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As reported by others, the easiest way to get laid in Athens for foreigners is to buy “Athens News” a weekly newspaper in English. In the Personal Ads section several women look for “relationship”. Most give cell phone numbers. At least two of them (0973-961147 and 0976-190510) are actually “agencies”, since the girl answering is not the one described. I was offered young girls which would come to my hotel for one hour for a “present” of 75 Euros. It turned out to be less than one hour, since after a quick covered suck and fuck, they run away. However it was worth the money. One was a 24 year old girl from Prague. Small breast, but nice slim body and nice long red hair (that I was keeping in my hand, as rein, while taking her from being very nice). The second was a 21 years old Russian, even nicer, even though she did not speak one word of English. She was blond, slim and had a wonderful natural breast. Very young face, no make-up, sweet and tender.

My opinion about paid sex in Athens is not the best. What I have to advice the readers of the site is not to bother walking around the brothels and just get a XHRISI EYKAIRIA, which is an ads newspaper, and under massage you will find 100nds of ads for massage and company. Most of the girls are OK. Also some ads are available in the English paper printed for Athens and called Athens news. Prices for those call girls are between 75 and 100 euros. They promise for 1 our service but the case is that after a quickly they go. So much for Athens.

Another place visited recently is the million dollar babes club. It is located just behind Hilton Hotel on Michalakopoulou st. It is a very good strip club. Concerning the rules of other clubs of that kind, (look but do not touch) this one appears to be more relaxed. The set up is as follows. You enter the club and you sit at a table. After you order your drink (10 euros) one of the girls will come and sit with you basically to ask you for a drink(12 euros) or for a dance (15 euros). My advice is not to go for the drink but straight for the dance. The girl will guide you to a more private corner of the club and will dance and strip for you. How much you can touch depends on your behavior and her. The more discreet you are the more you can gain especially if you ask from her 2 or 3 dances. Do not ask for dances from the beginning. Let the girl work to get them. As you understand nothing more can happen in the club. The best that can happen is if she let you stroke her for a while or if she will slip her hand inside your pants for a few secs. 6 to 8 girls and you can choose from a variety for example thin or small boobs or big boobs etc. Safe place to go but count your drinks and your private dances in order to keep control of what you will be charged.

SIROCCO Strip Club
Sigrou avenue 255, Н. Smirni
Tel 210-9424986
Entrance with one drink at the bar free 10euro

A similar place to the million dollar babes. Same arrangement and also a wide selection of girls. Have in mind that it is a strip club and no intercourse is permitted. It is nice to visit before going back to the hotel having with you the Athens news newspaper or XRISI EYKAIRIA nes paper in which you can find a wide selection of call girls usually pretty good. Prices are going for 100 euro. They tell you for one hour but since you will come they will disappear. The numbers in the papers are under the section massage in Greek (МБУБЖ)

Strip clubs
Siggrou Av.201
Tel 210-9349444
Drink Ђ 10,00

Siggrou Av 177
TEL 210-9319750, 2109311494
Entrance fee Ђ 10,00

Siggrou Av 137
Tel 210-9319750, 2109311494
EntranceЂ 10,00

Price for a private dance 15 euro Advice: stick with a girl and have 2 or 3 dances. it gets better and more than just a private dance. You can find call girls under the category PROSOPIKA of the paper XRISI EYKAIRIA in Greek (РСЩУПРЙКБ) Recently I had a girl from a telephone from that section. Pretty discreet and quite beautiful. She told me she was Italian. Stayed for 45 mins for 100 euro. There is no point in giving tel. nos since they change quite frequently. There are 100nds of telephones under that section. If you get a girl and when she comes you don’t like her or she looks totally different from what you have asked for politely tell her that you are not interested. You can call again at the same number, agency, and ask for another girl. This time they will try harder to find what you are asking for.

Athens has been preparing for Olympics in 2004 and pricing of girls has been adjusted accordingly!the average looking is 90 euros and a really model like girl goes for 130. Be aware of the clip joints that have a bunch of girls there and make you think that for 110 Euros they will come with you… but then after you buy them the 110 Euro Champagne they say they can only leave the club at closing.. 3 o’clock in the morning! I was burned for over 2 hundred Euros… be careful.

There are probably 20 or 30 brothels on or near Filis/Fylis Street in Athens, Greece. Both spellings are correct: On one side of the street the signs said Filis and on the other side of the same street the signs read Fylis. There was even a place where a street named Filis crossed Fylis. I could not find the street under either spelling in the index of either of two maps of Athens I’d bought, but a taxi driver found it for me without difficulty. The brothels are designated by a single white light above the entryway door. It’s like the red lights of the red light districts, only the lights are white. Once inside, however, the lighting was often red. I walked into maybe twenty of these brothels. These were some of the addresses:

54 Fylis Street
door to the right of 68 Fylis Street

99 Fylis Street
the door between 16 & 18 Didymou

3 Ellis
close to Acharnon

19 Fokaias
close to Acharnon

25 Fokaias
close to Acharnon

1 Agkyras
close to Aharnon (same street as Acharnon)

12 Agkryas
close to Aharnon (same street as Acharnon)
door to left of 23 Magnisas, close to Fylis

In the reports I’d read on the Internet it was said a man could have intercourse with a woman for only 5000 Greek drachmas, which at 330 drachmas per US dollar (the exchange rate in January 2000) was $15.15 – that’s right, fifteen dollars and fifteen cents!! I thought this was quite impossible. However, 5000 drachmas was the price I was quoted everywhere. So in the Fylis Street area a man can have intercourse and oral sex with a female prostitute for even less than in the red light district of Amsterdam – even less than the price of a lap dance in Tampa, Florida! When I asked “How long?” the answers varied from “three minutes” to “ten minutes”. When I questioned the answer of three minutes, the middle aged man working in the place said to me, “It’s not a love story.” In another, the 70-ish woman where a pretty young thin female prostitute worked, told me for 5000 drachmas I could have “four minutes” with the prostitute, and she said “Four minutes, if no finish, no refund.”

