Este Parlors

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Here’s my experience on some Este parlors:
Este are basically all over the place. Just look for ‘Esute’ writen in Katakana. From the outside, it is not difficult to guess if you will get extra services (mainly HJ or BJ). Look for ‘VIP course’ written on the ‘menu’. A ‘legit’ Este (good massage, no HJ) will price around JPY 6000 for 1 hour. An Este with extra services will always be above JPY 10,000. There are mainly two types of Este: Korean and Chinese.

Here my ‘field report’:
Este 1 (Chinese):
Got a table shower with the girl, then a good massage. At the end, she undressed completely, put oil on my back and proceed to a full body/body massage. Then I turned over and she put a condom. I asked her for a BBBJ but she refused. Also dining at the Y was not possible. I eventually asked her to remove the condom and she finished me with a HJ.

Este 2 (Chinese):
A nice Chinese lady in her 30s approached me outside the JR station, then I followed her to a massage place nearby. One of the worst experience I ever had. She refused to even take off her bra, and asked for an extra JPY 10,000 for a HJ. Complete ripoff.

Este 3 (Korean)
Same drill as Este 1, except that the girl
preferred to give the extra services (CBJ, HJ) before the massage (which is not a bad idea after all). Again, no BBBJ, no dining at the Y.

Este 4 (Chinese)
No shower, good massage and mechanical HJ (the girl didn’t undress).
I went to the same place and tried another girl.
Gorgeous Chinese girl, but lousy massage and lousy HJ. However she took off her bra and let me fondle her nice big tits. I was able to get her mobile number, and asked her if she would go to a hotel with me if I gave her some money (JPY 20,000). She didn’t say no, so I will call her back soon!

Este 5 (Korean)
This was the best experience I had so far in an Este. The girl was quite young (20s) with big breasts. She undressed right from the start, so she gave me the massage in the nude which was quite exciting. When the massage was over, she gave me a nice tit fuck, then put a condom 🙁 for the BJ. I asked her about doing 69 and to my great surprise she accepted and also enjoyed it.

Conclusions: it is much more easy as a Gaijin (FYI I am Asian) to get in a Este place than a Fashion Health. But the service is QUITE different: in Este, no BBBJ, no deep kissing, no 69 , no GFE. So in my case, I mostly stick to the few Fashion Healths I know, and only go to Este when I want a good massage.

In addition to Tokyo Enjoy, I did visit a few of those “esute” massage parlors. There are a lot of these places all over Tokyo (especially around Hamamatsucho area) and I noticed the girls are all Chinese. I know a few of these places did provide oral and full-service, which was discussed during the massage. In fact one place offered “enjo kosai” which surprised me. I think maybe because I could speak a little Chinese helped also.

In regards to the Hamamatsucho area, the best descriptions I can give in terms of where to find these “e-sute” parlors is by exiting on the north exit of Hamamatsucho station and walk west (past the World Trade Center building) toward the Daimon gate (if you walk for about 5 minutes, you’ll see the huge gate eventually). Walking in this direction would be the main road in the area. In walking toward the Daimon gate there should be maybe 2 to 3 “e-sute” parlors on each side of the main road. The one I went to is located above the CoCo Ichiban Curry House at the first main intersection on the right side. Can’t miss it, since it’s also next to a Wendy’s restaurant and there are usually girls downstairs trying to get you to go up. This place only offers hand job and blowjob if you pay for the VIP service. I was told that one of the parlors down the street did offer full-service, but I don’t know which one. Also, one of the girls did tell me that they have been servicing non-Asian gaijin too…even if they can’t communicate with the them.

If you go exploring on the left side of the main road in the side streets, you’ll also find a few more of these parlors. Basically, if you can read basic hiragana & katakana (which is more important for us gaijin who may not be able to read Japanese), you should have no problems finding these places.
Just look for signs that say “e-sute” in katakana. Again, the girls in these places are all Chinese, which was a plus for me since I can speak a little Chinese. I have not come across any Japanese girls in these places yet. I would only recommend this area if you are staying nearby and don’t want to go far. I am sure there is no problem finding more of these places in other parts of Tokyo.

For those with a browser which can display Japanese and who can read Japanese, I found a good web site mostly specialized in Este parlors:
They also have access maps for each shop which is great.
After reading through some of them, many Este are trying to catch up with the ‘Fashion Health’ or ‘Seikan Massage’ by providing similar services: deep kissing, oral (without condom is possible in some places providing an additional fee), 69, sumata.

“What does ESUTE mean?”
The word comes from English word ‘aesthetic’. Japanese shorten the word (they often shorten a foreign word and use it as quasi Japanese word.) and write in three Japanaes Katakanas E, SU, and TE. The places are officially men’s aesthetic salons. First ones were Kankoku (=Korean) ESUTEs. Chugoku (Chinese) ESUTEs followed. Services are similar to fashion health places. The difference is most of the women are foreign women, mostly Asian.

If possible can you give a definition to other things, for example what is “Soaplands”. Is that the name of a place, the type of place etc.?

