent. We talked about everything from the recent election of De La Rua as President, to whether the railways should be privatized. Not your average babe. I hope to bring her here to the West Coast and help her get settled in the US. I tell you all of this only so you’ll appreciate the type of woman you will find here, and to explain the price. Remember, right now BA and Argentina are suffering from 14% unemployment, and a lot of single Moms – and still married Moms – have lost their jobs – many are quite well educated and never could imagine they would be having sex for a living. Blacks is upscale and you will need a tie and jacket to get in. Looks wise, you can do the same in Newport and Password or other places, with some effort, but not the same style as here. And no, I won’t tell you her name nor will I tell you what she looks like. General Rules Safe sex is mandatory. Girls from Black will have condoms, the others may not. You can buy a six-pack at any kiosk – these are the places where they sell candy, cigarettes and lottery tickets, NOT newsstands. Be nice, many of these girls are educated and very intelligent, they just got screwed over in their marriage and were abandoned, or they are still married to an abusive •••••••, or worse, they are married, and have no money cause of the financial crisis. Register the girl at the front desk, for your and her safety. Put everything in the strong box – remember, these are working girls. Alvear Palace and Caesar Park and most other hotels all permit guests like this; some charge, at others they are free. Pay separately in cash if they charge, and keep it off the bill. Park Hyatt is a wasteland if you desire to play. Stay away. They don’t allow guests. One note, if the girl registers, the form will be kept by the hotel for a month or two, maybe longer. For a first timer in BA, I recommend you start the night at 11 o’clock at Password, cause all the girls are in by then, and none have usually left. If unhappy, I would then head over to Newport about 11.30 or so and wait until midnight to see what comes in. If that fails, or if you are looking but not buying, then I would go to Black. One word of caution, drinks at Black are USD 20 and girls’ drinks are USD 40. And you must drink if you stay more than five minutes. If buying but still unfulfilled at Black, then go to Play Woman, I am told, other side of Recoleta. Literally, just follow the cemetery wall around. Haven’t been there in years, so nothing to say. Have a great time. BA is the most enjoyable place to go in South America. There are beautiful restaurants, great food, and the women all over are gorgeous – you will fall in love ten times a day. It’s the mixing of the Indians, Italians and Spanish races. There is an Opera House that is one of the oldest in the Americas, with world class performers, and you can go skiing in August in Bariloche or Las Lenas. In a posh suburb, I had a Filet Mignon that cost USD 7. You will enjoy BA if you are worldly and thoughtful, and if you are nice, you’ll enjoy the women even more.

Went to BA last month and wow, these girls are beautiful. Was there on business. Went to recoletta. A lot of clubs, bars, even restaurants where girls are available. It was a Monday night, so there were so much more supply than demand- a definite buyer’s market. The Argentine economy is in the pits, so you will be surprised at the amount and quality of women down there. Anyway, after checking out a few establishments, settled on a bar that had some band playing. The women will not approach you, they just try to make eye contact and hope you approach them ! Plenty of time to scope out whom you want. Chatted with a nice, beautiful 24 yo streaked blond hair, brown eyes, pretty face, and gorgeous body (about c cups, round , firm backside). Took cab to hotel (no problem finding a cab in BA at night) spent all night fucking and sucking. Also, she spoke some English and was polite, kind , and did whatever I wanted (except anal altough that’s not my thing anyway). BJ with no condom, sex , any and every position, danced in her panties for me , didn’t mind me being a little rough either. Had to leave in morning to drop of her child at preschool. Paid 120 pesos (120 US $). We even exchanged phone #’s and email. Had a blast , came 3 times, would highly recommend the place I was at, but don’t remember the name. A bar in Recoletta with a pirate theme or something. The women are indeed gorgeous! 2 tips though: 1) Dress nicely and look your best 2) Try to get a girl who speaks a little English so there is no confusion to price/expectations. Although in Argentina, that normally would not be a problem because the girls are very docile and passive, if you are polite and well mannered yourself. Be a gentleman and you’ll have a blast!

Recently visited Buenos Aires and found the scene quite active. Visited Cutty Stark, Cafe Orleans, and place called Password. Password is similar to Black’s, just smaller. There were some incredible ladies in Passord, but I was with a coworker who would not approve so we just had a beer and split. Password is in the Recolata district. A street hawker offered us two beers for 10 pesos and no cover in “the nightclub” as an enticement.

