Street Action

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Street action
The top end is located in Avenue foch, near the arc de triumph, , there are in the cars, not in the main avenue, but in the little parallel avenue. They bring you in their flat, a full service is minimum 500 French Francs ( around 100 USD ): they have good looking but to much professional : looking for the time. For something less professional, go to Nation, and in the round about and in the avenue going to the Peripherique, always some young girls, and some student : you need a car, service for Blowjob 200 and fucking for 300

The professional prostitutes are in the street Saint Denis, near les Halles and you go up with them in a little dirty flat, from 300 to 400 but there is a big choice if you have time and some money, pick up a girl in the Mac Mahon avenue and bring her in a swinging club, you will really enjoy it ( for 800 a nice 25 year old university girl spend all the night with great fun ) Try to avoid Pigalle : sex shop and live action in special clubs : very expensive and no action at the end

Others towns : As generally, in France the prostitution is legal and always situated near railways stations Never search for girls around Pigalle, it’s only for tourists, it’s not cheap and really bad. Rue saint-denis, may be cool, it’s 400FF for a jump. There is a lot of girls. The better places are : around “Place de l’étoile”. From 2PM to 7PM, follow the circular road named “rue de tilsit”. You will find girls, alone, walking or standing. There are beautiful and you can go for an hour in an hotel (600 to 1000FF).

You can also look in “Avenue Victor Hugo” which is in the same quarter. There are girls walking calmly, they act as if they were shopping. To be sure, just look at them and try to see if they are smiling or not. If they are, then just try to say “hello, have you time for me ?”.

After 7PM, there are other girls, young and more sexy (in the day there are casual dressed). Do the same thing : follow the circular “rue de tilsit”, do an entire circle, and sometimes, look inside the avenue you have to cross. You will find a lot of beautiful girls. You can go with them in your car, or in an hotel, or in a swinger club. (from 200 for a blow job in a car to 2000FF in a swinger club).

The best avenues are :
avenue foch
avenue mac mahon
avenu d’iéna.

Definitively, the place to go. Other places, which are not often given :
around the church “La Madeleine” :
the “place de la madeleine” (late : 10PM to 2 AM)
the street : “rue de seze” (afternoon, girls are waiting in their cars).
near the big stores “Galeries Lafayette”. the street “rue joubert”, all the day and night from 10PM try to look around the street “rue de la chaussée d’antin” (you can find girls even in the day here, they are not professionals, and it’s hard to be sure they are waiting for men, but, if you find one, you can stay with them a long time in an hotel for 600FF only).

Around the Arc De Triumph Avenue Mac Mahon in the circular corridor that surrounds the Arc a beautiful Parisian brunette can be found for a couple of hours in your hotel room. 100 Euros for about an hour.

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