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Prior to 1992, Manila, the capital of the Philippines, was an awesome place to chase Asian girls. The red light district in Ermita (now shut down) was jam packed with so many gorgeous women, men from all over the world would come just to get a taste of the non-stop action. All that is now history. What you have left basically is a few bars scattered around the city, the primary destination for tourists being the EDSA complex in Pasay City. That houses about 4 Go Go bars (i.e., girls dancing in bikini’s on stage) with some very nice talent. Unfortunately, Manila is not a safe place for tourists and for that reason alone (not to mention the extremely high vehicle pollution and filth of the city), we do not recommend you hang out. Rather, it’s best you spend your time elsewhere, using Manila only as a one or two night stopover before moving on to your next destination. Watch your back! It’s a dangerous city.

THE BEST TIME to come to Manila in terms of chasing girls is anytime of the year. Of course, during the peak season (Christmas through New Years) you will see more tourists. But even then, the girls way outnumber the guys. Weather wise, December, January, and February are the best times to come as that is the cool season. June to September is when the rains hit hard. Actually, a great time as there are no tourists and you’ll have all the girls to yourself. Manila is not exactly the place to spend your entire stay in the Philippines. Manila is good for about a couple of nights and enjoy some the nightlife it offers. Being that there is so much pollution, traffic and crime, not necessarily in that order, you will want to limit your days and nights chasing pussy there. We suggest you stay there overnight for the following reasons:
1) If your plane arrives late at night, like 10-11pm., we suggest you stay for the night and leave the next morning to Angeles, Olongapo, Cebu, etc.
2) When leaving the Philippines and your plane departs early in the morning, you may want to arrive in Manila in the late afternoon, check in to your hotel, and go out for a few hours at night and then get on your plane the next day.

here is only one weekend, namely Easter weekend, in which the bars close. Even on Christmas and New Year’s, most bars stay open. New Years Eve in Manila is like being in the middle of World War Three. The fireworks that go off in that town on New Years Eve is so intense that it is amazing to watch. Just be real careful when you go walking around the streets. In fact, I suggest you don’t and just watch from a store window or your hotel room. You may get an M80 or a stick of dynamite thrown at you just for the fun of it.

Once you arrive at the airport in Manila, you’ll need to go through immigration and customs. This is very easy to do. As you exit the plane, just follow the crowd and signs which point the way. If you have only carry on luggage, you’ll be out of the airport in no time at all. However, if you have checked in luggage, which I suggest you avoid at all costs, prepare to wait up to two hours to claim your bags. Things move slow in the Philippines.
In order to go through customs and immigration, you will need to present your passport and immigration/customs form. The immigration/customs form will be passed out on the plane. Be sure you are carrying a pen so you can fill it out on the plane before you land. It’s all basic information. Unless you are importing goods into the country, you should check off the “Nothing to Declare” box.
Warning: Never bring any illegal drugs into the Philippines, including pot. The punishment for drug trafficking in the Philippines is the death penalty. Also, you should not bring in any pornography, as this is illegal.
Once you get your luggage, assuming you have checked in bags, you will pass through customs. Look for the “Nothing to Declare” signs. Most likely you will not be searched. However, if you have a lot of bags, especially anything in boxes, good chance you will be searched. What are they looking for? Mostly electrical appliances that you can sell, such as computers, TV’s, stereos, etc. If you have a lap top, camera or video camera, you will have no problem. After customs you will be allowed to enter the the lobby of the airport where you will first exchange some of your dollars into Peso. (see money exchange)

CLOTHING in Manila will be the same as Angeles City or anywhere else in the Philippines. You may want to dress a little nicer though when visiting clubs i this city. No sandals or tank tops. Remember, you’re in the city now, but then again, you’re in MANILA. It’s going to be hotter than hell so comfort is your first concern. Nice jeans, clean tennis shoes or dress shoes. Shorts are o.k. during the day but the girls like to see men dress nice when they visit them in the clubs. When visiting the SM Mega Mall, where thousands of single young women are, you may want to dress decent there as well.

AIRPORT PICK UP SERVICE can be made by notifying your hotel by fax, phone or email to pick you up at Manila Airport when you arrive in Manila. Some or most hotels will offer this service for no extra charge if you make an overnight reservation with them. (see hotel info for suggestions of these hotels)

The best way to get to your hotel is to take the authorized airport taxi located inside the airport terminal, right before you exit the street. The taxi booths look similar to car rental booths you would find in most major airports. This by far is the best and only way to get to your hotel in Manila, safely and quickly. We don’t advice you travel by any other means. The price should not be more than P100 to get to most hotels in Manila. If you’re really on a budget, try going up to the second floor of the airport where the departing gates are and grab a taxi up stairs. These taxis have just dropped off their fares and would be glad to take a fare back to where they came from for less money than the ones downstairs. The savings will only be a few dollars but nevertheless, a savings.

RECOMMENDED HOTELS: Hotels in the $35 to $60 range and close to the action.
The Swagman Hotel in Ermita is our first choice. (Dexter’s favorite) The Swagman is an Australian owned hotel and has a chain in both Manila, Angeles and Baguio. The rooms at vary in price depending on whether you get the standard or deluxe rooms. A standard will cost you about between $30-40, depending on the time of year. Always ask for a discount rate, they’ll give it to you if you ask. The rooms are nothing great, especially the ones from the 2nd floor up. Ask for the ground floor rooms. The rooms are newer, quieter, (no windows because their below street level) with new TV’s , cable, good showers and a refrigerator stocked with snacks and drinks. They have a restaurant that features American, Filipino, Thai and Australian cuisine. The food is very good, especially their meat dishes and has a fully stocked bar. All girl staff who are friendly and sweet. The location is good as it is close to the Edsa Entertainment Complex and the clubs in Makati. Lots of hookers walking the streets around the immediate area of the hotel. The U.S. Embassy is right across the street if you’re planning on bringing your Fiancée back to the U.S.

City Garden Hotel
1158 A Mabini St., Ermita. A clean, comfortable no frills businessman’s hotel, offers the convenience of first-class amenities in bright, cheerful surroundings at reasonable rates.

