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Pros are waiting on Avenue du Roi Albert 2. Apparently, transsexuals are all on one side (West), but there are also real girls on that side (trust you know how to differentiate them from TS’s).
Apparently, I also picked the same girl: she provides excellent service. I went back to find her on 2 August, but she did not show up.
We had been to a nearby hotel (there are two, 12 EUR/hour, they provide condom and one even provided lubricant once). The hotels are on the other side of the small ring (“petite ceinture”). Nearby the hotels, you can find other providers, Caucasian close by, Africans not far away. The difference is apparently that the ones here behave more like professionals (no kissing).

Last week I found the Bulgarian girl that T8q1 and myself had appreciated. She was standing on Ave Roi Albert 2 with many other girls from her country. There seems to be an invasion of Bulgarian pros in Brussels. Unfortunately the experience was not as good as the first time. We went to a hotel. She kissed and sucked without condom with the same enthusiasm, but after ten minutes she told me that I had 10 minutes more to go or I ‘d have to pay more for extra time. She asked for another 50 euro, which I found excessive. I agreed on 25. She called her friend -probably her pimp- to ask for an OK, and I could stay for another 15 minutes. She went on sucking my dick and balls and I finally fucked her- with the watch on our minds. Another draw-back is that she and the other girls on the streets no longer wear sexy miniskirts and small tops but bluejeans.

Vanderdonctdoorgang (glasen straatje)
you’ll find some decent street girls

Red Light District
Brussels has a window street or Red Light District located along rue d’Aarschott. It is about 2k long and located next to the northern railway station, Gare du Nord . Go into the station and then go in the direction of tracks, the back exit will lead directly to the rue d’Aarschott. The area is seedy with many Arabs, some drug addicts and dealers hanging around. Be alert at night. This area is in operation 24 hours a day seven days a week. Prices usually are around 50-75EUR. The rooms are small and unattractive but the girls are beautiful and nice. Ask if everything is included in the price, full nudity, half and half etc. Not to have any unwanted surprises. I found that the best looking girls could be found around the middle of the area, average girls tend to hang along the edges trying to grab clients before they get to the great looking ones.

Visited Rue D’Aerschot in Brussels again. Finally I decided to visit an Albanian girl in the beginning of the street. She has long brown hair, about 20 years old (I didn’t ask her) and a normal figure with nice curves. She asked 50 Euro for BJ & FS. Once inside she is very relaxed and very friendly. She doesn’t rush you and act very girlfriend like. Started with a nice BJ with condom and after that she asked me which position I preferred. She had no problem to sit on top of me (something not all the girls like to do)and I could play with her entire body. I managed to keep it going for a while (something that doesn’t happen all the time!) and then she asked if a wanted another position or not. So we changed to doggy style. In this position you can have a good look at her lovely body thanks to the mirrors. She also looks at you and gives you the feeling that she likes it too. I hope to meet her again pretty soon and if I do I will ask her name and post it her with some more information.

I visited Rue d’Ararshott and was very impressed. The girls were all beautiful and I felt quite safe walking in the street (up to midnight) until I found what I was looking for. I suggest if you have a bad experience to keep trying because some of the girls are really nice and friendly and will do their utmost to satisfy you. Some are duds but sometimes you can see that just by their attitude in the window. Prices all seemed identical – 40 Euros for BJ & FS (all covered), extra 10 to change positions, extra time, 69, all negotiable for around 20 more (YMMV)
Be careful to check when the last train left because taxis are expensive!

Anais Night Club
Rue du Cirque 3


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