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Shibuya is one of the trendier areas of Tokyo, and a favorite of younger Japanese. It’s very glittery, especially at night with lots of neon signs. I always felt safe, and it’s always busy.

Try a shop in Shibuya that appears to be foreigner friendly. They have a bit of info in English, and in the profile for the girls they say if they are ok with foreigners or not. The place is called L/S…. (maybe Shibuya L/S). Their website is

Century 21
Price: 6,000 Yen from 5:00-7:00 PM, 8,000 Yen afterwards. You get 30 minutes of playtime with two separate girls giving bare back blowjobs.

To find Century 21, the best way is to take the train to Shibuya Station. When exiting the JR station at Shibuya, use the “Hachiko” exit. Go downstairs to the intersection. It’s a major 3 or 4 way intersection, and the entire square gets covered in pedestrians when the traffic light turns red. Across from where you are (outside the train station) you’ll see an archway. When you cross the intersection enter that street.

Walk past the HMV and look for the shop about 50 meters past HMV on the left hand side. Look up for the pink sign that says “21” (along with the two Chinese characters that spell the world century), with a picture of a girl next to it. Keep looking up, it is on the 3rd floor. The elevator is in the middle of the building and opens directly onto the street.

If you find the MacDonald’s on your left, you’ve gone too far. There are several other sex shops on this street further down, but I can only recommend this one. Even if your miss this street the first time, it’s easy to find as it definitely has that “seedy” feel to it (anyone who’s been to Soho, England or other sex-oriented areas knows what I’m talking about). Its not as clean as the rest of the major streets in Japan. There are also many arcades and Pachinko parlors around as well.
If you look around, not far away from here you’ll find a number of other Pink Salons, Image Clubs and other sex shops. Unfortunately these are closed to foreigners. The shop itself is fairly small, with a small booth at the entrance. Pay your money and they management sits you down in a small two seat sofa and gives you a free beer. Then wait for the girl. This place is very foreigner friendly.

There are about 12 booths, 6 on either side with a small partition in the middle. There is no privacy! You can hear the girls slurping their customers only a few feet away and the manager will periodically walk past you. There is a room in the back where the girls stay. I sat down, sipped my beer and waited about 15 minutes. I’m not sure what the delay was, but I think its because there were only 2 or 3 girls working and they were occupied. It was only 5:10 or so it wasn’t busy, but there was still at least one other customer. I started to wonder when I would be serviced when finally my first girl came. That’s right, first girl, as you pay for 2 girls for 30 minutes of playtime. Not a bad deal! I lowered my pants and she used a baby wipe to clean my dick. She was Japanese, cute, about mid 20s with dyed blond hair and small perky tits. She lowered her blouse, knelled on her side of the sofa and got down to business. I was pretty happy with her looks, and definitely happier with her performance. Great bareback blow job, she was one fucking oral expert. She licked my balls, paying close attention to the shaft, lots of tongue, etc. While she did this I felt her tits and crotch up (she was topless but kept her skirt on). When I was ready to come I’d tell her to stop and lick her tits while the urge subsided, then tell her to get back down there. She even spoke fairly good English. Definitely a real find. This when on for about 10-15 minutes, every time wanted to come I’d tell her to stop so I could keep this going as long as I could. She even was willing to french kiss when I asked for it. Finally, I came in her mouth and she took it all.

The cutest thing is how when I was finished she looked up with me with her eyes wide like she was surprised. Really sexy! I sat back and enjoyed the afterglow while she discretely spit it out into a towel and left. Several times while this was going on the management walked past to check on things but I was to busy to care. I didn’t see any customers walk past me though. I waited a few minutes, wondering what my next companion would be like. The second girl was BUTT UGLY, Japanese, 30ish, and not a word of English.

