Budapest Babes

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Again, more mis-information from purveyors of multiple ripoff schemes. You can get some great service in Budapest just by going to the two leading hotels, the Hyatt and Hilton. Both have discos which are full with gorgeous women on any night. You may want to try the bars there as well. These women are very affordable.

I found one who I swear looked like a hollywood actress who used to be on One Life to Live. Except she had a much better body, all natural too. I showed her the town and promised to buy her gifts rather than pay her money. We hung out during the day after several sex acts. She then left to go home, never came back. by then I was on to the next bodacious woman.

Hungarian women are very good looking, as good looking as Italians.

I’ve been going to Budapest off and on for a couple of years and have tried the “Vogue Girls”, Tami and Katalin. Tami was definitely a looker and quite athletic in bed, cute little body and an especially tight pussy and what a screamer! Absolutely got into it with gusto and came in mulitple floods. I guess she had quite an accessible G-spot. Katalin is not as quite a looker nor enthusiastic in bed but a nice person.

Anyway, this last trip, I found out that Tami had quit the Club and decided to call the Venus Escort Service (tel: 06 209 618 737, you drop the 0 and
replace with 361 if calling from outside the country. They told me about a looker named Nicoletta

Boy was she a looker; about 5’10” tall, brunette, long legs up to the sky, beautiful ass, shaved pussy and adequate tits (36B). She did BBBJ, had the softest pussy to lick and did me in a half a dozen rather creative positions.

Must say I had a wonderful evening with her.
Their rates are 220 dmarks ($132) for 1 hour; 370 dmarks ($226) for 2 hrs and 800 dmarks ($460) for all nite.

I am sure they have other outstanding babes. So check out Venus (no website) or Vogue (

Well boys, BiB (Been in Budapest) again. Wonderful weather, braless babes running around in mini-skirts and the prices of everything so cheap.

I ended up calling Venus Escorts again and asked for Nicoletta, the babe at the top of this stream, but she was out of town. Peter, the manager, told me “Try this babe out Barbara, who’s a photo model”. I said OK. She was great! Spoke english perfectly, guess she traveled around the world with her father’s job. Nice natural, firm 36C tits, slim, tight buns and just couldn’t get enough taking it doggy-style. She kept screaming instructions how she wanted it harder, faster, squeeze my tits, pinch my nipples, etc. etc. and came screaming. I was worried the guy next door would call hotel security! When I was about to shoot my load, she pulled me out, ripped off the condom, and jerked me off to cum on her face and tits! What an outstanding hour. Can’t beat the price of $132 for an hour or $200 for two hrs.

I definitely recommend Budapest to all Mongers going to Europe. Just an 90 min flight from Germany.

Well since you like the photos, I’ll share one of Tami from Club Vogue although she’s no longer with them. She was outstanding as noted in my earlier post and you can’t beat the rates (overnight for $350, that for 12 hrs.)

VogueGirl, Kati in Budapest
I asked to have her meet me at the hotel at 8 pm and she showed up at my door at 8pm sharp. Dressed very nicely but to be inconsipicuous in a high end hotel. We decided to have her take me out to a few hangouts in town and enjoy some light food and drinks. The interesting part is she took me on a few rides in the Budapest Subway which was quite interesting and quaint. The whole time, she hung on to me like a longtime girlfriend, which is rather nice in a town which is not real familiar to me.

To cut to the chase, we returned to the hotel and without any words we both ripped out clothes off and explored each others bodies. She’s rather petite, 32Bs but a nice hard butt and soft smooth skin. Her face is not the most beautiful in the model category but not ugly either. We decided to take a nice bubble bath together in the hotel jacuzzi bath tub and used each others bodies to “scrub” ourselves. Boy, Mr. Happy was close to popping his cork. We dried off and headed for the bed, where I had my dessert first, licking and sucking on her rather ample clit, it was wonderful. She reciprocated with a rather poor BBBJ, seemed like she was afraid to hurt Mr. Happy. The main course, well to say the least she was tight as a vice. In fact so tight, it took a while before it wasn’t painful for her. We did all the compulsory positions and ended up with her feet up by my ears and I pulled out, removed the raincoat and shot my load onto her chest.

After this session, we watched a movie on the TV and both fell asleep. I woke up around 6 am and went to work on her ass and started our 2nd session (breakfast?). This time she wanted to finish on top while I held on tight to her ass.

All in all, it was a good session, but like I said, I much prefer Tami, who’s unfortunately quit the service. My next trip, I’m going to try out this new VogueGirl called Suzi.

You can’t beat the price, $350-400 for an all nighter (that’s 12 hours).

You can’t beat the price, $350-400 for an all nighter (that’s 12 hours).

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