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The cost of sex with a bar girl in Pattaya varies drastically, anywhere from 300 baht to 2,500 baht. What determines the price?

Many tourists who come to Pattaya are unaware of the going rate for sex. As a result, they get hoodwinked into paying double, triple, even quadruple the going rate. To be sure you don’t, here is a listing of prices for sex.

Overall standard rate:
500 baht for short time (i.e., about an hour or two for sex). Add 100-200 baht tip if the girl stayed 2-3 hours with you.
1,000 baht for all night (i.e., sex in the evening and again when you wake up).

Give her 1,000 baht for short time if she is a three holer (i.e., takes it up the ass, mouth and pussy). Give her 800 baht for all night if she refused to give head and was a lousy screw.

Other exceptions:
1. Massage parlors
, such as Sabailand or Happy Massage will quote a 1,500 rate for an 90 minute session of massage and sex. Parlors which charge only for the massage (650 baht or so) include sex, but you must tip the girl. Many such girls expect 1,000 to 2,000 baht tip. Why is the price so high? Because the bulk of customers are Asian business men who can afford to pay more.

2. Go-Go bars. Most Go-Go bars have a 500 baht bar fine. On top of that, the girls expect anywhere from 500 to 2,000 baht tip, depending on how beautiful the girl thinks she is and how many other suckers fell for her inflated price. Understand that a Go-Go girl is no better than the girls listed below and unless they have a body you could die for and take it up all three holes, you generally are getting overpriced for what usually turns out to be a below average performance in bed.

3. Beer bars. Beer bar girls are happy with 500-1,000 baht tip, short time to all night respectively. A few of the spoiled types may want 1,000 for short time, but few ask for more than 1,000 for all night. Many such lovelies don’t realize what they offer in terms of sex and affection is worth millions in the Western world (ie. the USA and Europe).

4. Street girls (along Beach road). Maximum is 500 baht for short time, 1,000 for all night. Many of the older ones (26 and up) and not so attractive will go for 300-400 short time or 600-800 for all night.

5. Disco crowd. The girls at Tony’s/Marine bar and other similar discos are mixed bag (some street girls, some Go-Go girls, some massage parlor girls, etc.). However, the general payment is 500 short time, 1,000 all night.

DON’T OVERPAY THE GIRLS! When you do, you spoil them and turn them into the type of women we are trying to get away from back home.


There are a few places to go to pick up freelancers in Pattaya day or night. The favorite place is the Royal Garden Plaza. One of the entrances is on Beach Road and the other is on 2nd road. Go to the third floor and sit in the food stall area. Sit down and order a drink or food and watch the girls start coming in around 1:00 p.m. You can get short time for about 500 baht ($11). Some of them are really cute and fresh, just arrived in Pattaya. Below is an example of a girl you can find there.

I think the Royal Garden Plaza is okay for meeting girls during the afternoon. However, most of the girls sleep during the day and you’ll need to stay up late or you’ll miss out on much of the action. Probably the best place to pick up freelancers is either at Tony’s disco (after midnight) or the Marine Bar disco (after 1 a.m.). Both places attract alot of free lancers who otherwise you might never meet. Weekends are best at Tony’s (Fri/Sat night) as you get girls coming in from Bangkok on their day off. Check it out.

Met some really cute freelancers the last few nights along the beach side. Most of them will be found from 7 p.m. till midnight, hanging on the benches or just walking up and down the sidewalk (cross the street from Royal Garden Plaza and walk in either direction). While a lot of the locals who hang there are real old hags, you can find a few real sweethearts if you are patient. The going rate for any girl you meet on the beach is 500 baht for short time. Be sure to ask, “Do you smoke?” if you want a BJ.

The beach road (opposite Royal Garden on up to Soi 8) is still a great place to meet hookers. Most of them hang from early evening, around 7:30 p.m. till 1 a.m. The going rate for short time is around 500 baht, give or take a hundred or two depending on a)how long the girl stays with you, b)what she does (of course, pay more for anal, less is she didn’t give head), and c)what she looks like (many of the beach girls tend to be older and not so attractive).

