Red Light District

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Having frequented Amsterdam while I was studying in Brussels for an MBA, I frequented A’dam whenever the time permited. Definitely my favorite city. I liked to stay at these hotels:

1st choice: Hotel Royale Taste (~60 Dfl/night)
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 47
1012 DB Amsterdam
phone: 31-20/623.24.78
fax: 31-20/623.44.37

2nd choice: Hotel ’83 (~75 Dfl/night)
O.Z. Achterburgwal 83
1012 DC Amsterdam
phone: 31 -20/626.20.89
fax: 31-20/626.03.82

Both are in the heart of the district, very clean and private bath. However, I would suggest that you get your reservations before hand because summer is the time the tourists pound the city; and at these prices, they fill very quickly – specially on weekends.

For the sporting life: there is also a “mini” district on Oude Nieustraat / Korte Korsjes poortsteeg / Spui straat. Nearest landmark is the Ronde Lutherse kerk. I prefer this area since it is less traveled by the tourist horde.

A typical 20 year old woman working a window in Amsterdam. About $25 for 20 minutes of oral or straight sex. Both for $35. Price is standard, right now flights to the city are about $300 round trip. The train stops at the airport and drops you off about 300 feet from the District in at Central station.

The women don’t really mind if you stop and check out the goods. They wear hardly anything because what you see is what you get. None of this hide that damaged goods till he pays and gets into the room. These women stand or sit for 8 hours and don’t have the luxury of sucking in the gut for a lineup. In Holland by the way EVERYONE speaks english, I’ve never ran into a girl that did not speak english.

Here’s a report detailing my experiences in Amsterdam. I am a US citizen, but live in Europe and travel to A-dam a lot. Some of what happened to me shows my inexperience, but I have learned from my mistakes and maybe telling others here will help my Karma!

Just a brief word on the red light district: there are a lot of annoying African guys hawking drugs ion the streets, saying “coke…trip…heroin”. Ignore them and move on, they won’t bother you. If you are dumb enough to try buying from them, then good luck sucker! Those kind of drugs are illegal in Holland by the way…The girls in the windows range from 3-4s to 9-10s and come from EVERYWHERE around the world. Their prices start at 50NGs for ethnic girls and 75NGs for Dutch girls. This is for •••• and suck , 15-20mins and bye bye. If you want more you pay more. More on that, but here is my experience…

Driving to A-dam I usually get pretty excited, even get a hard-on. After all, if you got a little money, you will get laid and there is plenty to choose from. For a high-class experience you should try one of the clubs listed in the other reports, but I’m perpetually on a budget, so I stick to the windows in the red light area. I’ve had mixed experiences there, some really great, some just expensive and lame. Being nice to the girls and trying to make conversation usually will improve your experience. Here goes:

My first time in Amsterdam I wandered around the red light area for what probably was hours, checking out the girls without staring. If you stop to stare, you’ll get the hard sell approach. I have a hard time saying no, so I kept moving. I’ve gotten better at this by now. Anyway, I’m pretty tired, pretty drunk and stoned although still able to talk and move quite normally. At least that’s the way I remember it. Finally I stumble down a dead end narrow alley near the old church area and as I realize that I can’t just walk through, I turn around and am cornered by a black prostitute. In another situation I would have been screwed in an entirely different way, but luckily she was good-natured and just wanted to be paid for •••••••. She indeed was quite hot. She was a 5’5″ Jamaican named Lilia wearing spandex shorts and a spandex like top. Her young body was smooth and somewhat muscular, and she had really perky medium sized tits. She instantly started touching me and asking, begging me to come in. I asked how much and got the standard quickie rate of 50 Guilders •••• and suck. Most ethnic girls have this as their “hook” rate. Dutch girls are “above” this and start at 75-100NG. You may or may not end up paying more depending on (a) what you want (b) how much time you take (15-30mins is standard) (c)how you look (d)if she likes you (e)what business is like/time of day etc. So I agreed, realizing instantly that I was a little nervous. I am a good-looking guy, so I still had that little confidence on my side. She made me compliments and played with my hair, told me to slow down and asked for 50 NG more to stay longer, probably realizing that in my state she’d have to work harder and it might take awhile. I reluctantly accepted paying the extra. I may have seemed dumb, but in retrospect I actually got a lot for my money. I think she indeed gave me quite a good performance. First she sucked me long and hard and quite skillfully. The room was mirrored, and it was great watching her slurp me in and out. Condoms a must by the way. She got butt naked and let me feel her for all over for some time. We then fucked in a couple of different positions, her pussy was really tight and muscular. I was very surprised at this. Her face was also quite pretty, and she turned out to be quite friendly. We kissed a little, but without tongue. She even let me finger her pussy a bit after I had washed my hands with disinfectant soap. Finally I pounded her relentlessly for 10 minutes or so and came with a powerful orgasm. We hung out for 15 minutes and I finally left. She made it apparent I could stay a little longer, but I chose to get moving. All in all, a confusing but positive experience. Lessons learned: Don’t drink or do drugs in excess before going on the prowl. It may or may not ruin your experience or dampen your performance. I got lucky. If she hadn’t been such a caring and understanding prostitute she would’ve milked me for more money or sent me packing without cumming.

