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Overtoom 443
“Amsterdam Prive” at Overtoom 443 last Thursday evening, after midnight (they close at 1am). The usual deal where half a dozen girls came in to introduce themselves for you to choose. Not a great selection on looks (but some variety of black & white, slim and full bodied).

I chose Denise – older (30s) but the sexiest outfit and a very firm, slim body. I chose a deluxe room with bath at 130e (standard is 100e) for 1 hour. Denise was friendly and fun – seemed open to anything, unrushed, playful, and never forgot to pay attention to the customer (although not as enthusiastic as some girls in Germany).

She kissed well, then we played in the bath for a while, before she gave me a pretty good covered BJ in 69 position (she tasted good too) and then we fucked. She gave the impression she enjoyed what she did. If I hadn’t been feeling so tired, there would have been just about time for a second round, but after a long day I was happy to leave it there. A friendly goodbye kiss and she organised a cab back (it must be a couple of miles from the centre of Amsterdam).

Park 118
Sarphatipark 118, tel: 020-672-3022 Call for tram info I usually walk (20 min from main RLD). No taxi scam. Rates are about 100 Euro for a room and Woman for an hour (baths/ Jacuzzis) may be extra. Women are from 2 to 4.5 on the 21orover scale (depending on the time of day/week), They claim to have 10 women at a time but I haven’t seen more than 6. Very recommended when you find what you like.

Upon entering Park 118 the first thing I was hit with was the laid back attitude. The hostess was friendly and the décor warm but almost gaudy. I was escorted into a very porn movie like room with garish décor, mood lighting (even a freaking lava lamp) and the obligatory porn playing. The hostess sits you down on a plush sofa and explains the rates plus the number of women waiting, she even goes into ethnicity (some people like one type and one type only. I am a freak and like them all). The women come in and introduce themselves. Some are warm and friendly and others smile but are business like, YMMV. The hostess comes back in and asks what your pick is. IMPORTANT: if you don’t like anyone be polite and say you’ll come back later. Remember be polite, don’t say, “they are all ugly, I ain’t doing it” just that “you would rather come back another time” (please check back as selection changes) and leave, you are never obligated to stay. If you have to wait for a girl/room there are a few good bars nearby (the hostess gives you a drink and you get one with the room) as you are right next Sarphatipark (you may want to walk thru the park). If you stay you are asked if you want a room with a bath/ Jacuzzi or with out. I take the bath (its an hour after all) and you then skip merrily to your room with your bride for the hour. Remember tip the girl she only makes half the rate and if you tip up (25 Euro or more depending on what you want. I have had gfe’s here) front they usually are happier during the session. Also visit the website and print out the free champagne coupon, its so so champagne but it adds to the whole thing.

Couldn’t agree more with Damit. After a walk around the not-so-well-known rdl to get my motor running (a couple of blocks on the other side of the park and to the “left”) I had a very relaxing hour with Rosalita, who understood English but spoke only Dutch. I prefer a room with the jacuzzi option (euro105) over the room with bed only (euro75.) The parade of available girls numbered about six, and they were 6-8 in quality. Rosalita, who is definitely an 8, started filling the tub and pulled me onto the bed. No kissing of course, but when I asked if I was going to get a taste of her soft, plump pussy, she said “OK” and happily slid off the panties. We did the covered S & F for thirty minutes or so. She was accomodating if not enthusiastic, but she made up for it in the jacuzzi, where she played a wonderful game of footsie on my dick with her lovely, perfectly pedicured size 6’s. I was completely satisfied with the service and will be going back for more.