I found many of the beach girls have kids, so if having a great figure is of importance to you, be sure to ask her, “You have baby?” If she says she does, time to move on to the next girl.

What amazes me is how incredibly inexpensive Thailand remains. In fact, it’s actually cheaper now than it was years ago. Case in point. The exchange rate (45 baht per dollar) is almost double what it was 10 years ago (25 baht per dollar). Yet, many things have not changed price over the past years. For example, 10 years ago, the White Inn hotel in Pattaya was 400 baht per night or at an exchange rate of 25, $16 per night. Now the same hotel is STILL 400 baht per night, but with a 45 baht exchange rate, it comes to under $10 per night. So the prices have actually dramatically decreased, something hard to find in this world. In short, if Thailand is not a deal, I don’t’ know what is.

You can even get girls along Beach road for 300-400 baht (mostly during low season, May thru October). The general rule is the older the girl, the lower the price. Of course, the uglier ones often will go for less as well.

The largest cluster is on Soi Diamond (right outside the Diamond Beach hotel), Walking Street (between Tony’s Disco and Soi Diamond), and Soi Pattayaland 2 (off Beach Road, next soi up from the Pattaya pier, opposite direction of Walking street).

All Girls
Soi Pattayaland 2
Amazon Girls a Go Go
Walking Street

Super Baby A Go Go

Soi Diamond, in front of the Diamond Hotel
Opposite sister club Super Girls A Go Go
Bubbles a Go Go
Soi Pattayaland 2
The stage is fairly small, making it more personal, and easier to meet the ladies.
Classroom a Go Go (2 bars)
Soi Pattayaland 2
Near Big C on Soi 2
Doll House a Go-Go
Walking Street (right under the Marine Bar disco)
Nightly drink specials. 30 Baht (80 cents) for local drinks during happy hour (7:30-8:30).
Frozen A Go Go
Soi Diamond
Gilligin’s a Go Go
Soi Pattayaland 1 (next street up from Soi Pattayaland 2)
Happy a Go Go
Honey a Go Go
Walking Street, on the beach side
Hot & Cold
Between Soi 7 and 8
Kitten Club A Go Go
Soi 13/4, aka Soi Pattayaland 2
Living Dolls
Walking Street
Living Dolls Showcase
Walking Street
Marilyn a Go Go
Walking Street and Beach Road (next to the pier)
Misty’s A GoGo
Pattayaland Soi 2
Peppermint a Go Go
Walking Street, above Dollhouse
Pretty Girl a Go Go
Walking Street (opposite Soi Diamond)
Rodeo A Go Go
Soi Pattayaland 2
Super Girl A Go Go
Soi Diamond, in front of the Diamond Hotel off walking Street

Venus a Go Go

Vixens a Go Go
World Wide A Go Go
Beach Road, between Soi 7 and Soi 8


2nd Road
Soi 7
By Polleke Paul’s Place
DiDi’s Bar
Eagle Bar
Enterprise 7
Happiness Stars
Heaven’s Door
Love Hearts Bar
World Wide Beer Bar
Alley behind Soi 7 and 8
Shark Bar
Soi 8
Flintstone Bar
Hansa Beer Bar
Sailor Bar
Bar fines are typically 200-250 Baht.

Naklua is in the northern part of Pattaya (follow 2nd road as you go past Big C mall and Soi 1). It’s a small cozy town with a cluster of beer bars, massage parlors and a few Go-Go bars. Go past the Dusit Hotel and look for a group of about 20 outdoor bars and the sign “Lovely a Go-Go”.

Down the street from Pussycat a Go-Go is Happy Massage (open 2 PM to 2 AM) where you can get a full service (sex included in the price) massage for 1600 Baht.