When someone goes to Japan and is interested in sex what types exists? Street walkers, massage, Brothel, Red Light District? How do they differ from the US and what kind of women do you find inside each place. Only Japanese women? What are the prices and what are the prices in US dollars?

Is sex in Japan always with condom? Oral without condom?

The service provided in the Fashion Health are much better:
– Deep Kissing
– Oral without condom to completion in the mouth (or even swallowing)
– 69
– True Girl Friend Experience
– Sex (even though it’s forbidden)
– Anal sex in some places

I have tried may Este (Korean, Chinese) and apart from getting a good massage (which you don’t get in a Fashion Health), I never had any Girl Friend Experience in those places.

Most of the information you requested are post on the SUKEBE site. You find a banner on the top of ‘JAPAN main’ discussion page. Condom.., now almost all ladies requests you to use one for sex. For BJ, condom is not used in many cases at fashion massage places. You sometimes need to put one on in other cases.

Different kind of services are provided at the places. I said BJ because it’s basic service at fashion massage places. The first three items you listed are frequently experienced. Girl Friend… sometimes. Anal sex is paid option in some places. Sex… I know that some girls do. But, be careful, most of the managers do not allow you TO REQUEST full-service. I know many fashion massage places which posts real names and photos of the customers who requested full-service on the wall. OK, you Bootalo must be an expert. But rest of the guys who think yourself novice in sex hunting in Japan, I do not recommend fashion massage places if you insist on vaginal intercourse.

Found this Este (“Dome”) from this web page:
According to the shop’s data for the extra services BBBJ and 69 was offered so I had to check it out! I called in advance to ask if it was not a problem for foreigners (at least Asians) and I got a positive response.
The shop is located near the Tokyo Dome, JR Suidobashi station. The access map on their web page is accurate. There are actually two other Este in the same building.
Pricing was JPY 14,000 (there is currently a special discount of JPY 3000) for 1 hour including the extras mentionned above. You can pay less (JPY 10,000) but in that case you get a covered BJ.
The girl I had was a gorgeous young (19) Thai girl by the name of Yuka. Beautiful body and nice tits. Massage was very good and she was very GFE for the extras.
She is the only Thai girl in this shop. All the others are Chinese. All their pictures are on the web page.
I was given a member’s card which gives some discount. Will definitely repeat.

Tried a new Este, this time located 4 stations west of Shinjuku near Nakano (JR station is Kouenji). Web page (girls pic, access map):
From the web page, they propose nice services such as BBBJ, 69 and even ‘cum in mouth’.
There was a Japanese guy at the front desk so I though I couldn’t get in. Surprisingly, he must have thought I was a local, so he asked me for JPY 13,000 (USD 100), and nothing else. So I silently waited, and a few minutes after I was taken to a room with a gorgeous Chinese babe (‘Sari’). Quick self shower, followed by a 10 minutes massage. Then she undressed, and put a condom near the bed. ‘Shit’ I said to myself, as I thought she was going to give me a covered BJ. But no, she gave me a nice BBBJ, then followed by 69. Then to my great surprise she put on the cover asked me to fuck her on top! So obviously, FS is also included in the price (from the noises I could here coming from the other rooms, everyone was busy fucking there).
For JPY 13,000 you get a massage, BBBJ, 69 and FS: can’t beat that price in Tokyo!
So from my discussion with the girl, this shop is for Japanese only, and unless you look like one and speak a little, it will probably be difficult to get in.
I got a member’s card and I will probably go there from now on instead of the ‘Dome’ Este.


I found a new ‘asian friendly’ este parlor in Kabukicho, ‘Yume Makura’.
There’s a web page:
When I entered the shop, it was written ‘Japanese Only’, but there was a Mama-san at the front desk and she seemed to be cool and even though she noticed that I wasn’t Japanese, she let me in. Of course, it’s probably better if you speak Japanese.
Price is about JPY 15,000 which includes massage, and play (kissing, BBBJ).
There are some options such as vibrators, facial, swallowing, but you have to discuss directly with the girl.
All the girls here are Japanese, and are aged between 20 to 40 (according to what was written in the shop). I asked for girl’s photos, but the Mama-san said no.
The girl I had was not that good looking, but service was OK and she had big tits, so she gave me a nice tit fuck and I came in her mouth.
I will give this shop a second try hoping to get a better girl.
When I got out of the shop, I was approached by many Chinese guys proposing Chinese girls for ‘Honban’ (full service). So there seem to be many possibilities for gaijins now in Kabukicho.
But the trouble is (in my experience) that Japanese girls are so much more GFE than Chinese girls. So I tend to prefer Japanese shops (but which are much more difficult to get in!).

Not quite sure I understand the fascination with Dome. Frankly, the place is rather dingy with the cubicles very small & minimally partitioned, open to each other above 2.2m. The cubicle is the same place the girl sleeps in after her shift, it is her bedroom. Very nice body but not gorgeous in my book but then there is no accounting for taste. She was very nice, full kissing and good 69. It seemed like she would give FS for Y10k but not without condom, which she said she did not have (?), nor did I. I guess that my problem is that if I don’t get FS, then I feel like one does after eating Chinese food, hungry after couple of hours. Just don’t find it too satisfying. I don’t need to go back.

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