Later, I went to Cafe Orleans and had a blast with Karin from Chile. Total GFE for $.5 in a hotel a few blocks away since mine would not allow guests (Hotel Bisonte). Karin was very attractive and fun. Told me that Cafe Orleans caters to the Banking industry, hence the location. Drinks very reasonable and the same price for lady and I. Location is Cordoba and San Martin

Go to the Orleans Cafe on Cordoba and San Martin. Drinks are cheap ($3.50 for a beer; $10 for a small wine). The girls are plentiful and as good looking as you’ll find anywhere I’ ve ever been in the world, and I’ve been to quite a few places. The selection of girls is constantly changing, so just wait until what you want comes along.

The girls flirt but do not typically approach you. You need to strike up a conversation with them. The asking price is $150 for an hour at your hotel. You can bargain them down, but by US standards, $150 for an hour is like stealing money. OF the girls, 2 % are world class, 35,% are very attractive, 50% are attractive, and the balance are not so fortunate. Blonds, brunettes, red heads; even a Japanese girl.

Florida street is a large boardwalk 1 block away, and you’ll find prostitutes between Cordoba and the Marriott Plaza, especially after 10:00 p.m. I had one who was exceptional in bed, and cheap, $60 for an hour. She stayed 2.5 hours, gave me the most incredible sex, and got $100.

On Florida you’ll find some hustlers for titty bars. Stay away from the Gypsy bar, it’s a simple rip off, and the women there are so ugly they would be hard to fuck even using someone else’s dick.

VIP on Tucuman is a good deal. You get a girl, a room, and a shower $50 for 1/2 hour, $70 for a full hour. It’s about 50 meters from the Claridge Hotel. On Paraguay Street there’s a place called Excellsior, run by an Iraqi who is very nice and very accommodating, but the girls are no good.

Argentine girls are as beautiful as you’ll find anywhere in the world, and they are animals in bed. Additionally, most seem to have very nice personalities, not at all obnoxious like American women. Being with an Argentine woman is like being on a date in high school or college with someone who is in love with you, very horny, and has had just enough to drink to lose all inhibitions. You’re in for a treat! Take a pocket full of money you’ll have the time of your life

in calls can be found in the classifieds of Clarin, the largest daily newspaper; high priced very hot talent can be found in the bars of Recoleta…Newport on Junin is known for this, or Sahara; lower level talent can be found on Reconquista Ave….one coffee shop in particular on the corner of Cordoba and San Martin is famous, or you might opt for one of the many strip shows on the boulevard…all the women are for hire: going rate about 100-$150 I am told. Last resort is Palermo Viejo where a number of street walkers ply their trade for around $50.

Just got back from 2 days in Buenos Aires. The peso devaluation has left this place a bargain paradise- everything is way, way cheaper- the taxi’s, the souvenirs, the steaks, and of course the women. It is now 3.1 pesos to the dollar. That means everything is one third the price of what it was a year ago. God bless the U.S. Dollar.

Using advice from these postings, I visited the Orleans Cafe at around 10:30 Thursday night. This place is just that: a cafe. There is no entry charge, no disco lights, no shitty salsa music blaring, no dancing girls and especially no dirt bag bow tie wearing waiters trying to fleece you with lady’s drinks or $65 bottles of rum. No scams, no bullshit. This is just a cafe frequented by upper-end freelancers- beers were around a dollar and the atmosphere relaxed.

There were around a dozen women hanging around their tables in groups smoking and minding their own business- very casual. The system seems to be to make eye contact, strike up a conversation, buy a girl a drink, negotiate discreetly and leave. Good news- the women were HOT. At lest half were in the 9-10 range, all young, fit and attractive. I myself zeroed in on a 10, bargained briefly for 350 pesos for the night ($120), making it very clear that I was going to keep her around for breakfast, fuck her as many times as humanly possible, and pay her in the morning. I am sure short time would have been considerably less, but given the quality of the stunner that was sitting in front of me I wanted to make this one count.

Although standoffish at first, Karen sweetened up on me the moment the hotel elevator door closed. I will not bore readers with some lame fuck story, but suffice to say she rocked me like I haven’t been rocked for years. I had 4 sessions with condom and even had energy to take her and a friend to the Kilkenny disco/pub and danced till dawn to celebrate my achievement.

Karen was only the second Argentine woman I had ever had, but, having been with well over 100 Latinas of varying nationalities in my life, I can say with no hesitation that Argentinian women have to be among the best the world has to offer. They are almost uniformly beautiful, tall and trim, pure Caucasian but with the Latina attention to dress, style and feminine sexuality. Most are sweet, well educated and trusting. In the sack, they are surprisingly active and accommodating without being slutty.

Conclusion: Anybody who goes to Buenos Aires and does not test drive one of these ladies is missing out on a treat more tasty than the wood-grilled steaks they serve up. Act now while the price is right.

