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Reklama Paper
found at most news stands for ads
$30 per hour

Street Action
There was a lot of SW activity in the corner of A. Caka iela and Pernavas iela. I took a ride around the city in the late night maybe 10:00 pm and saw 8 to 12 girls in this area, some average but a few looked really good.

For a dance club the Voodoo Club would be the place I would go to first. Lots of people in this place both working and non working girls. I didn’t try to pick anyone up as I was with a girl already.

If you are looking for massages with extras go to the Beauty Salon that is at 44/46 Brunineku, ask any taxi driver he will know. You will always two to three girls for you to pick from. For a one hour massage, which includes a HJ the fee, should be around HJ included. The girls in this place are cute and very friendly and they will meet you after working hours, just be nice to these girls and you will be well rewarded. This is a country that really likes to see American Tourists, which is a great thing.

Riga By the way, it’s NOT expensive to enjoy a sex for a weekend or week in Latvia (like all of the region). Airfare from US as low as $500 USD round-trip in Winter, $600-$700 or so in Summer. From
Scandinavia, it must be cheap. A ferry runs on weekends to Stockholm for $25-$50 (I don’t know exactly). HOTELS can cost as little as $4-9 USD for a “”hostel”” type near the central train station (several choices; central bath/toilet down hall) and also on the beautiful Jurmala beach at Hotel Jurmala (5 Latts/night). Or Hotel Valdemara and another on Valdemara Iela (street) costs $40/night (or $60 if $40 rooms are filled up). If you stay for a month or two, you can rent a flat for $180 to $300 /month; but
you’ll need someone to work on finding it at least a few weeks in advance. Never tried a travel agent. Maybe they wouldn’t over- charge you. But shop around if anyone tries to charge a high price. (One web site is trying to offer escort services for 10 times the standard price of only $28 / hour. There’s a joker in every crowd.) Of course, hotels are available for very high prices, if you want. Business hotels can charge as much as $250- $500. BUT DON’T YOU HAVE A BETTER PLACE TO SPEND THAT MONEY? Pay $40 at the Valdemara, or go out to Hotel Vaivari in Jurmala for ($20-$90) and enjoy the beautiful beach.

I cannot agree with Rodger Lewis, Riga is very boring (compared with Tallinn)and clubs are very expensive (Sex at the Dolls is 300 $), see my report about Releks (Jurmala), even taxi drivers dont or do not want to understand mens needs, so I walked to a Erotic Massage in the I. Elizabetha (Lilya) . The massage was 25 lt, was made with lot of oil and at the very end she relexad my penis with her breasts + HJ. 4 girls were available. The only problem is that the performing girls do not speak english or german so you hardly can manage some more extras. By the way LV people are very shy and do not speak anything, if so, they are of russian origin. My experince at Lilya was rather good and worth the money. It is close opposite the famous art deco building in the Elizabetha Iela (street); my hotel was the Valdemars (eur 35) with quite big rooms, but old fashioned bath room. By the way even in the Lielupe Hotel at Jurmala the bathroom was in the same “style” with fittings and lines outside the wall.

I spent the week to Riga and I confirm the last comments on this destination. It is very well to meet not-pros very pretty but for the sex it is not a good place and the free sex is now impossible. 80% of meeting lost but one very serious. To find an apartment in the old town of the city it’s 45$ per day so you can contact the Aberina agency managed by Liga Samgorodska www.rentriga.lv. To my arrival small Russian named Svetlana and come to seek me with the airport to lead me in the interesting part of the city. To start I had difficulties with girls and I was not enjoyed by the last evaluations and especially by massages I choose Nika while passing by the agency to the 26610614 by asking Victoria which was not available there this day and which makes Anal, therefore I chose between two girls and I took that which spoke quite English and which seemed the most justified. It acts of Nika Russian of Latvia it gave me its personal portable to the +37128487684 for sex the pros wait a maximum time before having the intercourse. The agreed price 50 lats for one hour but finally the girl explains why it’s 50 lats for one time. Just have been 30 minutes only with the girl having made me cum very quickly.

After the 1st night I decided to concentrate on the not-pros and was successful because it’s the first time a girl arrived at a meeting point in advance before me and especially during cold rain. The girl was Svetlana a 22 year old. She was an exceptional independent escort and it should be known a Latvian girl. She always dresses in a sexy dress in order to keep you interested. The last night I went to the Roxy Club and found 24 year old Kalku  is where the girl ratio is three girls for 1 guy and largely exceeded and even would be 10/1, however difficult in the disco to find a pro for the night I asked two mamasans with cellular phones posed on the table saying to me that there was no girl here but they were all around, they surely don’t want me to buy a girl but surely false because after I saw the old woman with Italian who was with a young pretty Latvian. The girls younger than 18 years cannot enter the disco it is open all week from 22:00 to 6.00. The entry cost 3 lats.

A girl even danced for me for free. In regards to prostitution on the streets it’s bad quality and I did not sample it.

Linda 0037129979167 100€ for 1,5
Olja 8478894 20 lats 1 hour, fellatio 15 lats
Ilona 9836182 25 lats/hour
Linda 26610614 45 lats/hour
Nataly 26904108 20 lats/hour + SM
Ines 29171742 30 lats/hour
Victoria 26610614 50 lats/hour + Anal

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