Both traditional (theraputic only, no sex) and body-to-body (sex included for an extra fee) massage parlors are available in Pattaya.

It is also possible to arrange for a traditional massage parlor worker to give you a massage in the privacy of your hotel. Expect to pay an additional 100-200 Baht/hour for the service. Understand that sex not be on the list of activities.

Massage Parlor List
V.I.P. Massage

Subai Dee Body Massage (1,000 Baht extra for sex)
Suvanna Phyisical Massage (Traditional Massage only)
102/1 Soi 3 Pattaya 2nd Road
Pattaya City, Cholburi
Tel 429037, 422806

The traditional massage parlors have become really popular in Pattaya.(Note: the traditional massage parlors are not sexual in nature). Probably the most popular one is on Beach road, right at the entrance of Walking street (directly across the street from Marilyn a Go-Go). You’ll see the massage girls standing outside the doors calling customers on the street to come on in. They wear blue t-shirts and jeans, mostly. The price is 200 baht for a one hour full body (i.e., no sex) massage. There are lots of real cute girls working here and if you bring your hotel card with your room number and name on it, you can give it to the girl and good chance she may show up after work. While the girls working there are not prostitutes, many will be interested in coming to your hotel during slow season (now!) or when they run up too many phone bills (how the girls love their cellular phones!). Be sure you are polite and not too crude when asking one of these types of girls to come visit you.

On 2nd road in South Pattaya, across the street from Bruno’s (up from Soi 1) is the new Pavillion traditional massage parlor. They boost over 250 girls! A must see while in Pattaya. (Note: the traditional massages are not sexual in nature, however, you can give the masseuse your hotel card at the end of the massage and good chance she will pay you a visit in your room. Of course, there you can have FS with her). Price for the one hour, non-sexual massage is 250 baht.

Of course, if you must get laid in the early to mid afternoon, there is always the massage parlors. While most of us would not think of that as a bar, the fact is you can order drinks and have the girls sit with you and drink before taking a massage. Actually, I would recommend inviting the girl you like over for a drink before doing the massage. That way you get a chance to chat her up, see what she will do (most massage girls give head and screw), and ask her any important questions (like, “Do you have a baby?” or “Do you do anal, too?”)

The massage parlor is also a great way to escape the afternoon heat. Drinks are reasonable priced and many of the larger parlors offer food off a Thai menu as well.

The center of South Pattaya is found along Walking Street, so-called because of the traffic that is blocked off from late afternoon till 2 a.m. Walking street is basically a strip of open beer bars, Go-Go bars, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, outdoor food stalls, discos (Tony’s and Marine Bar), a Thai boxing ring (located under the Marine bar), a Seven/Eleven mart, and other shops and fun things to see. It’s also a great place to meet women during the late evenings (midnight onward), especially around 2:30 a.m. when the bars/discos shut down and the women hang outside the Marine Bar.

There are basically three discos in South Pattaya where hooker/tourist merge. The most infamous is the Marine bar disco, located on Walking street, second floor above the Thai boxing ring. The disco gets going around 1 a.m. and closes at 3:30 a.m. Follow the crowd directly to the Marine bar disco II which is open till dawn.
Tony’s disco, located on Walking street (about 2 minutes walk past Marine bar) has a lot of publicity lately. I think the band is way too loud and there are way too many vendors selling anything from flowers to drinks to cigarettes. The disco used to attract a lot of really cute girls, but now it’s more of a male crowd with their Thai dates.
The dress is casual in all three disco’s, but you may not get into Tony’s if you wear a tank top.
There is no cover charge and a soft drink will run you about $2 at each disco.
Your chances of picking up a girl at Tony’s: 50%.
At both Marine bars: 99%.
Rate for sex at Tony’s: 1,000 baht short time.
Marine bar I: 500 to 1,000 for short time.
Marine bar II: 500 to 800 for short time.
Note the girls are all free lancers – you pay the girl, not the disco.

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