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Check out the new line of outdoor beer bars in an area called “Happy Today” located on Sukhumvit road, between Soi 8 & 10. It’s right across the street from the Clinton Plaza. The drinks are reasonably priced, but the 500 baht bar fine at most bars is a bit steep. However, it’s still worth taking a look at.

You won’t find a tremendous number of bars along Soi 7, but there are a few worth noting. Probably the most popular is the Sukhumvit Beer Garden Soi 7 bar. It’s basically a free lancer bar (i.e., the girls working there are not employed by the bar, hence no bar fine), similar to Thermae. Well, except for the fact that it’s open during the afternoon. Hence if you’re looking to get laid during the day, here’s the place to cum.

By the way, most girls will be happy to go with you for 700-1,000 baht, for a quick afternoon

I have enjoyed Thermae on many occasions. It is more than a hangout for freelancers, but a splendid venue for people watching. You see all types there, and the atmosphere is very communal, particularly at the unisex toilets! I have never had a bad time there. The only problem is that many of the girls work in regular jobs during the day, and come to Thermae for extra money after hours.

Actually, Thermae used to also be a massage parlor (before it relocated). It was the Thermae Turkish Bath House. No longer. However, nowadays I found many of the women, especially the older ones, will give a pretty decent massage before or even after sex. Just ask them, few will refuse. While it’s not the full professional body massage you can get at a parlor, they do a pretty good job.

You will find only a small selection of open air bars at Nana. Actually, as you first enter on the left, right at the corner is an open air bar. Then, as you walk into the complex, you will see Pharoah’s (see photo below) and a small cluster of other open air bars. They also serve food as well. I usually don’t hang here because a)it’s just too hot and humid, and b)there is too much action inside the Go Go bars I don’t want to miss.

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