Royal Palm
Ermita district, a few blocks from the Swagman Hotel. It will do if the Swagman is booked. All basic services available for the business traveler.
Las Palmas
Malate area. Centrally located in the heart of Manila’s tourist quarter and fully-renovated. Advertises five star service at standard rates. Good meal rates.

Palm Plaza Hotel
Located in the heart of historic Malate, the 120 room Palm Plaza Hotel offers both business and leisure travelers comfortable accommodations at affordable rates.

Copacabana Apartment Hotel
264 Edsa Extension, , Pasay City, Manila, Philippines
Local apartment style hotel near Manila’s night-life district.

Park Hotel
1032-34 Belen St, , Manila, Philippines
An oasis in the heart of downtown Manila, conveniently located close to retail establishment, transportation links and entertainment centers.

Hotels in Manila $60 to $100 price range.
Bayview Park Hotel
Along Roxas Boulevard fronting the U.S. Embassy with the full view of Manila Bay, the Bayview Park Hotel is accessible to the city’s business and entertainment areas, as well as to clutural and historical points of interest.

Hotel Tips:
Like most hotels around the world, a lot of them frown on bringing guests to the room, especially if they’re hookers. The more expensive the hotel, the less chance you will be able to bring your “squeeze” up to the room without being asked to pay a surcharge. That is why we suggest staying at the medium range hotels mentioned on our recommended hotel list.

Security and Safety Tips:
Now while it’s true that Manila can be a dangerous place to visit, I should say New York or Los Angeles can also be just as dangerous. Recall the incident in Los Angeles (not far from where I used to live) where those guys were shooting at the police with AK 47’s, high caliber weapons you will unlikely encounter in the Philippines. Or recall the riots in Los Angeles when the media was plastering the Rodney King incident all of the news. The point is you will find crime and danger in many other parts of the world besides Manila. But in spite of that, people still visit and live in those areas.

The name of the game in the Philippines, especially in Manila, is to appear poor. The rule is you won’t get robbed if you have nothing to steal. Or to put it more succinctly, your chances of getting robbed are greatly reduced if your potential assailant thinks you have nothing to steal. If you are wearing a gold chain or bracelet, you will become his next target. Anything that looks of value, fake or not, will catch a robbers eyes.

Another rule to follow is to avoid walking the streets drunk, especially at night. A few of the sleazy bar girls will target drunken tourists. There’s nobody easier to rob than a guy who has invited you into his hotel room and shortly after is passed out on the bed.

The evening is not the only time to be on your guard. Even during the daytime you can get robbed, sometimes in a very unexpected manner. One ploy is for a Filipino to spot you on the street and then make like he knows you. If you ever get approached by a overly friendly Filipino on the streets, ignore the guy completely. His trick is to come up to you, get you to shake his hand and then say “Hey! Remember me!” From there, he will make friendly conversation, eventually inviting you to go with him. If you do, you’re an idiot. My advice to such a character is don’t say hello, don’t shake his hand, don’t respond at all. When he approaches you, just keep walking, acting as though you don’t even see him. He’ll get the point and move on to his next victim.
Another danger spot is the Jeepney where pick pocketers abound. If you ride in a meter taxi, obviously you will avoid this problem. But if you ride in a Jeepney, you must be aware of pickpocketers. They are masters and if you are carrying anything worth stealing, they will get it.

SAFE DEPOSIT BOX is the safest place to keep your valuables. Although on rare occasion, armed robbers have broken into the safety boxes, this is rare. They are usually well protected. Keep all your valuables there. Most hotels will offer one and it is usually kept behind the front desk. The boxes are usually big enough to put your wallet, passport, jewelry, and possibly a small camera, film, pictures, videotapes. They are accessible 24 hours a day normally in the bigger hotels.

One of the scams I know about in Manila very well is because it happened to me. I was on Mabini St., near some Chinese Dim Sum restaurants and I needed to exchange my dollars into Pesos. I first entered the Dim Sum place to order my food and then went across the street to get my Pesos. It was an enclosed booth with a glass door and after you enter, you face a desk with a window. The person behind the desk asks me how much I want to exchange. I tell them $200 worth. A man then leaves the booth and shortly after comes back with an older Filipina woman in late forties. She goes behind the window and asks for the $200. I give it to her and she then starts to count out the pesos in one hundred Peso bills. The amount of Peso should have been P8,000. She made piles of ten-one hundred Peso bills and criss-crossed them in front of me, making 8 piles, and she counted out loud as she placed each pile down. I picked up the pile of Peso, which I thought was very odd anyway. Normally, exchange booths will give you at least P6,000 in one thousand Peso bills and the rest in change. I left the booth and sat down in the restaurant with my wife. The waitress came over to me and told me to count my money. Apparently she saw me leave the booth across the street thru the window of the restaurant and knew the booth was crooked. I took out my money and counted P4,000, having been short P4,000. INCREDIBLE. I went back and got my money from the booth after threatening them of calling the Police. They are GOOD.

THE BEST TIME to come to Manila in terms of chasing girls is anytime of the year. Of course, during the peak season (Christmas through New Years) you will see more tourists. But even then, the girls way outnumber the guys. Weather wise, December, January, and February are the best times to come as that is the cool season. June to September is when the rains hit hard. Actually, a great time as there are no tourists and you’ll have all the girls to yourself. Manila is not exactly the place to spend your entire stay in the Philippines. Manila is good for about a couple of nights and enjoy some the nightlife it offers. Being that there is so much pollution, traffic and crime, not necessarily in that order, you will want to limit your days and nights chasing pussy there. We suggest you stay there overnight for the following reasons:
1) If your plane arrives late at night, like 10-11pm., we suggest you stay for the night and leave the next morning to Angeles, Olongapo, Cebu, etc.
2) When leaving the Philippines and your plane departs early in the morning, you may want to arrive in Manila in the late afternoon, check in to your hotel, and go out for a few hours at night and then get on your plane the next day.


