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Gotanda is located on the Yamanote line, 3 stations south of Shibuya. Gotanda is not really a spot for tourists, and it’s even considered as a dull place by the Japanese. However, for the ‘connoisseur’, this place is full of ‘Fashion Health shops’ but also lots of S&M shops. The shops are not visible at all as they are all located in apartments.

Last year I decided to try my luck here. I was refused the entry of many shops, but somehow I eventually managed to get into a shop called ‘Paichu’. Perseverance always pays off.

Here is the homepage:

This shop has quite a lot of beautiful young ladies (18 and up). You can appreciate the high quality on the web page.

The good news is that this shop seems to accept Caucasians (not only Asians). This was confirmed by a girl from the shop who told me she served a white guy who was barely speaking Japanese.

However, the minimum Japanese is required as you will have first to speak to the guy at the front desk. Once you get there, you select the girl from a picture book, and you pay (JPY 20,000 for 70 minutes, no options. For instance, if you want to cum in the girl’s mouth, it’s an extra JPY 3,000).

You don’t see the girl in the shop. You have to go to a love hotel nearby (you will receive a JPY 1,000 discount coupon). The hotel fee is around JPY 5,000 ~ 6,000. Once you are in the room, you call back the shop, give the room number, and the beautiful babe will knock on your door within 5 minutes. Playing in a hotel does have some advantages (more intimate, more GFE). Some girls will start giving you a BBBJ in the shower…

Overall cost: JPY 30,000, not cheap for sure.

I have been to this place many many times and have never been disappointed (don’t expect FS in any case, even for extra tip). However, I don’t go there anymore because for half the price I can have a horny woman with FS in Ikebukuro (see my other posts).

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