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Japan can usually be pretty resistant to foreigners especially in the sex parlors but with the economy slumping it is getting better. One place you can find action in is in Akabane. Go to the South exit and walk to the back streets you will find a lot of little sex shops with men standing outside they will show you pictures and say “sex ichiman” about 100 dollars although it is less for Japanese. They will take you inside and seat you on a sofa. Soon a girl will come. They are never the ones in the pictures. I have been visiting one place for nearly two years and have only been disappointed once. All the girls are strict on condoms and if you visit them more than once they will really get into fucking you and give you a courtesy blow job w/o condom if you want one. I had have about 8 different girls they have all had nice bodies even the fat ones are nice. All have had either nice tits or very big tits. There is a bed option for another $ 100or you can just go with the sofa chair. I recommend the sofa chair

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