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All you really need to know is “Dolly”, that is the name of the red light district, everyone there knows it; any cab driver will take you there. Surabaya is a very large, sprawling city. Dolly is very large as red-light areas go, it continues for a several blocks with many girls to choose from, on display in the windows. Short time prices are cheap, often listed right on the wall under $15 US and all night maybe $15 to $25, everything is negotiable if you work at it. Most of the girls in Dolly that you see in the windows look bored. But there’s the occasional gem with a warm smile and good attitude that will give enthusiastic service. They don’t interact with westerners too much and virtually none speak English. The rooms are shabby and the area is seedy. Lots of people out on the streets eating, drinking and listening to music but no go go bars, no neon this is not Thailand to be sure. Take your time looking around, go into places you like and talk to the girls, don’t feel you need to go with the first one you talk to, wait till you find one you click with one. Taxis are very cheap in Surabaya but always negotiate price in advance. When your driver takes you to Dolly, he may want to instantly become your guide.

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