Champs Elysees

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Paris club scene
First, avoid the Pigale area. Even it is a kind of flagship of the Paris hot nights, there is really nothing nice to find there except neon lights and ugly women working in small bars and clubs (I never found a girl rated more than 5).

The right places to go are near the Champs Elysees area. There you will find some bars and clubs with much more fun and class. Let me tell about the three ones I do prefer :

“The First” : located “Rue Francois Premier”, this bar is fine and girls there are between 5 to 9. Many girls are working here (depending on the day) and are very willing to entertain you. On the ground level, you find a small bar and all the girls are sitting here. As soon as you get in, the girls will come to you, asking for a drink. If you are in a hurry, go directly for a bottle of Champagne (around 300 US$) and you will then be allowed to go downstairs with the girl. For another 300$ (Paris scene is very expensive), you will go to business with the girl in a private saloon downstairs. Can be of a great fun. Do not hesitate to bargain (not the bottle, but the girl). When I go there, I try to have 2 girls for the same price… And it worked every time.

Japanese bar
located round the corner where you find “The First”. This is a brand new bar and I must admit that it comes to be better than “the First”. Atmosphere is nicer and as well are the girls (Rated 7 to 9). The conditions are exactly the same here (see above) but they seemed to have had some problems with local police and last time I went there, I was not able to •••• the girls there, I had to go to an hotel nearby. Good deal as I then stayed with the 2 girls for much more time (2 hours) and for the same price. Good value for money.

Le Baron :
located “Avenue Georges V”, near “Place de l’Alma”. This club is a very big one, with tons of people in it and tons of girls… What I like there is that the entrance is very open and friendly and you can sit at the bar, having a drink without even being caught by a girl, just watch the show. For a very normal price, you can then spend some fun time, anonymous in the crowd. If you want to go for a girl, you will have no problem finding one (except if they are all busy – than can happen Fridays and Saturdays night). I would say that there are more than 30 girls working there and they are all above average and for any tastes. The rates and conditions are the same as the two previous bars. The only thing is that there is no private place. You will then have to take the girl to your place. Never go with the girl without a little bargain. For a 300 US$ gift, you can spend an incredible night (you pay for the girl, not for time spent).
Hope it will help you guys. Have a fun time.

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