FKK Club Goldengate Sauna Club

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Fkk Club Goldengate Sauna Club Grefrath Germany

FKK Sauna Club

Bahnstrasse 90
47929 Grefrath
Tel +4921584089804
Whirpool, Sauna
Grand Opening was 09/30/2022
Over 25 girls were said to be present
70 Euro Entry
65 Euro per session
Web Site

fkk club goldengate-saunaclub-grefrath-Germany

Drinks and Buffet included

Goldengate is FKK Club GoldenTime Sauna Club Germany Reborn 2022 by previous customers, management, staff and working girls of the original. Not some fake front that attempts to feed off the name sake.

It’s obvious the new owners are into details and quality thus the old FKK club Villa Vertigo property was taken over and renovated, there were some hi-cups in the process of opening which appeared to be other jealous parties who don’t want competition. What veterans of the past will notice is the attention to details, cleanliness, small touches and large staff of service personnel.  Something that is obviously missing from the copy cats.

Even management is from the original Goldentime Saunaclub management which ensures guests of the same high standards of the original Goldentime Sauna Club. The new location is an actual mansion with huge gardens, outdoor patio, pool, cabins and tents. Security members will look familiar as they are in fact from the original Goldentime Sauna Club.

Food is not yet served in an actual restaurant but that’s in the works and will soon be completed. Plus a larger wellness area. Rooms have been renovated and upgraded as well the garden patio area.

The food currently is served buffet style in heated buffet trays. The food was fresh and plentiful with a good selection of items.

Like the original Goldentime Sauna Club it took a year or so to get the women and men numbers up to snuff. But for being open only a few weeks they’re well on their way with more and more customers as the word spreads and Goldengate is officially open. In fact one notices the classier, upper end customers who are coming from NL and Belgium as well Germany.

Beautiful bar and lounge area with comfortable high end furniture usually staffed with typical GT fashion multiple bar tenders. Excellent quality coffee and teas.

What Goldentime failed to have this location has which is a decent pool with plenty of lounge chairs around it. Will make for a great site in the summer months with plenty of naked women enjoying the sun.

Plenty of secure off street parking with security personal keeping an eye on your ride.

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