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Refers to a large room with a glass window that separates you from the available women. There can be anywhere from 10-100 women sitting on carpeted, bleacher-type seats, dressed in Thai silk gowns. They will have number tags on their gowns so that you can tell the Papasan or Mamasan which woman (or women) you want a massage from. Prices range from 600 to 2,500 baht.

Sideline Girls. Refers to women who are not in the Fishbowl. They are usually more younger and more attractive, and therefore more expensive, ranging in price from 1,600 to 6,000 baht for ST, depending on Bangkok establishment. These women are usually part-time employees, working on average 3-4 days per week. They use the same SOP as the women in the Fishbowl, but don’t expect them to do a BKK slide, that is, a body-body massage on an air mattress. Note that the extra money does not mean better service. You’re paying for beauty.

Star Girls/Super Star Girls. Refers to the scale that some establishments use to grade the more attractive or desireable women, and therefore try to justify a higher price. The difference between a Super Star and a Star may be as slight as 100-200 Baht and a slightly more attractive appearance. Note that these women may not do everything you want (that is, French kissing, anal, a 2-girl party, etc.). It’s best to pick a nice-looking woman from the regular crowd, or ask the Papasan for a recommendation.

Tipping. This refers to the extra payment you give to the woman (or women) in the room, after the physical part of the massage is finished. The tip is her fee for the sexual part of the massage. Figure about $15-25 on top of the price of the massage, or 500-1,500 baht, depending on the establishment. Some Bangkok establishments charge higher amounts.

The following is a list of full-service massage parlors in Bangkok. It is not exhaustive, but it contains a good selection. Note that some of the pricing information may be out of date.

18 Sukhumvit Soi 2 — 4. Bangkok 10110
Tel: 0-2251-5680, 0-2255-0040
Hours: 1100-2400
Price: 1,000B (1.5 hrs), 1,500 (2 hrs)

Atami Massage

1573 New Pechburi rd, Bangkok
Tel: 2528914 Normal 1,500 Baht Super 1,700 Baht

Bangkok Cozy

New Pechburi rd, Opposite Soi Sunvijai, Bangkok
Normal 1,200 – 1,500 Baht

On the first sub-soi on your left at Sukhumvit Soi 24, near emporium and the Phrom Pong SkyTrain station.
You can choose your own girl, just go straight into the lounge area where they are seated. If you don’t do this and go to the reception they will allocate a girl for you – just be a bit more forward.

Behind Juliana Mass. Rama 9
Tel:7196672-4 Norm 1,500 1,700 Baht.
Hours: 1200-2430.

Ceazars Palace
Rachadapisek Rd, Bangkok
Tel: 0-2692-5069—79
Price: 1,900 (N), 2,000 (B), 2,700 (SL), 3,300 (M)

Champs Elys’ees
Opposite Fortune Hotel at Asoke Intersection, Din-daeng
Tel: 0-2642-0300—10

Chao Phyraya I
In Sri Ayautaya Rd, near Phyayhai 1 and Hospital Bangkok
Prices are $60-80 for 1.5 hours. Tel: 2453381, 2454810, 2454844

Chao Phryaya 2
On Sri Ayuthaya Road, across from the Europa Inn Hotel
You can get there via the Sky Train to Phraya Thai station and then walking maybe 2-300 yards. open from about 1 pm everyday, although the selection may not be that good if you go to early.