Adriatico Arms Hotel
561 J. Nakpil cor. Adriatico Sts.
Tel: (63+2) 521-0736, Fax: (63+2) 525-6254
Room rates per day: $33 – $40

Aloha Hotel
2150 Roxas Blvd. cor. Pres. Quirino Ave.
Tel: (63+2) 526-8088 loc. 143, 104 to 105, Fax: (63+2) 521-5328

Ambassador Hotel
2021 A. Mabini St.
Tel: (63+2) 524-6011, (63+2) 521-9061, Fax: (63+2) 521-5557
Room rates per day: $60 – $120

Bayview Prince
Roxas Blvd. cor. United Nations Ave.
Tel: (63+2) 503-061, Fax: (63+2) 521-5773
Room rates per day: $47 – $52

Cherry Blossoms Hotel and Restaurant
550 Jorge Bocobo Ext.
Tel: (63+2) 524-7631 to 36, Fax: (63+2) 522-4172
Room rates per day: $29 – $76

Dakota Mansion Hotel and Residential Suites
555 Gen. Malvar St. cor. M. Adriatico St.
Tel: (63+2) 521-0701, Fax: (63+2) 521-8844
Room rates per day: $43 – $188

Golden Bay Hotel
247 Padre Faura St. cor. Roxas Blvd.
Tel: (63+2) 536-8838, (63+2) 526-1856, (63+2) 526-1832, (63+2) 526-0524
Fax: (63+2) 536-8858
Room rates per day: $85 – $500

Lotus Garden Hotel
1227 A. Mabini St. cor. Padre Faura Sts.
Tel: (63+2) 522-1515, Fax: (63+2) 522-0768
Room rates per day: $38 – $62

Manila Manor Hotel
1660 Jorge Bocobo St.
Tel: (63+2) 525-9065 to 72, Fax: (63+2) 524-9733
Room rates per day: $20 – $40

New Solanie Hotel
1811 Leon Guinto St.,
Tel: (63+2) 524-8641 to 46, Fax: (63+2) 524-8647
Room rates per day: $17 – $40

Orchid Garden Suites
620 P. Ocampo Sr. St.
Tel: (63+2) 523-9870, (63+2) 536-9996, (63+2) 523-9860, (63+2) 523-9836
Fax: (63+2) 523-9829
Room rates per day: $65 – $350

Riviera Mansion
1638 A. Mabini cor. Pedro Gil St.
Tel: (63+2) 521-2381 to 86, Fax: (63+2) 522-2606
Room rates per day: $32 – $82

Star Boulevard Inn
415 United Nations Ave. cor. Alhambra St.
Tel: (63+2) 400-1742 to 43, (63+2) 536-1775, (63+2) 302-3026
Fax: (63+2) 536-1448, (63+2) 536-1775
Room rates per day: $24 – $45

Swagman Hotel Manila
411 A Flores St.
Tel: (63+2) 523-8541 to 45, (63+2) 259-9881
Fax: (63+2) 522-3663, (63+2) 521-9731
Web site:
Room rates per day: $20 – $140

The Corporate Inn Hotel
1005 Maria Orosa St. cor. T.M. Kalaw
Tel: (63+2) 526-5001, (63+2) 526-2776, (63+2) 524-1685, Fax: (63+2)
Room rates per day: $30 – $75

Jurassic Inn Hotel
1207 M.H. Del Pilar St.
Tel: (63+2) 526-7584, Fax: (63+2) 521-1998
Room rates per day: $30 – $75

Kanumayan Tourist Inn
2317 Leon Guinto St.
Tel: (63+2) 521-1161 to 66, Fax: (63+2) 521-7323
Room rates per day: $47 – $55

Tropicana Apartment Hotel
1630 Luis Ma. Guerrero St.
Tel: (63+2) 525-5555, (63+2) 536-1590 to 95, (63+2) 523-8031 to 39
Fax: (63+2) 525-5577, (63+2) 522-3208
Room rates per day: $24 – $202

Malate Pensionne
1171 M. Adriatico St.
Tel: (63+2) 521-6248, (63+2) 523-8304 to 06, Fax: (63+2) 522-2389
Room rates per day: $24 – $202

City Garden
1158 A Mabini St
Ermita, Manila Philippines
Located the heart of Makati bustling commercial and tourist area. It was built about two years ago. It is a clean, comfortable no frills businessman’s hotel, with first-class amenities. Nine stories high in the heart of Ermita in Malate,
There are 44 executive suites and 46 standard rooms to suite your needs. Each one is fully air-conditioned, with hot and cold water, radio and colored TV and a mini-bar. Aside from these, two penthouse suites with the conveniences of their own dinning room, kitchen, laundry area. The rate was running around for around 2000P for a standard room per night. If you have stayed at the Century Citadel Inn this hotel is much better across the board.

Oxford Suites
P. Burgos Street, Corner Durban Street
Makati City, Philippines
This brand new hotel is very nice and located across from Bandido Bar on Burgos Street. P. Burgos Street corner Durban Street. P. Burgos is widely known to be the evening entertainment borough of Makati. As such, bar businesses are lined up through the stretch of the street. These establishments are clean, safe and friendly. The hotel has 218 rooms and 5 Suites. Rooms are affordable, again around 2000P per night for the standard room.

Drive-In Hotels
Located in Pasay, metro Manila. The term drive in means short time, meaning you rent a room at a low price for only three hours. Advantage: You can rest, get cleaned up, etc. without having to check into a major hotel. Disadvantage: No security. No safety boxes to secure your money. Rooms do not lock from the outside.