Vienna Massage
Rijnstraat 224,Tel: 020-612-3444.
Open from 10am-11pm 4 – 7 women working at a time. The Women range from 4 to 5 on the 21orover scale. Highly recommended.
This wonderful establishment is an intimate massage place that actually delivers in the truest sense of the word. The menu of services is great, and range from “regular” massage, to the full Monty with services like body-to-body massage, showers with the girls and full contact sex (the YMMV your mileage may vary rule applies past the terms stated on the menu) for 275 NLG per 45 minutes. Trust me folks you will always leave with a big smile and possibly weak knees. Vienna is the only Amsterdam club in the sticks. Meaning on the very edge of the Central area of Amsterdam. Take tram 25 to the last stop or hail a cab (from Dam Sq) for 30 fl because it’s a hike to get there. It’s a non descriptive white door with a gold plate and if you blink you will miss it (call Hank the owner for directions from a phone booth if you get lost.) Payment can be made via cash or with major credit cards (10% surcharge).

Park 118
This is more a private house than a club, in Sarphatiepark 118, 15 minutes from the center by tram. I tried it in October 2001.
You enter and are introduced in a waiting room.
Then the girls are coming one by one, shake your hand and tell their name. At the end the lady which opened you comes back asking your choice.
I read that if you do not like any, you can go.
I picked up a nice english blonde, Claire, mid 30’s, slim and fit. Price is 100 euros per one hour. If you like the jacuzzi instead of the shower something more. I tried the jacuzzi, which I do not recommend, I think the shower with the girl must be better.
So bathed and the she gave me a nice massage on the back and the neck. Then put the condom and gave me a nice BJ. Then asked which position I liked. I said on the top and she stayed over me so I could kiss her small but nice tits. Her pussy was quite tight.
Then switched position, me over, and finally doggy style. Mirrors all around.. nice view.
After we chatted a while until the time expired.
Overall very good for the price: much much better than, as far as I read, you can get at the Red light district.

After reading about Club Elegance in the clubs section on the website i decided that would be the club to visit on my visit to amsterdam. By the way yhe site has a lot of good info and answers to questions about the RLD and the clubs or brothels in AMS. At the time the club was mentioned as Highly Recommended, but when i recently visited the website it was downgraded to Recommended Sometimes.

Anyway, I went to the club at around 1000 on a monday night. I was greeted by the hostess at the door and paid 150NLG entrance which included 5 drinks at the bar, and was told it was 500 NLG for an hour with a girl. When I first walked in I noticed this tall beautiful blonde who I was determined to go to a room with. However, when I saw her she was on her way to a room with another guy. So i sat down at the bar and had a few drinks while I checked out the girls. There were about 10-12 girls working if i remember correctly and maybe 5 or so guys when I arrived. As the night progressed more guys showed up. I sat at the bar for at least 2-3 hours waiting for the blonde to come back out, but no luck. While sitting at the bar I noticed a couple other girls who I would have liked to spend time with but was holding out for the blonde. Finally, I figured I was here and not going to leave without going to a room with a girl so started to inquire with one of the doormen about a couple of the other girls I had noticed earlier. However, all had other appointments already set up.

So finally I settled for a 24 year old Polish girl named Tatia. Tatia was very beautiful and also very friendly. The only thing I didnt like was the champaigne hustle. In addition to the 150NLG entrance and 500NLG for the girl, I also ended up buying a bottle of champaigne which cost around 400-500NLG. I tried to tell her I didnt want any champaigne and if i was going to buy any it would be the cheapest stuff on the menu, but she told me she wouldnt go to the room if i didnt buy the bottle she suggested and that it was the bottle that pretty much all the girls make the guys buy. so i hesitantly agreed to buy the champaingn but figured what the hell.

After having a glass in the lounge we went to the room. Tatia was very friendly. When we got in the room she started to fill up the hottub and then sat next to me on the couch where we sat, talked, and caressed each other while the hottub filled. Then we both got naked and jumped in the hottub for a while where we both caressed and touched each other some more. After a while we jumped out and then went to the bed. The sex was amazing. Started with a little oral sex and then tried several other positions. No kissing or anal though. After we finished we both got dressed and left the room. If it wasnt so late I would have stayed longer to sit around and chat, but said i needed to go. She walked downstairs with me and the driver who took me back to my hotel and gave a a kiss goodbye on the cheek.

