Java Island

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Java (a rough and ready place to say the least) There is certainly the chance to meet many girls in various cities for cheap sex. Jarkarta(various massage places)  (esp Queens Massage Parlour 150 girls to choose from ,at $10US(short-time)a go Great fun) are definitely the best places.

In smaller cities sex can be had for as little as $5US!! However the quality varies a Lot!! at the lower end of the scale the girl may look like your Mother-in-law ,if you want to meet the best girls they hanging around the big Hotel Bar’s and Other Bars close by (never hard to find in any city ). However these girl’s know they are in demand and charge accordingly 30-80$us especially at the weekends.

The service can vary a little too at their best the girls are lively and fun in bed, but if you want oral sex you generally have to talk her into it as this is not consider normal especially If your not paying very much.

If your used to Latin girls you may be a little disappointed the girls here are not as wild or willing to do so much. If your after a “good girl “girlfriend and you like small shy girls you can find some real amazing girls here. However you need time (weeks++)and don’t expect sex too soon she’ll have marriage on her mind, but she will be very loyal and you can be sure she not some pro putting on a act. To meet these girls hang around the shopping centre’s, most girl ‘s will happily talk to purely out of interest. Basically the Sex industry in Indonesia is on a much smaller scale than other Asian counties but in touristy places you never have to go far to find it

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