A very interesting hotel you might consider is the “Drive In” hotels in Pasay. The term “drive in” is equal with short time, meaning you rent out a room at a low price for only three hours. You can rent the room for longer, even all night for a little more money. (See explanation in Angeles City info)
Advantages of the Drive-In Hotel are that it is cheaper than most hotels in Manila. Also, if you just need a place to stay for a few hours because you’re waiting for a connecting flight or just waiting for your plane to depart back home, it’s a good alternative to checking into a major hotel.
Disadvantage to staying in the drive in hotels. There are no safety boxes to secure your money and the rooms do not lock from the outside. So, this is going to be a problem if you are carrying valuables as you will either have to carry it around Manila with you (which is not recommended) or leave it in the hotel room (which is also not recommended!). So you are stuck with no secure place to leave your valuables. What I did is leave my camera/camcorder in my room and took my money with me. I have a lock on my suitcase and a bicycle lock which I use to tie my suitcase to a chair or other type of furniture. That worked, but I would have felt a bit more comfortable if the stupid hotel would put locks on the outside and safety boxes to secure one’s valuables. I guess since so few customers are coming there to spend the night, they don’t feel the need.
The Royal Blue Marlin is located in Pasay City and has decent rooms. Actually, the deluxe rooms are quite nice. Also, this hotel is across the street from the Pasay Entertainment complex.
Victory Drive In Hotel is located in Pasay. One of the unique things about THIS hotel is one of the rooms actually has a car, a beautiful red Chevy, with the bed installed right where the front and back seats used to be. Also, the shower is inside the room next to the bed, not in the bathroom. So there will be no hiding when your girl wants to take her shower. She must do so right in front of your eyes. Nice. This room will certainly supply you with those special “Kodak moments” that you will want to share with the rest of your family when you arrive back home. That is to say if your family is the Mafia.

Nightlife in Manila is pretty decent. Our favorite place is the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. This is a cluster of four bars jam packed with many really cute women who will fuck and suck your dick raw. All the women in these bars are prostitutes and are working there as such. There are truly some beautiful girls at the EDSA. Between the Firehouse, Pitstop, My Fair and Casino bar, you should be able to find what you are looking for. Each bar employs a good 50 girls or more (dancers and waitresses). The set up is different from Angeles City bars. At the EDSA you must pay both the bar fine and heavily tip the girl. In other words, it’s similar in price to what you will find in Bangkok. The bar fine is around $10 and most of the girls will want at least 1,000 pesos ($25) tip for short time and double the price for all night. It’s not cheap, but it is a worth a visit.

At the EDSA Complex you will see a cluster of girls dancing in bikinis or one piece swimsuits. All the dancers are prostitutes and will be interested in going with you to your hotel to fuck. When you see a girl you like, notify the waitress and invite the girl to sit down with you for a ladies drink. Or you can signal the girl directly to come over to sit with you. Just smile and wave her over. If she refuses, she probably has another customer that she already made a commitment with. In that case, just pick another girl.
Once you’ve invited a girl to sit with you for a drink, flirt with her. Eventually you will either pass on her or invite her to come back with you to your hotel. If she agrees and asks you “How much are you going to pay me?”, you are dealing with a pro and you should discuss what type of services you will be getting for your hard earned money. In other words, if she asks you how much you’re going to tip her, she’s not assuming you will be generous and pay her well. So, in that case, neither should you assume she will be a good fuck and suck you well. Therefore, politely but firmly discuss exactly, in no uncertain terms what type of sex she will give you and for how long. Remember, many of the girls will not spend the entire night (or if they do, it will cost more) and many will not give you a blow job. So be sure you find out exactly how long she will be staying with you and what she will or will not do.
After you choose your girl (or should I say she’s chosen you!), you can pay the bar fine and from there go directly to your hotel to screw. Across the street from the EDSA International Entertainment Complex you will find a few short time hotels, including the Royal Blue Marlin, as mentioned above. So for convenience, I recommend you stay there as it’s just a moments walk away from the EDSA (just cross the street and you’re there).

BAR LIST (in alphabetical order)


Bar Bandido: First thing you notice as you walk in is the good aircon. It’s a larger bar with an excellent sound system and good music. The main attraction in any go-go bar, of course, is the dancers. There is a large number of dancers in attractive uniforms. Some of the girls are above average.

Bottoms: 5012 P. Burgos St. Tel: 897-2053. “Another Makati bar which seems to run about 60 to 70 girls. There are normally some quite attractive but hard-core girls in here. If visiting check your bill closely and make sure you sign for everything.

Cuddles Fire and Rain: Located on P. Burgos St. cor. Kalayaan.

Dimples: 5014 P. Burgos St. Tel: 895-8843. “Dimples is an older, small, dark bar and the emphasis is placed on Ladies Drinks. The best time to go there is during the day time when the girls are very friendly and accommodating. Having said that a warning must be given. When you are in a dark corner with one or two lovelies watch your bill very carefully. Do not pay for anything that does not have your signature. You can have a good time in here but it’s going to cost you. Opens at noon. Happy hour 5 – 7 PM. Closes at 4 AM.

Foxy’s: “Corner of Kalayaan Avenue and Dona Carmen Street in the heart of Makati City. Probably the largest bar in Makati, big stage, two levels – open with a sushi bar on the second level. Lots of nice girls. Same owner as Go Go Banana’s. Both are good stops in Makati. Prices in Makati are higher than Pasay — but the quality of the ladies is normally quite good. LDs run 225 to 275p or so. This is a big club which seems to run about 80 girls. They are heavily into the synchronized dance routines and the girls whilst friendly are not to pushy for ladies drinks.

Go Go Bananas (formerly Ritzy’s): 5030 P. Burgos St. cor. Kalayaan. Tel: 895-0883. “Across the road from Foxy’s, Go Go Bananas is a big club which runs about 50 girls. This can be quite patchy and the quality of girls and number of girls differs from night to night. If you go there make sure you ask the girls about the prayer room. OK the girls are not the best looking but they are extremely talented.

Hard Rock Cafe: Levels 3 & 4, Glorietta III, Ayala Center. Tel: 893-4661. No go-go dancers here, of course, but a good place to continue your drinking and get something to eat. A nice diversion on a late evening bar hop. Be sure to pick up a shirt.

Hollywood: Located on P. Burgos St. cor. Makati Ave. Some lookers on staff. Got hustled hard for drinks in here. After one beer, headed on down the road.

Ivory: Located on P. Burgos St. cor. Kalayaan

Jools: 5043 P. Burgos St. Tel: 897-9098. Opens 8:00 PM. The place is getting a bit rundown.

Jungle Room: Located on P. Burgos St.

Mogambo: Small bar packed full of girls. It a go-go bar and the girls are in uniforms. Only an average lineup.

Papillon: Located on P. Burgos St. Some of the most attractive dancers in town. A must stop

Rascals: Located on P. Burgos St.

Rogues: Located on P. Burgos St at Makati Ave.