The only bad thing I have to say about my experience at Club Elegance is the champaigne hustle. With the bottle my experience at the club cost me just little over 500 US$, double of what it should have been. Definitely nothing cheap, but like I said what the hell. Definitely needed to make my first visit to Amsterdam memorable.

Among the positive aspects of the club was the overall atmosphere. None of the girls were pushy as far as approaching you asking you to go to a room with them. The club was very clean and the interior was quite elegant. Also, the club staff was very friendly and professional. I also enjoyed the time with Tatia, especially in the hottub. It was very relaxing and a romantic type feeling sitting in the hottub caressing and cuddling with each other. Have to say it was the closest thing to being a girlfriend type experience that i have had in a club/RLD. Overall I would have to say it was probably my best experince in a Club/RLD.

Golden Lagoon

Here’s the lowdown on club your readers might enjoy from my most recent trip to Amsterdam. This club offers good value for your money and is friendly — The Golden Lagoon on Haarlemmermeerstraat 150.

My previous experience with the RLD was not good. A group of us took a buddy there on a Bachelor Party, negotiated with a really cool looking Asian chick–his choice–for the big bang. Paid her 500 USD for two hours for four–she reneged on everything we agreed to. Basically, after 45 minutes and everyone came once, she refused more because “no more condoms” were available. What a rip-off.

This was much better. I was in town on business over the weekend, and naturally had to check out the clubs scene. No more RLD for me. Got a tip to try out this place.

It’s located a little bit away from the center of town, but easy to get to on the tram and if you’re willing to walk about 3 blocks. (Hell, if you can’t walk 3 blocks you have no business going there!) Take Tram #1 to the first stop after the Surinaamplein. To your left is Haarlemmerstraat and start walking. Like others, this place is a door in a block of apartments. It’s friendly and clean from the start. People are cool and friendly. The person at the desk asked if I had been there before, then explained the rules. It’s open sex (they have a bar and sauna downstairs) which means you take off your clothes put them in a locker and put on a towel and go sit on the couch. There are some mattresses with curtains off to the side in a darkened space, when you’re ready to go ••••. He explained that the admission price of 300 NLG is good for personal drinks at the bar and sex with two of the women. I asked about hidden fees and he said there were none, unless you want to buy drinks for the women.

Downstairs they have a living room sized area with sofa, coffee tables, a bar and sauna off to the side.

There were about 5 customers there, and about 4-5 women, a nice ratio for late on Saturday night. Three of the men were Spaniards (about 25-30), professional looking. The women, who were around 7-8 on the beauty scale, were all friendly and didn’t pressure to buy drinks. The bartender was friendly and immediately set you at ease.

I went and sat down on the couch. These Spanish guys had been there for a little bit and I could tell they were satisfied with their evening. When one of the girls invited this one guy for another session behind the curtains he just jumped up–couldn’t wait.

Each of the girls introduced themselves, then I started talking to one and she stayed with me while I savored my drink. I wanted to kick back, relax and was in no hurry…my evening was free. The Spanish guys, dressed in their towels, were also surrounded by girls. We had some friendly chit chat then she moved her hand up my leg and started to fondle my dick. My first reaction was we ought to wait until we’re behind the curtain, but it seemed to be normal and expected behavior. Besides, it felt so damn good, I didn’t want her take her hands away. A few more minutes and I didn’t give a damn, she was starting to blow me, if it feels good, do it. Everyone was cool, the bartender came by and picked up the drinks. She said she had to have my cock in her and that’s what I came in for, so we went behind the curtain. Afterwards, I picked out another chick, a black Hispanic one. I relaxed with her for while in the lounge, then went for round 2 behind the curtains, this time a massage and blow job (a very good one).

