Soi Cowboy

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I totally endorse Soi Cowboy. It is my favorite bar spot in Bangkok mainly because there is less pressure, the girls are more friendly and you can become a recognized face without becoming a target. I recommend Long Gun for the show, and Apache for the music. There’s a great rock band in one of the bars (Rawhide?) who are really into great stuff like Led Zeppelin – excellent guitar riffs!

Had an interesting night in Cowboy Friday — just as the night was getting enjoyable, in After Skool a bar with mediocre looking girls who give unbelievable head, the whole street was closed down by the police. They wouldn’t let us leave the bar for over an hour, turned all the lights up full and music off, but the owner/manager, a Dutch guy, was great about it giving our drinks for free while we were detained. Apparently they hit just about every major bar area at the same time — Saturday, two different stories: The BK Post had a bit about tracking down Visa over stayers and the like and arresting them (catering to the international audience safety concerns following Bali) and the local Thai media said it was a crackdown on underage girls in the bars. They did completely shut down a few, so the local story is a bit more plausible. Anyway, ended up at a small bar on 22 and went home with a lovely girl and have made the place my drinking hole to start out the night for the past few — a home away from home, Soi 22 bars should not be discounted as they are quieter and much more corner bar atmosphere where the girls want to be your friend as much as anything else

Soi Cowboy, along with Patpong and the Nana Entertainment Plaza, is a complex of Go Go bars (i.e., air conditioned bars where hookers dance on stage) that cater to male tourists looking to party and bang some of the Orient’s hottest women. Soi Cowboy is basically a short street with about 25 bars lined up back-to-back, each bar walking distance from each other. In the bars you will find some of Bangkok’s hottest babes who will drop their panties – yes, they all fuck! It is one of the best night spots in Bangkok to go. If you missed Soi Cowboy on your trip, well, you really missed it!

All the girls who work in Soi Cowboy, with few exceptions, are hookers. They are there for one reason and one reason only: to get your money (in exchange of some good sex, of course). The age of the girls average’s at the low to mid twenties. No, you won’t find any children working the sex industry here. Mr. Ed Bradley of 60 MINUTES will be sorry to hear that.

Few of the girls speak much in the way of English. Some don’t speak any at all. Once you get past the, “What’s your name?”, “Where you from?”, “Where you stay?” stage, the conversation will die quick. That is, unless you speak Thai.

Most of the bar girls have migrated to Bangkok to work the sex industry. If you ask them where they were born, they will usually say in the Northeast (Isan). Few are originally from Bangkok, particularly the Soi Cowboy area.

Sex is a given. Virtually every girl will let you screw her, provided you pay of course. Don’t be shy to approach any babe. She is there to service you.

The bar girls range in looks from nasty ugly to “Will you marry me now!” Most are fairly short (under 5’6″) and weigh under 100 pounds. With the few exceptions of those who have dyed their hair reddish/brown, they have black, silky hair. Most have rather dark complexions and dark brown/black eyes. Many are in need of some dental work. All, with few exceptions, are Buddhist.

Many of the girls do not give head. If you want a blow job, be sure to ask the girl if she “smokes”. Smoke is slang for blow job.

Many of the girls got pregnant from a Thai boy at an early age (ahh, so the local studs get them first, then we get the left overs. So that’s how it works!). When the Thai boy dumps the girl and baby, she turns to the sex industry to find money to support the kid. If you wish to take a girl who has no baby (those who do often have thrashed breasts and stomachs), be sure to ask her, “You have baby?” If she says she does, best you pass and move on to another girl.

All-in-all, you will be blown away at how friendly, sensual and open the Thai bar girls are. They are there to meet you, yes, regardless of your age, your weight and if you have hair on your head or not. When you show up, they will treat you like a god. This is why millions and millons of tourists, mostly male, come to Thailand and visit Soi Cowboy every year. It is heaven on earth and the bar girls make it so.

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