I tried to bluff my way for another girl saying I wasn’t ready yet, saying that I had just cum and would need more time (so she could occupy herself with another customer and I could get another girl). She had no idea what I was saying and the English speaking manager came over. He pointed to the sign in my booth which said in English and Japanese that you can’t ask for a different girl! I guess I could have taken her, but after the first girl I was too disappointed. No girl looks ugly while sucking your dick, and sure she probably could have sucked the chrome off a car, but after a real cutie I didn’t want a dog.

I definitely would recommend this service, 6000 Yen is like 55 dollars for two blowjobs and a beer. You might take your chances on the girls, but hey, those are the risks. Even though I was looking forward to 2 blowjobs I still thought the money was well spent and would go again.

Just for your info, if you really like a girl at 21 Seiki, just ask for her at the front desk, but in that case you will have to pay an extra 1000 Yen. That’s what I do now after having sampled some of the girls there. But the thing is, during the 30 minutes, you’ll get only one BJ. Also, on the Pink Salon upstairs (Utamaro), you have 3 girls in 30 minutes. Never tried this place yet, but it is also foreigner friendly.

21 Seiki sounds like heaven, I mean a beer and a couple bj’s for 6-8,000Y – perfect! My only worry is what about the 22% infection rate for chlamidya and ghonorrhea reported by a Harvard study of Pink Salons? Hey I use the escorts and have accepted bbbj’s so I am not trying to come across like some puritan – just want to know if anyone has heard anything from experience since I am headed to Tokyo next week.

Hi, I went to Shibuya’s Century 21. It’s all true from what other posters had mentioned. I had two girls and they were very good looking and young. As soon as I was seated, they attendant offered a beer. I waited about 10 minutes and a typical kogaru came to me. We went through the usual introductions and then she asked me to pull down my pants. She then used a towelette to clean my already erected cock. She then pulled down her blouse and invited me to feel her up. And in no wasted time, she began a sensual no-condom blowjob, out in the open! I fully came in her mouth. She thanked me and then a few minutes later, another girl came to me. This girl talked more than the last one. She then removed all her clothes and asked me to touch her. This immediately gave me an instant hard on. She even allowed me to finger her pussy and asshole. She took her time with the blowjob. She then stopped, and I assume that she was taking a break. But she continued with a hand job. I was about to cum and I thought she would put my cock back into her mouth. But she kept stroking and then put her face right to my cock and allowed me to cum all over her face. She seemed to enjoy it immensely and so did I. Once she cleaned up, she asked the attendant to give me another beer! Century 21 is an all-open blowjob place.

Like may others I went to Shibuya 21. Easy to find, take the Hachiko exit at Shibuya station, cross in diagonal, go walking 200m yards in the pedestrian street, and it’s there on your left. Take the small lift whose door is actually outside, go to 3rd floor. You pay Y 5000 between 5 and 6, 6000 between 6 and 6, and 8000 thereafter.
I went at 5 sharp since I had business meetings at 7 elsewhere. Place was empty just opened. As described it’s a succession of couches and I was brought to one, given a drink. Had to wait more than 30 minutes for the first girl to arrive. In the mean time 4 other guys came in, inc another gaijin. The first girl was pretty, spoke a few words of English. But she did not undress, . After small chat, usual cleaning of the little guy, she started her job. Good BJ, w/o, Nothing out of this world but good after a stressful day. She left to clean herself, came back for a few minutes, gave me her business card and suggested I ask for her next time, her name is Alice. I waited another 20 minutes when another girl came. What a difference. Obviously she did not like Gaijins.. She basically started straight away to masturbate me with her hands, and only when I was about= to come did she finish it with BJ. So, it is hit or miss with the girls and you are not allowed to change..

All in all, not bad for the price, but very clinical..

I know of another BJ bar in Shinjuku, where you get one girl, it costs 10,000 but for this she gets fully nude, you can kiss deeply, and the BJ is in a 69 position, and you could do whatever you want, short of intercourse. Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact name and address. However is a guy proposes something like this while you stroll in Shinjuku, go and see, its a place where you climb a large stair and then they show you explanations in English.

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