Chavalla II
Sukhumvit Road, (near Soi 34)
Tel: 0-2258-5374
Hours: 1300-2345 (Mon-Fri)
Hours: 1200-2400 (Sat-Sun)

2115 New Petchaburi Road
Tel: 0-2314-3590 Hours: 1730-2330

CR Entertainment
13/4 Rachada-Tapra Rd, Bangkorlaem, Bangkok.
Normal 1,000 – 1,400 Baht; Sideline 1,700 -2,000 Baht

Darlings Massage
Sukhumvit Soi 12, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok
Tel: 2294562-4 Hours: 1600-2300

55 Rachadapisek Rd, Dindaeng, Bangkok
Tel: 2757474
1,900 Baht. Hours: 1500-2400

Petchburi Soi 41
Tel: 0-2625-7926

2293 New Petchaburi Road (corner of Soi Soon Vijai)
Tel: 0-2314-3451.

Hi Class
Behind Emmanuelle, Rachadapisek Rd, Bangkok
Tel: 2757474 Ext. 212
Normal 1,500 Baht Sideline 1,800 Baht.

555 Soi S. Unvijai 4, Rama 9 Rd, Near Radisson Hotel, Bangkok
Tel: 6415757
Normal 1,800 Baht Sideline 2,500 Baht Model 3,500 Baht

Honolulu Love Boat Club
555 Soi Soon Vijai, Rama IX (next door to Radison Hotel)
Tel: 0-2274-4040, 0-2274-4118, 0-2641-5757
Hours: 1500-2400

Ida (previously CR. Oh Entertainment)
1314 Soi Wat Phai Ngern Rama 3, SathuPradit
Tel: 0-2674-8501—3; Hours: 1200-2400.

Rama 9 Rd
Tel: 3194645-7, 3186323-41
700 – 1,800 Baht.
Hours: 1430-2400 (Mon-Fri) 1230-2400 (Sat-Sun)

Krungthon Complex
Rachada Tapra Rd, Thonburi
Tel: 4765700-20
Tora 1,200 Baht; Star 1,400 Baht; Super 1,600 Baht; Sideline 1,800 Baht.

New Pechburi rd, Bangkok
Tel: 3181786-8
1,300 – 1,500 Baht
Hours: 1300-2400

Soi 11
Directions: left out of the Nana, cross over Sukhumvit, go right on Sukhumvit to Soi 11 and turn left. Go down 5 blocks. It is on the right.

111/1 Behind the Emerald HoTel: Soi Nium-u-tis, Rachadapisek Rd, Bangkok
Tel: 2765016-22 , 2765025
1,800 Baht.
Hours: 1400-2400

Mona Lisa
Near Asoke Bridge, New Pechburi rd, Bangkok
Tel: 2510537
Tora 1,500 Baht; Sideline 1,800 Baht.
Top class massage parlour. Typical price $200. The clientele is mainly Asian men.

2nd floor Monalisa Massage, New Pechburi Rd, Bangkok
Tel: 2523955-6
1,500 Baht

Nadia Massage-Sauna
Ratchadapisek Road, before The Emerald Hotel
Tel: 0-2692-0006—9
Hours: 1030-0130

In Ratchada, near the Emerald hotel Rachadapisek Rd, Bangkok
Tel: 6929144-8.
1,200-1,700 Baht.
Open at 3 PM, best time to arrive is after 5 PM. Caters mostly to locals and Oriental foreigners.

New Cleopatra
Asoke – Dindaeng Rd, Bangkok
Super Model 4,900 Baht.
Tel: 0-2246-6680—85, 0-2246-0227, 0-2246-6683
Hours: 1400-2400

New Stella
2351 New Petchaburi Road (50m past Soi Soon Vijai)
Tel: 0-2318-1673

Noar Entertainment
27 Soi Soon Vijai 14/1, Ekamai-Ramintra Road, Bangkok
Tel: 7182050 -3
B-Course 1,700 Baht; Sideline 2,700 Baht.

Osaka Massage
Patanakarn Rd, Suanluang, Bangkok
1,500 Baht.

