Nana Entertainment Plaza

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Nana Plaza
3, 1 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan
Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Saturday 7PM–3AM
Sunday 8PM–2AM
Monday 8PM–2AM
Tuesday 7PM–3AM
Wednesday 7PM–3AM
Thursday 7PM–3AM
Friday 7PM–3AM

I went to Nana Plaza body cause I truly wanted massage ONLY. As you said it was 300B for reg.massage. The lady who was giving me the massage was old dude,must of been in her late 40’s.Anyways,half way through the massage she offer to massage my d*ck.She told me it is good for me.I almost laughed in her face.If she was younger maybe I would of considered but she did give me a hell of a reg. massage( felt great ).
The lady was very sweet so I tip her well & she was very happy. Almost forgot,next door to me was an old man, he was so loud, you can here him getting his d*ck stroked by a young girl. Oh, they also give you free bottle water.

There is a massage parlor at the Nana. It’s in the back corner, second floor, right hand side as you enter, kind of hard to find, and…it’s a traditional, non sexual massage. So you might not want to bother, anyway. Prices are typical of tradition massages (300 baht for Thai massage, 400 for oil, etc.).

You will find only a small selection of open air bars at Nana. Actually, as you first enter on the left, right at the corner is an open air bar. Then, as you walk into the complex, you will see Pharoah’s (see photo below) and a small cluster of other open air bars. They also serve food as well. I usually don’t hang here because a)it’s just too hot and humid, and b)there is too much action inside the Go Go bars I don’t want to miss.

The Go Go dancers generally dress in bikini’s At some of the bars, they take off their tops, others they go stark naked (except when their are police raids, then they go back to wearing bikini’s). At some of the bars, they may wear mini skirts with no panties.

The Go Go bars are open from 7:30 p.m. (although many girls don’t start dancing till 8 p.m. or a bit later) and close right at 2 a.m.The beer bars are open in the afternoon as well. Big Dogs is probably the most popular beer bar to drink at in the afternoon.

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