In the end, I travelled to a somewhat quiet street away from the center, had sex with two friendly women for a total of 300 NLG, plus a couple drinks. I think that I could have had up to 4-5 drinks, but I came for sex not drink. According to a sign on the wall, they frequently have parties, ie, Margarita party, etc., so they must have regular clientele that keeps coming back. The towels say Barbara’s Sex Saloon, but the phone book says “Golden Lagoon” on Haarlemmermeerstraat 150.

“”Park 118″” club. It is located at 118 Sarphatipark, just across from the park. It is advertised in the Telegraaf newspaper as well as the phone books.
The club is a nice private house with about 5 rooms. The two I saw were very nice with burning candles, porno movies running, and a large Jacuzzi. The manager escorted me inside and explained the rules. I would sit in the room as each lady introduced herself. The cost would be 190 guilders for one hour.
There were 5 ladies working that day, 4 local whites and one African(?) black. Only one appealed to me. I selected a young slender blonde named “”Ilsa””.
We proceeded to another nice room and sat on the couch for a second introducing ourselves. She asked if I would like to start with a bubble bath. How could I refuse? She started the water, then took my payment to the manager.

When she returned, we sat on the couch for a few more minutes waiting for the Jacuzzi to fill. I found out that she was only 18 years old and had been working there for only a few months. When it was ready, she asked if I would like to enter. She stood and removed her little dress and panties. She looked even better with no clothes. Ilsa is probably 5’4″”, 110 lbs, 32B cup.

We sat in the tub talking some more. Very good conversation. She allowed me to begin feeling her and getting to know her body a little better. Very nice soft smooth skin with a few freckles and 3 small tattoos.
After about 10 minutes, she asked if I was ready to go to the bed. We dried off and made our move. I laid down on the bed and she next to me. She soon began rubbing my chest, then worked her way down to my privates. She got me very hard then asked if I wanted her to suck me.
I agreed and she took a condom from the dresser and unwrapped it on me. She slid down my stomach and gave me a slow sensuous blow job. It was nice looking at the mirror on the ceiling as she gave me head.

After a good 10 minutes of slow oral work, she asked if I wanted to go further. I told her I would like her on top.
She agreed and immediately climbed on top. She liked my sucking her tits and rubbing her clit as she moved slowly on top of me. Everything she did was slow and easy. She did not seem to want me to “”hurry up and finish”” at any time. After about 10 minutes, she asked if I would like her to roll over. I said yes so she got off of me. Instead of laying on her back, she got on all fours in front of me. It took me another few minutes as I slowly built up my speed. Then finally I came while pounding as fast as I could.

We then laid down and cleaned up a little. I had about 15 minutes to go, but I didn’t think I could finish again, so I didn’t ask about seconds. We lay in bed for the remainder of the time and caressed each other.
Just before my hour was over, she said we needed to clean the room. She cleaned the Jacuzzi as I dressed. After this, she led me back to the entrance and kissed me on the cheek as she said good-bye to me.
I will certainly go back to the Park 118 Club again on my next trip. $100 for an hour with such a lady is a bargain in my book.

Jan Bik Club
Jan Bik Buitenwieringenstraat 3-5, tel: 020-622-2785
90 euro plus tip women rate from 2.5 to 4.5 on the 21orover scale. Recommended sometimes.
JB is a simple place for one thing only…a cheap prive. Nothing more, the burn holes in the sheets on the couch that should have been burned 50 years ago add charm to this pit. The hordes of Moroccans and Albanians (no slur intended)on their cells add the perfect seediness to an otherwise plain place. As I said before the only reason you go here more than once is for the cheap prive and cheap bar. I use it to start off the night when I am meeting friends as the night can only get better from there and the price of drinks is right. Remember relax and have a blast.

