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Herzl Bar
in the Esshavnerstrasse 5, in Salzburg – Lehen (near Wienerwald Restaurant you have to go on the other side into the Sparkassenstrasse and then after 20m to the right, then you will see the red light) is one of the best and as far not so expensive as the Babylon.
Here you should drink something, and included the drinks for two you pay 2000 ATS (145 Euros) for half an hour, its not stressy and very familiar.
If you dont like very young girls I can hardly recommend Lucy, a bulgarian women aged 40, I never have beend disapointed. New there are is a Czech blonde..
It belongs to the same group as the Maison de Plaisier in the Steingasse (so sometimes girls may change) and Carmen or Waltraud, the barladies
are very polite.

Jasmin Bar
House 94
Casanova Club
Look to the local yellow pages or ask a cab driver for directions.

Jasmin Bar, Casanova Club, House 94 and independent “working girls” (Elisabeth-Strasse, Fanny v. Lehner-Strasse, Sterneck Strasse). “Maison de plaisir” Steingasse in the middle of the old town. The Herz’l Bar is nice and clean.(Lion),has some rooms with mirrors or torture tools. You may have to buy a drink (10 Euro). Some Austrian girls, but the Brazilians are recommended.

Carmen club located on sterneckstrasse, a main road outside the downtown offers many girls from Russia and Romania, very good looking but the best is Simona. I suggest you look for Ioni, a romanian girl with firm ass and tits, the rooms are very luxurious and some have whirlpool. One hour with drinks cost about 250 euro but if you choose the right one worth it

Herzl Bar
Prices went up when the € Euro kicked in. 158€ for two drinks and half an hour full service. The rooms are very fine and clean, and the ambience is nice. Lucy, a bulgarian professional, there are now even Styrian and European Girls and no more caribbean or latinas. A bit too expensive compared with the Maison.

is suppose to be Salzburg’s best brothel. It’s close to the center of town. Look for a large green four story mansion. Whirlpools and mirrors make a classy place. It’s not a dive and considered upscale by local Austrians. Look to spend at least $100US and don’t accept what they tell you, you can negotiate. As elsewhere it really depends on the time of day and how busy the place is. Ask a cab driver for directions or check the local phone book.

Maison de Plaisir
Located on Steingasse in the center of the old town. As usual most clubs in Salzburg are dependent on the upscale gents so prices are more expensive.
The Maison de Plaisir in the Steingasse is mentioned officially as oldest brothel in austria, since 17th century, so you have a good chance to fuck in the same room as Mozart did before.
Well I very often go there and never got ripped off, prices are 1000 ATS 73 Euros for one position incl. oral (“Blasen”) before, 1500 ATS for half an hour, and 2100 for one hour. There are Austrian, Brazilian, DR, Cuban, Hungarian girls …
if you dont spent too much money you can go to the room directly without drinking anything. Each item at the bar is 150 ATS (11 Euros)…
My personal favorite is Sabine, now only working Tuesday and Thursday.
I have been again in the Maison de Plaisir in the Steingasse (behind DAS KINO Cinema), now it is 75€
Sabine works only Tuesdays and Thursday, but there are many other fine girls. Dear Akibono – it is very seldom to find a Austrian Girl in Austrian brothel, most are foreigners, she also can be a little domina if you like it.

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