Wild West (formerly Geronimo): 788 Makati Ave. cor. P. Burgos St. “Wild West (with all bias intended) is certainly worth a visit. As are Mogambo and Bandido bars. Wild West runs about 50 girls as does Mogambo. Bandido runs about 80 girls.


The EDSA International Entertainment Complex is situated on the corner of EDSA Extension and Roxas Boulevard. Inside are 6 girlie bars. It seems to go in cycles and in terms of girls different bars are hot on different nights. Opens at 6:00 PM. Names of bars inside the complex are listed below.

Casino: Located in the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. About the same size as Pit Stop. It is the most intimate. You’re closer to the girls and have the easiest time ‘contacting’ them (if it is hard anyway).

Chaos: Sometimes there are about 200 to 250 girls, 80 of which are dancers. I say sometimes because Chaos is one of these bars that is very patchy in terms of girls. Sometimes you can go in there and be surrounded by a plethora of stunning women, other times it seems like the city kennels. You just have to strike it lucky on the night. The best time to hit it is about 10.30PM.

Cotton Club (formerly Australian Club): Located in the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. Tel: 831-6468. The largest bar in the Complex, it is well laid out and has an variety of themes. It also has the largest number of girls – both dancers and GROs. I’ve never liked the lighting, but that’s personal taste. “100+ girls and the cream of the crop. Every time you think you’ve found the best looking, another one even better looking walks by!

“About 100 yards up the road from Visions is Fates. This was an old Karaoke bar taken over by two of the people from Vixens. There are normally about 50 girls working there and they have specials like 12 peso beers etc etc. There seems to be a nucleus of about 10 really good looking girls in this bar but from all reports they do not seem interested in going out with customers. A number of guys have purchased ladies drinks only to find out that the girl is not interested in pursuing the matter further. The remainder of the girls outside the ‘superstar group’ are very average. Fates also has V.I.P rooms but negotiate the price carefully before going in.

Firehouse: Located in the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. A Manila institution. It’s been around for decades. When Ermita was closed, it first moved to a compound next to the Holiday Inn (now Traders Hotel) and then to its current location in the EDSA complex. It’s a large bar with a 2 tier stage and customer dance area. The music system is one of the best in town. They usually have between 50 and 70 dancers and lots of GROs. Like all the bars in Manila, the age is slightly higher than in Angeles City or Bangkok, but there are some absolute stunners. The manager has been around FOREVER and one of the top bar men in town. A main objection to this bar is that the stage is too far from the seating. Ditto Pit Stop.

My Fair Club: Located in the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. A totally unique design, this is the second largest bar in the Complex. There are 2 dance floors connected by a walk over bridge. Girls are on all 3 areas. There is seating around the dance areas and the rest is perimeter seating. The fewest girls of any of the bars.

Pit Stop:
Located in the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. The smallest bar in the complex, the quality of the staff varies from time to time, but when it is hot, it is really hot. There are 12 seats at the stage, but the rest are pretty far away for a great look. “Some beautiful girls for such a small club. More intimate atmosphere than Cotton Club.

Visions: “Another bar sometimes worth a visit is Visions. This is situated on the service road (same as Chaos) but on the other side of Buendia (now called Gil Puyat). Unfortunately this is not a patch on the old Visions number 1 in Ermita and number2 in the food and Karaoke complex. However there are about 50 girls here and sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough so to speak.

So what happens when you enter a bar and meet a bar girl you really like and want to spend the night with? How do you get her to leave the bar and go with you? To get a bar girl to go back with you to your hotel, you must first pay what is called the bar fine. The bar fine is kind of like renting a car for the day. You choose the car you like, you pay, and then you drive off with the car. Except in this case, you are not renting a car, but a bar girl!

Now understand this simple rule: The girls are not allowed to leave the bar and go with a customer unless he first pays the bar fine. Once he does pay, the girl will immediately change into her street clothes and she is free to go with you to spend the night in your hotel. Most girls who spend the night will let you screw them. So how much will that cost you?

The going rate for the bar fine in most of the bars of Angeles, as of December 1999, is 1,000 pesos ($25). Once you pay the bar fine, you need not tip the girl. The bar fine is the full price you pay to take a girl home with you for the night. Tipping is optional, not mandatory. (If you wish to tip a girl who spends the night, 100 pesos is a nice tip).

So exactly how does this bar fine work? Let’s say you walk into a bar, such as La Bamba, and you take a seat right center stage where you are just inches away from the dancing girls. Let’s say you see a dancer you really like. You notice that she keeps smiling at you and she reaches over from the stage where she is dancing and gets close enough to shake your hand and introduce herself. “Wow! These girls really are friendly,” so you say to yourself. The same girl then asks you what your name is, where you are from and keeps smiling and giggling. Next thing you know, one of the waitresses comes over to you and cuddles next to you. She points her finger to all the girls on stage and asks you, “Which girl do you like?” Without hesitation, you point to the dancer you just met. You then tell the waitress, “I want to pay her bar fine.” The waitress will then consult with the dancer, who will probably be in shock since most guys first flirt with the girl over a ladies drink before paying the bar fine. However, in this case we’ll just say you are in a hurry. If the girl does agree to go bar fine, what will happen next is the waitress will either herself extend her hand to take the 1,000 pesos for the bar fine (or whatever the rate is in that bar) or she will call over the Mamasan (i.e., bar manager) who will come over to you and take the money. Once the bar fine is paid, the girl will immediately go to the back room to change into her street clothes. It may take up to ten minutes or so, as some girls may go to the toilet, put on more make-up, and god knows what the hell else they are doing back there (probably praying you don’t have too big a dick!). When the girl comes out, she will come up to you and stand by your side. She’s ready to go. You then can take her back to your hotel and enjoy a night of passion and romance.

