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I was in Vilnius in August stayed at hotel called Zebis near old town. tel: 003702600707 Prices for the rooms are from 50 to 100$ USD for the suite. It was a small hotel, but had everything including sauna, winter garden etc. in the hotel I met a guy called Mariu. I think that he is an owner or in management since his family runs the hotel. He’s Lithuanian so he showed me the scene in Vilnius. The best bars to pick up girls are “Ministerija” and “Tangomanija”,”Karolina” bar in the hotel “Lietuva” sorry but some of the names could be misspelled. Bars to avoid for picking up girls are “PUB”, “Sena Kampa”.
I would avoid striptease bars (there are 4 of them in Vilnius) because the girls are too expensive. Most of the girls are amateur students and just girls who want to have fun. Since I don’t speak Lithuanian most of the time I spent was with the guy from the hotel cruising bars. He was of great help, he could pin point which girls are into action and which were gold diggers. Many bars mentioned above are bars with a restaurant and disco. Entrance is about 3USD and drinks cost the same. I think that the best technique would be to approach the girls and start talking to them ask them to show you their city and so on. some will speak English some don’t but it’s still worth a try. This technique works all around the world. Most girls will sleep with you for free, some charge about 100$ per night, but to get this she has to be a total knockout. Going rate is about 50USD for the night. Many girls I met did bbbj, some of them swallowed but I didn’t meet any who do anal. Since I was with the Lithuanian guy he negotiated all the prices. I had to pay for his drinks but it saved me a lot of money. I read in a previous posts that some of the guys would pay up to 200USD that’s too much plus they’re inflating prices. Girls at the train station were charging 25USD for the night but most of them were ugly and looked unhealthy. Blowjobs in a car cost about 5 USD. Most of the girls at the train station don’t speak English at either. Beware many girls will try and raise prices since you are foreigner. Another good option is to search for the girls on the internet. You can write them emails telling them you’re coming to Lithuania and would like someone to show you around. If everything works out you can get them to sleep with you for free. Sites where I found such girls is at the bottom of the page. Click on the name and photos with emails or her will appear. Girls on this site are not prostitutes so be careful. Good luck hunting I still would going to Moscow or Praque, because Lithuania is a catholic country and most of the trade goes unnoticed.

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