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In the end of April I stayed at the hotel Takioji Neris, right in the centre of Kaunas. When I came home one evening about 10 pm I passed the bar at the second floor and walked through the long corridor. There, I was met by a blonde who asked me if I wanted ‘sex massage’. She was in her late twenties, long blonde hair with a pretty smiling face, slim. Not a model but really pretty. The price was 200 Lt for one hour. I told her that I would go to my room and take a shower and come back and pick her up and she agreed. And that was a really good experience. Ouzra was her name and as soon as we were in the bed she gave me one of the best blowjobs (without condom) I’ve ever had. She really tongued my balls until I was afraid they should dissolve and after that she swallowed most of my rod, at the same time sending me the most wonderful glance. After I came in her mouth, she asked if it was OK that she relaxed with a cigarette, and she lay down in my arms. But even as she smoked she started caressing my body, both with her fingers and with her tongue, and she had hardly put out the cigarette before my dick was buried in her mouth again, this time in a 69’er. After that she wanted me to screw her in all the positions we could find, and I think she came two times. All the time she kissed with a very eager tongue. When we finally had had enough, more than one hour had passed, but that did not matter for her, and she took good time to shower before she came in and dressed and gave me a long goodbye kiss. We had sex three evenings in a row, and it was simply great each time. I can really recommend Ouzra. Ask for her in the bar on the second floor if you don’t see her after 8 pm. in the corridor. I saw to other girls there, but I am not able to say anything about them. Ouzras English was very bad, but we didn’t talk much anyway 😮

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