American citizens or permanent residents should note that it is illegal to travel to other countries with the “intent” of engaging in sex with persons under the age of sixteen (16). (U.S. Criminal Code 18 U.S.C. Section 2423b). Other countries, such as Canada, France and Germany have similar laws. Under the American law, actually engaging in sex with someone under the age of sixteen is not even necessary for a conviction under the law. Being caught soliciting a minor, having nude pictures of foreign minors, or even possessing fantasy correspondence could provide the necessary elements for a conviction where proof of travel (a passport stamp, a plane ticket) also exists. This may sound far-fetched to some readers, but it is reality under the law. “Intent” is proven from circumstantial evidence and the law presumes that one generally intends the consequences of one’s acts. For American citizens and permanent residents, the punishment for traveling with the intent of engaging in sex with persons under sixteen is as severe as actually engaging in sex with minors in the U.S. Thus if one travels with the intent of engaging in sex with a minor between the ages of twelve and sixteen, the minimum mandatory jail sentence is two to three years. If one travels with the intent of engaging in sex with a minor under the age of twelve, the minimum punishment is somewhere around eight years. There is no parole for those convicted of federal crimes and convicts must serve 85% of their sentences. Obviously, readers of this book who seek out underage girls (i.e., under 16) for the purposes of sex (outside of marriage) do so at their peril.

HOW MUCH MONEY will be needed will depend on you personally and your budget of course. Figure for each night in Manila, staying at budget or medium range hotel, food, girl, drinks, transportation, etc. you will need about $100-$150. Manila is not cheap and that is why we suggest you only stay there for overnight purposes.


To obtain a visa in Manila, take a taxi to the Swagman hotel in Ermita and at the hotel, upstairs they have their travel agency that will process your visa. As stated above, you will need to leave your passport with them, so be aware you will have no passport until the visa is processed. The price is about $20 (depending on the exchange rate at the time) for a one month stay; slightly higher for a two month stay.
If you wish to reside in the Philippines for more than two months, you can obtain further visa extensions at the Swagman, ad infinitum. However, be aware after six months of stay, there will be taxes you have to pay at the airport in Manila when you finally depart the country.
Warning: Do not overstay your welcome in the Philippines. There are harsh penalties if you stay beyond the date stamped in your passport. I overstayed my welcome in the Philippines by only one day and they charged me 900 pesos penalty (about $25). I don’t want to know what it would have cost if I stayed much longer. Leave the country before your visa expires (or renew it). Immigration does not take kindly to those to stay after their visa has expired. (No, they won’t arrest you, but they will ream you for every dime they can get out of you).

After going through immigration and customs when you first arrive in Manila, you will have your first chance to exchange your money. NEVER exchange your money in the U.S. You will get the worst exchange rate. I suggest you walk over to the money exchange booth (inside the airport terminal) and change at least $100. Once you get to your hotel, you will be able to exchange more money at local exchange booths around town. Many of them are located on Mabini St., in Ermita and Malate. Be careful when you exchange your money in these booths as some have been known to be rip off places. (see scams) Hotels give the worst rate however they are the safest to go to. Banks are another option and will give good rates.

SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES: If you leave all your money in your room or take it with you as you bar hop, you are a fool. Always secure your valuables in the hotel safe deposit box. Be sure to check the hours the box is open. Some hotels will not let you access the safe deposit box after 9 p.m. This is because the manager leaves to go home and the desk clerk is not trusted with the key. However, some hotels will let you access your box 24 hours a day. Check with the hotel. You don’t want to be stuck with no money late at night (i.e., if you decide to do some late night bar hopping). Knowing when you can access your valuables in the safe deposit box can be critical. Suppose, for example, your flight departs at 6 a.m. the next morning. So you awake at 4:30 a.m, and as you check out at 5:00 a.m, you need to access your box to get at your money, passport, airline ticket, etc. But the safe is not open till 7:00 a.m. So now you’re in the frustrating position of having to catch a plane but you can’t leave because you can’t remove your passport and money out of the box! Of course, if you knew this ahead of time, you would have emptied your box the night before so you could leave on time the following morning. Another example. You check into the hotel after midnight. You have a few thousand dollars in cash that you wish to deposit in your box, but the safe deposit box cannot be accessed between midnight and 6 a.m . So what are you going to do? You want to go out bar hopping, but there’s no way you’re going to take thousands of dollars with you and no way you’ll leave that much cash in the room. So you’re stuck to stay in your hotel alone till morning when you can deposit your money.

YOUR PERSONAL APPEARANCE will have a lot to do with your success with the ladies. Get a decent conservative haircut before you leave. Filipina’s prefer clean cut, clean shaven gentlemen to hippies, punks, or Mr. Natural types. Non smokers are also preferred. Losing a few pounds of flab before you take off won’t hurt your prospects either.


Any major mall, such as the Robinson’s in Ermita will have a wide selection of restaurants and fast food stalls to eat in. The Robinson’s in Ermita actually has a fairly large selection of restaurants including Mexican, Italian, Thai, Filipino, American (steak house), etc. Even a good ole McDonald’s is there too. The food is okay, nothing much to brag about.

SM MEGA MALL has lots of fast food restaurants all throughout the building. A great place to meet lots of local Filipina’s.

The most popular restaurant in the Philippines is the food chain Max’s Restaurant. Noted for their chicken, fried to a delicious crisp without coloring, flavoring or coverings. A secret Filipino family recipe handed down through generations since 1945. You will find Max’s at the third floor of the Robinson’s in Ermita. Start off with their delicious green mango shake. Then I suggest you enjoy one of their dinner specials, which includes along with a quarter of a chicken a variety of Filipino dishes. Explore.

Chinese Dim Sum Tea Houses are my favorite if you like Dim Sum. You’ll find some right around the corner from the Swagman Hotel. Ask the desk clerk for directions.

