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Street Scene
In Antwerp the street action is going on in the Athenée quarter, between Rooseveltplein and St. Jansplein. Up to last year it was very busy with plenty of scanty clothed girls. The police started to arrest the girls for a few hours to discourage them. Now the action seems to have recovered well. After 10 pm you can find 10 to 20 girls,three quarter of them black, walking on the boardwalk or between the parked cars. At the entrance of the 4 of 5 hotels (brothels), there are usually a couple of white hookers waiting for costumers. Yesterday a young east European girl was standing in the middle of a road crossing offering her services. When the police has just passed, the streets can look free of girls, but after a while thy appear on the street again. The quality of the girls is varying, but many times very good deals can be made.You can either take them in your car for a blowjob (or a fuck) for 1000 Belgian franks (= 20 dollars) in the harbor area or take them to a hotel (500 Belgian franks = 10 dollar for the room).
I picked up this blond girl from Slovakia and took her to a hotel. She was tall with short hair. Nice figure with middle sized breasts. Sexy smile, unfortunately lacking a tits , but this gave her a vulnerable look that I found sexy. We agreed on 1000,- frank (20 bucks) for fuck and suck (without condom) and went to the room. I washed myself and undressed. She was waiting naked on the bed for me. She was perhaps just a little bit overweight but looked very appealing with her sexy slightly sagging cup C tits. I was happily surprised by the passionate french kissing. I started to finger her pussy, and, as I found out she liked it, I introduced more and more fingers into her vagina. After a few minutes I was finding myself with my whole fist inside this woman. I had only seen this in a porn movie before and hadn’t thought a hooker would ever have let me do it to her. When it started to hurt her a little bit, I turned over and she gave me a condom less blow job. I have had better but having my cock sucked and my balls squeezed by a woman that I just had fist fucked made me almost immediately come. I did my best to restrain and after more kissing and fondling, she wanted to climb me without a condom!!! Fortunately, I had the strength to refuse this and after putting on the protection I fucked her roughly in the missionary position until I came. After this, we both washed and I gave her a so well deserved 1000 frank (20 dollar) tip, which she didn’t even seem to expect.

I`m a bit surprised nobody posting anything about this wonderful town. Wonderful in many ways… I just returned from there and i feel obligated to post an much needed update. The Red District area is pretty big and more importantly of good quality. Its easy to find, a less then 10 min walk from the very center of town! From downtown go to the river (2 min) and then just walk along towords Hangar 26 for like 10 min. Before you reach that turn right, walk one or two min. and you`ll be there. Or just ask a taxi driver in the city center Grote Markt and he`ll point out to you the direction. Anyway, here`s the good news: the girls are awesome and the price is right! The going rate is 50 euro for 20 min. with as many positions as you like. This girls are clean and they take pride in what they do. Really hard to bargain with them. Most of them are Bulgarians, Romanians and Russians. A few Asians, Carribbeans and others. In total about 70 windows at the street level with around 60 girls working every night! The best looking one I’ve seen was a Greek girl (i know!)model type long beautiful black hair, eyes you can drown into if you look too long and a body of a Greek goddess indeed! About 19 years old! She was so beautiful I didn’t even wanna have sex with her because i knew i will want to spend more then 20 min. and didn’t have a big budget for that night… There were two other top model looking girls working that night, one petite Asian about 19 years old and one from carribbean somewhere, also around 19 who looked just like a chocolate barbie doll. Really, more beautiful then Naomi Cambell. I ask both the price and the Asian asked 50 euro for 15 min and the brownie asked the regular 50 for 20 min. Again, i had to pass because that’s too short time for me, it would be a tease hard to get out of my mind. And other reason for passing on this beauties is that soon i`m going to Philippines and Thailand so I’m gonna get more value and respect for my money over there…right? Anyways, for those who pass by Antwerp i must say is a great place to be and the beer is the best my friends, like anywhere in Belgium!
Yeah, and one more thing, at one end of the district there is the lady boys zone, about 4-5 billy boys from Thailand i assume. I must say at first i didn’t even notice they are males…i mean they have women body’s and if u see them from the back u will definitely get a boner. One of them had such a great ass it got me thinking for a second or two…my point is don’t drink too much when you go there


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