Plaza Entertainment
Makasan , New Pechburi Rd, Bangkok (6th floor)
Tel: 2531500 , 2531322
Normal 1,800 Baht; B-Course 1,900 Baht; Model 2,700 -3,000 Baht

2235 New Petchaburi Road (100 m before Soi Soon Vijai) (Opposite Nissan dealership)
Tel: 0-2318-2982
Hours: 1500-0100

209 Rachadapisek Rd, Dindaeng, Bangkok
Tel: 693 82221
800 baht.

2277 New Petchaburi Road, near Soi Soon Vijai
Tel: 0-2314-6367

Subway Thai Massage
Ratchadapisek Road (opposite Emerald Hotel)
Tel: 0-2692-8105—7

Sweet Heart
Sukhumvit Soi 5 (Opposite Foodland, in a small alley)
1,000 Baht (90 minutes)

V2 Night Entertainment
203/6-15 Chokchai 4, Ladprao, Bangkapi, Bangkok
Tel: 9331370 – 51
700 Baht

Victoria’s Secret
555 Soi Soon Vijai 4, Rama 9 Road
Tel: 0-2318-8370 Ext. 102-1041
800 Baht
Hours: 1500-2400

Vilunda (Angara)
Petchburi Soi 41 (before Atami)

Viva Palace
(Huyin) Ramkhamhaeng Rd (Sukapibhan 3) Bangkok
Tel: 7295606 Ext. 221 , 243
Normal 1,700 Baht VIP 2,300
Hours: 1300-0100

Zodiac Entertainment

2351 New Petchburi Road

Venus Massage
Poseidon Entertainment Complex, 209 Rachadapisek Road, Rachadaphisek
1500 Baht to 3200 Baht
An upscale place that caters mostly to Japanese. As a Westerner, you will pay a surcharge of 1000 Baht.

There are many traditional massage places along Sukhumvit Rd. and on many Sois in Bangkok. You will see women sitting inside the shop through the store windows, but these do not make up the entire selection. Some women are also in the back or upstairs, where the massages take place.

Full-body oil massages cost 200-300 baht for one hour. Two-hour massages are also available. The women tend to do a better job when you pay for more time. However, do not expect sex with these types of massages. Don’t force the issue.

It’s best to take a shower before your massage. You then lay down naked on a bed in a private, curtained-off room. It will be very quiet and some soft music will play. If the room is cold, tell the lady you are now, which means “I’m cold” in Thai. If you are too warm, tell the lady you are lon.

If you are getting just a regular massage, they will have you wear a pair of shorts and you may be asked to share the room with someone else.

Baron Barber
Corner of Sukhumvit Road and Sukhumvit Soi 4
(near Emporium, next to 7/11)

Mermaid Thai Massage
22/1-2 Sukhumvit Soi 11 (Opposite Federal Hotel)
Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok
24 hours outside service available

Nadia Thai Massage Club & Karaoke Restaurant
159-162 Ratchadapisek Road, Huay Kwang, BKK
Thai massage, oil massage, foot massage, sauna, karaoke and restaurant
Tel: 02692-0006-9
Fax: 02692-1100

Sabai Sabai Massage

1/22 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Sukhumvit Road
Tel: 02651-0188, 02253-4523
24 hours outside service available

18 Sukhumvit Soi 2 — 4. Bangkok 10110
Tel: 0-2251-5680, 0-2255-0040
Hours: 1100-2400
Price: 1,000B (1.5 hrs), 1,500 (2 hrs)

Located near the Nana Hotel. Walk out the Nana Hotel, turn right, and walk away from Sukhumvit Rd. Go about a block and walk down the first alley on the right. Left about 200 feet will be Annie’s. Go up the stairway to the second floor to see the women sitting in the “fishbowl.”

I did not find the selection of women to be of high quality; however, prices are lower than the other places in town. You may find someone to your liking if you go back and check from time to time.

Every now and then there is a nice looking girl there, but seem a bit older and somewhat larger than the tight bodies of the bar girls. Several do offer anal and the service overall has been good. The mamasan owner and her daughter are quite friendly and helpful and will assist you in selecting a lady that offers the specialty you are requesting.