The best way to get around in Manila if you don’t know where you’re going is the meter taxis. DO NOT get a taxi right outside the any hotel. It will cost you double. Just walk out and away from the entrance of your hotel to another street and grab a taxi as it is going by. These taxis will be much cheaper. make sure the driver is going to use the meter before you get in. When you get in, make sure he turns the meter on. If he doesn’t turn the meter on, tell him to do so. If he still doesn’t turn it on, get out of the taxi and get another one.
Jeepneys are another way to get around in Manila. For about a few cents you can get around Manila all day. However, the Jeepneys are usually very crowded, hot and humid since it is an open-air transportation method. Plus, if you don’t know which one s to take you can easily get lost. The best time to try the Jeepney is with your girlfriend, she’ll know which Jeepneys to take, unless he’s not from Manila.
The LRT Train is another way to get across town quickly, cheaply and comfortably. You will in most instances have to take a taxi to get to the train. Ask for a train schedule at the front desk of your hotel.
Buses are comfortable and cheap and a good transportation source only if you are traveling out of Manila to places like Angeles City, Olongapo, Baguio, etc. You have the Victory Liner Bus Station located in Pasay. You can take a taxi there and hop on an air-conditioned bus and travel for hours for a few dollars. Olongapo is about a three hour bus ride, Baguio is about an 8 hour bus ride and Angeles is about a2 hour bus ride, all depending on traffic.

How to recognize them?
First, true Filipina women are typically very short, around five feet or under. The transvestites, being men, are much taller, five foot six and up. So if what appears to be a woman approaches you and you notice that she is nearly as tall as you, watch out! Oddly enough, the transvestites, as tall as they are, persist in wearing high heels. I understand they want to dress as women, but being men they are already tall enough; wearing high heels makes them even taller and therefore more obvious. I would have thought they would wear shoes a little flatter to disguise their height, but they don’t. For that reason, it’s usually pretty easy to spot them a mile away. In short, any woman who is unusually tall (5 and a half feet or taller), beware of.
Secondly, the transvestites, being men, cannot imitate the softness and high pitched sound of a woman’s voice (that’s because they are men). So the transvestite will try to disguise his voice by either speaking with a whisper, a very soft tone, or a falsetto (i.e., a fake high pitched sound). So if you hear someone whisper or say in a high pitched voice, “Hello. Where you go?” you know what you are dealing with.
Third, since most of them cannot ‘afford to have the operation where they surgically remove the penis and carve it into a vagina, the transvestites will desire only oral sex, rather than intercourse. So if the emphasis of the conversation is, “I give you good blow job”, that is your red alert. However, being that most of them hang on blow road, there is not much of a distinction between them and the girls, as the girls are also aggressively pushing their line of work: “I give you good blow job.”
Forth, the transvestites are usually quite ugly up close. After all, they are men and a man’s face, no matter how much make-up you put on it, will still take on a masculine appearance (although some of the transvestites amazingly look feminine). To hide this, it’s not unusual for the transvestites to hang out where the lighting is low.
Fifth, the transvestites have masculine hands. They are aggressive and if you let them, will come right up to you and touch you. If you touch their hand, it will be unusually large; Filipina girls typically have very small hands, much like that of a twelve year old girl in the states. So if a “woman” holds your hand and it’s thick like that of a man, beware!

SAFE SEX in the Philippines should be practiced at all times, and anywhere else you travel in the world. Condoms should be worn at all times, even when you’re sleeping. I’m wearing one now as I type this report. But seriously, you should buy your condoms in the U.S.A. before you go to the Philippines. The ones made in Asia are made to fit Asian men and you know what that means. Also, figure on using at least two a day. Unfortunately condoms are not requested by all of the girls in the Philippines due to lack of education. Be safe and considerate to others and use protection.


Victory Drive In Hotel
The Royal Blue Marlin, across from the Pasay Entertainment complex

Manila – Ermita – LA Cafe
It is never necessary to pay for lots of lady drinks or rip-off bar fines when getting your little LBFM for the night. Just take a short trip to LA Cafe, located in the Ermita district of Manila on del Pilar Avenue.

What is LA Cafe? It is a two-story bar, with a bar/restaurant/pool tables on the first floor and a bar/dance-band area/pool tables on the second floor. If you are staying at the Pan Pacific or Manila Diamond (very girl-friendly hotels), just walk up Pedro Gil Street onto del Pillar Avenue and you will see LA Cafe just one block up on the left. The first floor is open 24x7x365 and the second floor is open in the evenings from about 8pm, especially when they have a band.

Except for the waitresses, 99% of the girls are available to go home with you. The talent is varied, from sweet fake-ID jailbait to butt-ugly old timers. I would palce the average age of the girls at about 20yo and – at peak – there are at least 150+ girls to choose from. The place starts moving after 9.30 and is usually at peak after 11pm. I usually go around 9, have a snack, play a few games of pool and then mingle from 10pm to select something nice to take home.

On any given night you can be sure to find something very nice. Besides the fact that you won’t get ripped-off for drinks or pay any bar fine to take a girl home, any of these girls will be very satisfied with PHP1,000 for short time. And that is for the best girls in the room. Don’t get fooled into paying any more… if they stay the night or give heavenly service you might consider a nice tip, but spoiling the girls really does spoil the girls! I have taken home beauty contest winners (yes, the girls who’s winning pics are on the walls!) and never overpaid.

There is a section at the back of the second floor populated entirely by Korean and Japanese guys. The girls hanging around this section are exclusively targeting these guys, who have the reputation for being over spenders, small dicked and quick in bed. These girls are especially lazy performers, so I don’t suggest you waste your time in this section unless you fit these qualifications.

Another word of caution… lots of girls at LA have had babies. They might look very slim, but you can find yourself with a mess of stretch marks. If you would rather avoid such girls, you can politely ask in conversation if they have kids. If so, you can consider trying something else. You will find lots of older (and usually ugly) girls walking around. These girls will help you to find girls… saying “you want a girl tonight?” Don’t be shy to chat with them. The great thing about Filipino girls is that they will introduce you to other girls, but will expect a “commission” (about PHP100, I hear) to be paid for the introduction. This commission is NOT paid by you, but rather the girl who goes with you. The upside of this is that Filipino girls effectively become pimps. It also reduces jealousy as they get something when you take one of their friends. The downside is that sometimes I get a girl who has to rush back to the bar to pay her commission… it makes for a rather short short time. But I love the availability of this service. I have a few of these older girls as friends and I give them my usual requirements: under 20, new, slim, no baby and OK for pictures/video. They always find me great girls… and I just tip them PHP100 extra for finding the right stuff.

It is very rare that you will have a problem with your girl. I did have a girl once who acted like a total slut at the bar, but tried to put on a virgin act once she was back at the room. I sent her lazy ass home with PHP100 taxi money and went back to LA for another pickup.