In each case, the entryway door leads to a waiting room where men wait to see the girl working as a prostitute in that brothel. In every brothel there was only one girl working at the time. The customer is greeted by a middle aged or older man or woman who deals with customers. The prostitutes themselves were always white or in one case Indian. Almost all appear to be between 22 and late 30s. However, only two I saw were even slightly attractive. One of them was the Indian girl. All the others were noticeably overweight women. In one case I was one of ten men waiting to see the single girl available in that particular brothel.

I was only occasionally the only man there at the moment. In two cases, after I spoke and made clear I speak only English, not Greek, the middle-aged or older woman told me the prostitute “only goes with Greek men” or similar words. Once I was told “she only does Greek.” “Greek” is a euphemism for anal intercourse, but in this case I’m sure the meaning was “she only does Greek men.” In one case the middle aged woman greeting customers while the prostitute “worked” asked me to leave because she couldn’t understand what I was saying. In many cases they just aren’t willing to deal with the communication problem with anyone who does not speak Greek, and they have so many customers they don’t have to. However, in two cases I spoke with the prostitute herself, and she spoke some English and invited me to be a customer. However, neither of them were attractive women. In one case, as I was leaving after the prostitute let me and another customer or two get a glimpse of her, I saw her open a door, and inside I could see an apparently naked man lying on the bed in the room: all I could see was from his neck to his stomach. Each brothel has several bedrooms, and it seems the prostitutes have customers waiting for them with their clothes off in each bedroom so she doesn’t have to waste time while the customer undresses. These prostitutes operate like a doctor or dentist who has several examining and treatment rooms and has a patient waiting in each one and moves quickly from room to room.

The customers are allowed to see the prostitute for five seconds maximum and then asked to make a decision. They in every case are wearing two piece bathing suit-like outfits. I think it’s interesting – and amazing – that men are willing to decide whether to have sex with a prostitute or not on the basis of – literally, no exaggeration – a two-or-three second glimpse of her! But they do.

And it’s amazing a man can have intercourse with a woman for about $15, not $150 or whatever like in the USA, but that’s the way it is in the Fylis Street area of Athens. I found the whole scene unappealing and left without spending any money or doing anything sexual with any of the prostitutes. I just looked at them and asked a few questions.

Nothing than to agree with Param Ahmad . The brothels around fylis and also in Metaxourgio is a hoplees case . It is know that they are for soldiers and the low income people . The word quality is unknown and no one should expect quality or something more than a “hole” with 5K Grd. There are an other 5-6 brothels advertising in news papers that the service is slightly better but the price is higher ( 15.K grd ) Also there you should not expect the girl of your dreams but , at list, the places are more decent . The Hotels near Athinas street seems that changed a lot . The ugly-fat and old ladies are back . Personaly speaking I am checking from time to time the sceene but , I rather spend my hard earned money in Thessaloniki, than in AThens.
In any case if something good apears I will spread the word.

As I can see, most reviews hosted in this site are from foreigners visiting Athens just for a few days on vacation. Born and living here I think I might be useful to the guide. As far as whorehouses are concerned, the best you can find are in Fylis str. (Fyli=Greek for tribe is a town on the outskirts of Athens) close to Victoria underground station. You can find, depending on the day, 15-30 brothels open there. Price is in most places 6000 DRS (this is $15). It is highly likely that you find a nice chick in every 6 or 7 houses you pass by. In 2001 most prostitutes are Greek – many of them old and overweight. If you visited Athens e.g. two years ago you could find a fucking multitude of former USSR babes, the best pussies ever. There are still some but their quality has been affected.

If you are interested in hotels or pub – stuff, you should better forget Athens. You can rarely find anything interesting. The prices are higher (usually 10000 DRS or $25 – 20000 DRS or $50 for longer intercourse) and the service worse. Most women are old and ugly. If you are very lucky, you may find some Bulgarian/Polish girls there, but the service is not much better than it is in brothels. Escorts by phone are the best choice if you’ve got some more money to spend. Lovely girls are frequent and can attend to your needs at your place. Starting price is usually 25000 DRS or $62.5 but you take it down to 20000 DRS/$50 (especially if you are Greek). Ads can bwe found in the local newspapers (e.g. Xrisi Eukairia).

Finally, if you feel like visiting a strip show, there are a few highly recommended options. “Star” in Metamorphosi (Tatoiou Ave.) is the best one according to my experience, if you don’t mind the lousy frequenters. All you can lick and finger in a private dance for just 3000 DRS/$7.5 . Drink costs 2000 DRS/$5, so it is cheap enough to make your day. I’ve visited strip clubs abroad, and I can say I’ve never found one with so good a price/service ratio. There are Greek/eastern block/black and even Latin girls available. It is surely worth the money. Ask the waiters for escorts, but remember that some girls do not go out with customers. For more strip shows, go to Tessera at Peiraios Ave. or Tutti Fruti at Irakliou Ave. Best is Tessera, which features everyday surprises. Tutti Fruti is more expensive (private dance is 5000 DRS or $12.5) but the atmosphere is better. Look also for Aphrodite in Syggrou Ave. and Million Dollars in Patission Ave.


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