At 11:00 pm there was still a decent selection of 20 or so women, some young and relatively hot. The Thai woman owner was refreshingly pleasant and not at all pushy; a lot better than the flesh-trading Chinese dirt bags who run the other massage places. She seemed genuinely concerned about my selection and steered me away from the girls who had already been given a workout. Older but nice rooms- interesting decor. In all a laid back atmosphere and a decent bargain to boot- I would definitely recommend this place over the Darling or Chowphya establishments by a long shot.

The selection isn’t that great and the women aren’t top notch, but the place is still great. The service was good and the women have always been eager to please. I don’t know if that’s because I was a clean Westerner and that’s perhaps unusual for this place or not, but I have always been pleased. And it’s only 1500B.

As a matter of fact my very first Thai Soapy Massage was at Annie’s, maybe that’s why I’m partial. There is no man on Earth who can say he’s lived until he’s had a little Thai women rocket up and down his body. I never can stop smiling, no matter how hard I try.

Darlings Massage

Sukhumvit Soi 12, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok.
Tel. 2294562-4
Hours: 1600-2300

I say go to Darling! It is by Korea Town in the Sukumvitt area near the underground Pizza Hut. Look for Korean writing. It is the simple line Asian writing, very angular. Also look for Korean air Asiana Air offices, Darling is behind there. I was there in Jan of 2000 and it was great. You can get two women and there are lots of hot ones to choose from for 4,000 Bht or a bit over a hundred dollars. One woman is cheaper and for an hour or so in a nice room you get a soapy massage in the tub, then a full body and I do mean full body oil massage. Then what happens is mostly up to you. If you do get two women it may be a bit awkward if they don’t know each other. You may have to switch condoms. If you switch women start with one then figure that is about 2,000 or so. Also a tip of 3 to 5 hundred bht per woman will be customary. Viagra is available over the counter in Thailand. Sukumvit has pharmacy’s that sell the real deal for around 550 – 700 bht for 100 miligrams.

Sweet Heart
Sukhumvit Soi 5 (Opposite Foodland, in a small alley)
Price: 1,000 B (90 minutes)

Tried this place out yesterday. Around 10 women at midday and a nice Chinese mamasan in an unpretentious lobby. Selection OK. Rock bottom price of 1000 baht for an hour and a half is counter-balanced by the slummy rooms, crummy showers and mildew infected towels. The whole place stinks like week old fried rice. The lady, the massage and the lay (x2)was fine, but this establishment is a little too 3rd world. Not really recommended.

Having just returned from BKK I have to disagreed and agree. First things do change at the clubs but a list of the top recommended clubs is needed.

Especially for first timers.
Having actually been I would recommend in the following order:
Eden Club

As my two favorite clubs.
The problem is that there are too many clubs to choose from and I don’t have the time, funds and patience to try them all. Eden Club tops my list for both Bangkok and Pattaya as far as “sex”. Everything else was more of a high school date type of experience. I also have some info on 2 of the 3 popular MP’s in Pattaya which I will post more on in that section.

Has anyone been to the two clubs I mentioned above and can add other clubs which are similar or better? Quality of sex is far more important to me rather then a huge selection of attractive women who are not very experienced in the bedroom.

This is just my experience and I’m sure BKK is different for others. Rating clubs would also depend on what each person considers good? One guy is happy with “young and pretty” while the next guy wants a woman that knows how to have sex.

Don’t limit yourself to the “sex” massage parlors (such as Atami, Darling, Chao Pyra, etc.). The traditional Thai massage parlors, such as those on Sukhumvit road (opposite Ambassador hotel towards Soi 12) have many cute girls who will be happy to come to your hotel after work and give you a good time. Just take your hotel card with you to the parlor, with your name and room number on it. Then at the end of the massage with the girl of your choice, hand her the card. She’ll understand what you want and good chance after the parlor is closed (find out first) you’ll have a knock at your door. A 1,000 baht tip is adequate for most parlor girls.

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