Overtoom 558, tel: 020- 616-0314 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. Tramlines 1 and 6. Watch out Taxi scam (see below). 150 euro/hr includes complimentary drinks. A lower daytime rate is in effect till 7 pm. Women are 3.5-5.5 on the 21orover scale. Recommended.
If you want to avoid the taxi scam, ask the driver to take you to the nearby Cafe Ter Brugge (Overtoom 578), go have a drink, wait for the taxi to leave and walk back to Ria’s. You have saved $75US. As you walk in to the club you immediately feel like you are in the Bordellos of old. The nicely appointed interior is complemented by the staff’s attitude and the scantily clad women (ignore the door people’s attitude, they get mad when you successfully get around the taxi scam). The warmly lit bar area allows you to hang out with your friends/women and enjoy some conversation. My favorite room is the cozy lounge off the bar area with the red velvet like couches that allows more intimacy (no heavy contact outside of the rooms this isn’t a fkk) 😉 so you can get to know the women before you enjoy them. The rooms are very well done making you feel like a high roller on a winning streak (well they enhance the experience at least LOL) Over all the women are very hot and friendly but as with almost anything else YMMV. It is a nice place for a civil night if you can afford the prices. Please remember as with almost any club the women make commission from the overpriced champagne and considering they get less then half the fee you should just tell the woman to lay off the champagne biz (buy them a regular drink of course) and you’ll give it to her as a tip…you get more enthusiastic service (not that it’s bad to begin with) and look like a good guy.

Socitete Anonyme
Stadhouderskade 64, tel: 020-662-4952
Call club for complimentary chauffeur (no taxi scam take the free ride). Women are 3.5-5 on the 21orover scale (4 – 8 at a time). 250 Euro per hour. Sort of Recommended
Located near Park 118 and Ria’s this place is quite along the same lines as Ria’s. The place was recently remodeled and looks good. The lay out is pretty basic with a bar/lounge but the attraction is the themed rooms. Just talk to the hostess about them. There is even a resident Dom with her own room but I can’t recommend her either way. This is a nice place to stop if Ria’s (costing less) doesn’t satisfy your needs and you are headed back to the Casino.

Yab Yum
Amsterdam Singel 295 Telephone: (+31)20 6249503 High priced but well known,
Web site located here

You may want to check out private house “Overtoom 443” located at overtoom 443. It has the same setting as “park 118” I think it has the same owner. Nice girls and a relaxing atmospheer.

Following are some web site addresses for escort services/clubs found in the Amsterdam Yellow Pages. Most have photographs of escorts. Societe Anonyme Desire Escort Service Irresistible, Valentine, and Students Dutch-Tele-Escorts


Im still no expert on the FKk scene even after about 5 years of visiting. The club scene changes all the time. At one time Herne was a heavyweight and must see while today it’s just another club you are better off avoiding. I can only imagine if we had an FKK in the Los Angeles area.
As of today I rate them as follows:

Top 10 List
Sainkt Augustine (service and quality)
Bernd’s (service and quality)
Atlantis (selection and facility)
Oase (selection and outdoor facility)
Dolce Vita (price)
Paradise (close to the city)
Happy Garden (price and selection)
ParkSauna (service and facility, bar and food)
Babylon (still some good providers left)
Bochum Freundberg {location and price}

Oase seems to be dropping in quality in many visitors eyes as well as my own. They have more women but they’re not keeping an eye on the quality. Reports of guys getting over charged or lacking in service are getting more common. It’s like Amsterdam now as you have to do more homework to ensure you get a good provider. Many of the women have switched to Atlantis who used to work at Oase. This is probably just part of the huge growth that has taken place in the FKK culture. With more customers from all over the world you get more women, more clubs. Price slashing takes place to draw more business and sometimes with popularity some owners no longer feel it’s important to police the women.

You can’t go wrong with SA and Bernd’s at the moment. Who knows things can change again. Look at Babylon, it too has dropped from the top of the list as a favorite.
Im not rich either and do my best to scrape together funds to visit. If you ever care to trade a flight benefit for some guide service let me know {smile}?
Please always post your experiences whether good or bad regardless of where you travel.


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