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Action is available but unike, say, Bangkok where there are hundreds of bars in the one location in Jakarta they are spread out and one bar may be very far from the next, so bar hopping is difficult.

I picked a couple from a bar I think called ‘Top Gun’ a few months back during a quick business trip.

It may be a muslim thing but no BJ’s are available and the girls seemed pretty lax about condom use. I did not have any and neither did the girls but they were both more than willing to do full service without.

In Indonesia last year for a couple of days stayed at the Ciputra hotel located at the Ciputra Mall. It is in northern Jakarta just off the highway that comes from the airport. This is not located in the same area as Block M, more about that area later. But it is part of a large mall complex and several of the universities are here, both of these places are great for picking up local non-pro girls. Just start a conversation with these girls most are very young 18-22 and they will talk with you, if you’re not to forward and you may be able to pick up one of these young honeys. Also check out the nightclub here lots of students go to this place. It’s not as hard as you may think to pick up a non-pro here, remember these are not western or American girls so they don’t come with all that baggage.
If you can’t score with these non-pro girls than take a taxi to block M after 10:00pm and you will have a pro within a few minutes.

Hotel Melawei
in Blok M – all taxi drivers know it. Bar on 6th floor $10US

You don’t even need to leave your hotel in many cases in Jakarta! Just go down to the bar, choose your girl, one drink, agree a price and off you go! You can easily tell if it is not a bar like that because it will not be full of solo/small groups of girls without men. I stayed in the Shangri-la a few years ago and the cellar bar called “Bats” was just full of them – different girl every night for around 300,000 rupiah on avearge – 2 girls once.

For my money, Jakarta’s best sites are its bars and nightclubs generally, particularly the ones that do not have so many “pros” in them. This may lower your odds of scoring a bit, but your odds are still very good, you will meet more interesting women and enjoy the thrill of the chase (you might find that YOU are the one being chased).

I recommend the following venues, in no particular order:

Sydney 2000
Hai Lai
B.A.T.S. (Bar at the Shangri-La)

Panti Rehabilitasi Wanti (Unit Keuangan)meaning “Complex for Rehabilitating Women”. Interesting concept and name for a brothel compound. Over a 1000 women stretching over 10 acres. Run and sponsored by the government to help them become independent from prostitution. It’s doubtful that these women will learn anything but that prostitution pays big dollars. Women do undergo regular check ups and receive training in safe sex. This is besides courses on new careers. Prices range from $10-$20 dollars. Safe and clean,

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