Buenos Aires is a great city. It has a great night life and beautiful women. In the central area of the city there are two streets where traffic is prohibited, Florida and LaValle. Their corner is the center of the tourist district. If you walk around this area, there are bars that are obvious pickup places for prostitutes. They change from year to year, so there is no point in giving names or locations. Like most of these places in most cities, they are at the edges of the restaurant/entertainment area. They are from sleazy to pretty good. There are few rip offs, but always ask prices before you order.

There are a few street girls, but not many and not as good looking as the girls in the bars. You can probably meet one if you go down Florida to Cordoba and walk south. There are a few outdoor cafes. Get a table and have a beer, then watch. If you see a girl looking at you (either in the cafe or walking), smile at her. If she is working, she will approach you. Buy her a drink and discuss the terms.

There are three locations that I have found constant over the years. Go to the corner of 25 De Mayo and Cordoba and turn East. About a block down there is a sleazy bar on the left, and another on the right- the one on the right has loud music. The one on the right music sometimes has girls available. Quality is so-so but sometimes there is a winner. The one on the left, no music, always has about a dozen girls, some are among the ugliest that you will ever find, but some are OK. Sometimes I have found winners here, but not often. The advantage is that you can get an out hour for about $50 and there is no pressure to keep to the time. A few years ago I found one of the most beautiful women that I have ever been
with in my life, a pearl among the stones. The bar charges $20 for her to leave.

If you cross Cordoba and go a block you will find a bar named Morgans/Cutty Sark. It looks like an English Pub. It is well lit and has soft music. Beers are about $5 and the ladies drinks are the same. If you go, don’t forget to ask. There are generally about a dozen girls in the bar. They tend to be very good looking and well dressed, ages about 22-28. If you speak Spanish you can have a nice conversation with them, some speak some English. They do not push you to drink and the atmosphere is more like a place where you would go to find a date than a place where you would go to meet a girl rather than one where you go to rent. I believe that the girls here are independents who are permitted to use the place, rather than bar girls. It is not unusual for customers to take these girls out for the evening to a disco or dinner or other entertainment and the girls may or may not charge for the time not in bed. Generally, the price is $100 for an hour, $200-250 for the night. In general, the girls here are worth taking out for the evening tending to be more educated and well dressed. If you intend to visit this place, dress like you are going on a date if you want to go with one of the girls shower, shave and wear a tie. If she doesn’t like you, she won’t go with you This bar is closed Saturday night.

The final location is just south of Morgans/Cutty Sark about a block on Paraguay. The name is Aramis. This bar has good live music, a bit loud, and a stable. The girls here are good looking and have nice personalities, but they have to produce. They will tend to be very open to you that they are sorry, but you must spend about $20/hour for them to be able to be with you. There is also dancing here with the band. Price is about $100 for an hour, but there is no time pressure.

In B.A., there are hourly hotels that charge about $40 for 2 hours. These are sex hotels that have colored lighting, mirrored walls, soft music, porno movies. They also have a piece of furniture that has a top like a wave. The girl lays over the top and puts her chin on the far side her breasts are now in the center of the low part, her butt is now exposed so that you can mount her for anal and fondle her breasts. It was explained to me by one of the girls from Morgans who also explained that she didn’t do anal because it was too dangerous.

The other great part of some rooms is the shower. Some of the rooms have glass enclosed showers. This allows your girl to shower while you watch from the bed. This can be spectacular by itself. Not all rooms have this, but I have had them a couple times. Once, I had a girl take me to her apartment for the night rather than the hotel. It was a nice apartment, but lacked the mirrors and colored lights.

The thing that I have found in B.A. is that many of the women are simply fun to be with. If they are independent, like at Morgans, and like you, they will be willing to spend a day or evening with you as a real date. If they work in a “nice” bar like Aramis, they may be willing to spend their day or night off with you if they like you, but being part of a “stable” they have to be there on their regular nights and days are difficult because they are tired. In the sleazy bars I have had girls spend their night off with me, but they are afraid that they will be seen by the sleazy bar owner and get in trouble.

Buenos Aires has beautiful women at reasonable prices. They are enjoyable to be with and you have opportunities to be with them outside “work” if you like each other. Here, if you are a nice guy, you can have a great time and can even “date” some the working girls.

One final note, if you have a “date” with one of the working girls, don’t pressure her for sex. Treat her like you would treat a date and show her a good time. She may invite you to her apartment at the end of the evening for a drink, and you can invite her to your room for a drink. I am not young or handsome but there have been several times when I have spent an evening with an attentive centerfold on my arm in B.A.

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