Manila – Pasay – The Complex

If you want to experience the closest thing Manila has to a Bangkok-style go-go bar, The Complex is a good place to try. The Complex – properly known as The EDSA Entertainment Complex – is a fairly small two-story building across the road from the Heritage Hotel on EDSA Boulevard. Any taxi driver can bring you there, but be specific to say “The Complex near Heritage Hotel,” otherwise you might get taken for a tour.

You will have several easy choices once you arrive. The bars are all located right next to each other for easy bar hopping. You have a choice of the Casino Bar, Cotton Club, Firehouse, Pitstop, My Fair Club, Samba Bar, The Board Room, and The Jamilla Club. Each of these bars offers roughly the same thing: 30-50 girls who alternately “dance” in 15-20min shifts on stage in bikini (or other skimpy) outfits. Unless there is a dance contest on, don’t expect to see the girls much more than lined in a row shuffling. At worst, they will pick a position that allows them to chat with their friends. You won’t see any live sex shows or exposed pussies either… the Catholic ethic requires you to use your imagination! The girls sometimes wear numbers, but not always – even if they do, the numbers change daily along with uniforms.

When you come into the bar you will be guided to a seat by a mama-san or waitress. She will take your drink order. You will have to get a drink (PHP100/150 for a cola/beer)… you can also order snacks or a light meal. The girls sitting around you may approach you – feel free to chat. If you chat for any amount of time, the girl will likely ask you to buy her a lady drink (about PHP200-250). If the girl does not interest you, politely decline by shaking your head. Any orders you make will result in a slip of paper being placed in a container at your table. You can check these to make sure the amounts are correct.

If any of the girls looks good, just ask the mama-san to call her over – she will also pull a girl down from the stage for you if you are very interested. You should prepare for some pressure from the mama-san to buy the girl a drink immediately.

Girls dance for the bar. Some visitors make the mistake of thinking these places are bordellos. They are not. Any relations outside of the bar are the girl’s business. She does not have to sit with you, much less go home with you – so if you act a fool things will not go your way. The sure way to prove this is to try to kiss/fondle/etc. the girls when they are in plain sight of the others. The girls are generally shy, so don’t expect them to suck your cock then and there. If you want lap dances or to get a bit intimate, consider switching seats to the rear area of the bar and buy the girl a drink… that should make for some privacy.

Taking the girls out is not a problem – you need to pay a PHP1000 bar fine for every girl you take out, which goes straight to the bar as compensation for the loss of their valuable dancing talents. This fee is ridiculous compared with the freelance situation of LA Cafe (see other post), but affordable compared with the businessman’s expense account situation of P. Burgos bars. I always ask the girl if she wants to go home with me… you can’t assume that every girl is on the game or keen. Some girls really don’t go with guys. The reasons can vary: some girls are underaged, some girls genuinely just work for dance salary and some girls might be on thier periods.

Keep in mind that the bar fine is just for the bar. The girl will have an expectation that you will give her a tip of 1000-1500 for short time and 1500-2500 for all night, always to be paid when she leaves your room (NEVER in advance). Sometimes the girl will ask “how much you give me for tip?” This tactic is a big turnoff for me, but I always ask in return “how much you want for short time/long time?” Make sure the price you agree is indexed to the amount of time she will stay. Short time is always you cum once and the girl goes. Sometimes the girl just wants to make sure that you will give her a reasonable sum, usually because a guy ripped her off in the past. On other occasions, the girl is expecting you to be a big spender. If she gives me a reasonable sum (under 1500 for short time/under 2000 for all night), I lay my conditions on her – make pictures/video, etc. Sometimes it is good to get the negotiation out of the way. Sometimes it is a tedious turnoff.

Once a girl has agreed to go with you, she will notify the mama-san who will confirm that you want to take her out. The girl will instantly disappear backstage and reappear in plain street clothes. Pay your money and go on your way. The taxis outside will not use their meters… be sure to negotiate a fixed price. Don’t pay more than PHP100 to someplace close and no more than PHP200 back to Makati hotels.

Once you are back in your room you are almost sure to have a good time. The girls know what to do. I myself have never had to send a girl away for non-performance. If the girl does a good job it is good courtesy to add PHP100 for return taxi.


Filipino food is less spicy than other types of Asian cuisine. Rice is the staple and is served with almost every meal. Fish, pork, or chicken dishes are popular and include adobo, arroz caldo, and crispy pata (fried pig skin), as are vegetarian dishes.

Prince Albert Rotisserie
Hotel Inter-Continental Manila, No.1 Ayala Avenue
Tel: +63 2 815 9711 Fax: +63 2 817 1330

Tempura Misono
Hyatt Regency Manila, 2702 Roxas Boulevard
Tel: +63 2 833 1234 Fax: +63 2 831 8076

Coco Villa Chinese Restaurant
Unit A Robinson Commercial Complex, Faura Street
Tel: +63 2 522 2026

Kamayan Sa Nayong Pilino
Nayong Pilipino Complex
Tel: +63 2 812 3247

Via Mare Seafood Specialty Restaurant
Greenbelt Commercial Complex, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
Tel: +63 2 893 2306

Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano
7431 Yakal Street, San Antonio Village Makati City
Tel: +63 2 843 7286


EDSA Complex
Located in Pasay City (about a 20 minute taxi ride from the Swagman in Ermita)
This is the main area for action in Manila. It houses the following bars: Firehouse, Pitstop, My Fair Club, Samba Bar, The Board Room, Cotton Club, Casino Bar, and the Jamilla Club. These are Go-Go style bars (women dance on stage clad only in bikinis or other sexy uniforms). There are 20-50 women per bar. Bar fine: 1000 Pesos. Tip: 1000 Pesos to 2000 Pesos. Some may ask for 2500 Pesos.

Freelancer Cafes
LA Cafe Del Pilar Street, Ermita
This cafe has freelance mamasans 24 hours a day. Feel free to approach any woman there except the waitressess about going back to your hotel with you. If she does have a mamasan, the lady will introduce you to her to make the arrangement. No bar fine. Tip the lady only. Typical rates: Short time P1000, all night P1500.

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