Another story:
During another trip I tried a thin blond Dutch girl and was similarly wasted. She was friendly at the door, but as soon as inside she got down to business…in a negative sense. Her name was Jamie and wanted 75NG up front (always have to pay up front in Holland) for just a •••• OR a suck. Both cost 100 NG. I said OK. I’d come this far. Well, she had a bitchy attitude like I was doing her some horrible disservice and didn’t even take off her bra. She also resisted my attempts to touch her. Well, I got limp as hell. She tried half-heartedly, but I had long since decided that I didn’t like her at all. She made me feel bad for what I was doing. So I cut my losses and left. Had I been sober, I probably would have just fucked her and left, but I wasn’t, it wasn’t worth trying and certainly would’ve cost me more money.

The next morning I am not sure I’m quite right for this game but go out again at about noon. It starts to rain and I say to hell with it, diving into a room with an attractive looking Asian girl. I cut to the chase. I say hi nicely and say 50NG for •••• and suck, some touching and fully nude. She agrees. Lesson learned and practically applied. Clear things up BEFOREHAND. As it turns out, her name is Dao, comes from Thailand and has a thin wasp-like smooth brown body. She’s about 5’2″ and has really big tits. I’m positive they were silicone jobs, but were really nice, didn’t have any scars I noticed and she put them to good use, caressing my dick with them, letting me suck on them a bit etc. She’s all over me, sucking my dick, kissing my chest, making sweet faux pleasure noises etc. She was an absolute pro in the good sense of the word. She finally rode me to orgasm, flexing her pussy muscles making herself tight, swinging her long hair around and basically ••••••• the •••• out of me. And all that for 50NG!!! It was a fantastic lay, a superb orgasm and we even lay in bed for awhile afterwards.

On a different trip after a lot of “shopping” I settled on a petite Thai girl named “Cat” with small tits, a tiny body and a cute face. She too was incredible, stopping her blow job just before I came and riding me to orgasm. Maybe she went to the same school as her countrywoman “Dao”. Again it was a really wonderful •••• with a friendly girl and only cost 50NG up front.

Lessons learned: Asian girls will •••• you harder and better…well maybe not, but that has been my experience. I’ll try a Dutch girl again sometime, but am a bit wary now. I’ve also heard good things about Eastern European girls.

Amsterdam is only ONE RLD that exists in Europe, yes Europe, Holland has many other GREAT RLD, Amsterdam may be one of the biggest but don’t overlook places like Arnheim, Den Haag, Utrecht and all the other big cities in Holland. Germany by the way also has RLD’s in almost all its large cities. The key is finding them.

I would love to hear from people that have been to the sex shows in Amsterdam and rate them.

From what I have head from talking to many other guys in Europe, they prefer to have sex with the women rather then look at them in a strip club. Amsterdam is more of a tourist place thus the abundance of sex shows. You don’t find many or any of these clubs in the other cities in Holland.

Check out the reports under the country section for Holland and Germany for more info on RLD’s at

Here’s the lowdown on club your readers might enjoy from my most recent trip to Amsterdam. This club offers good value for your money and is friendly — The Golden Lagoon on Haarlemmermeerstraat 150.

My previous experience with the RLD was not good. A group of us took a buddy there on a Bachelor Party, negotiated with a really cool looking Asian chick–his choice–for the big bang. Paid her 500 USD for two hours for four–she reneged on everything we agreed to. Basically, after 45 minutes and everyone came once, she refused more because “no more condoms” were available. What a rip-off.

This was much better. I was in town on business over the weekend, and naturally had to check out the clubs scene. No more RLD for me. Got a tip to try out this place.

It’s located a little bit away from the center of town, but easy to get to on the tram and if you’re willing to walk about 3 blocks. (Hell, if you can’t walk 3 blocks you have no business going there!) Take Tram #1 to the first stop after the Surinaamplein. To your left is Haarlemmerstraat and start walking. Like others, this place is a door in a block of apartments. It’s friendly and clean from the start. People are cool and friendly. The person at the desk asked if I had been there before, then explained the rules. It’s open sex (they have a bar and sauna downstairs) which means you take off your clothes put them in a locker and put on a towel and go sit on the couch. There are some mattresses with curtains off to the side in a darkened space, when you’re ready to go ••••. He explained that the admission price of 300 NLG is good for personal drinks at the bar and sex with two of the women. I asked about hidden fees and he said there were none, unless you want to buy drinks for the women.

Downstairs they have a living room sized area with sofa, coffee tables, a bar and sauna off to the side.

There were about 5 customers there, and about 4-5 women, a nice ratio for late on Saturday night. Three of the men were Spaniards (about 25-30), professional looking. The women, who were around 7-8 on the beauty scale, were all friendly and didn’t pressure to buy drinks. The bartender was friendly and immediately set you at ease.

I went and sat down on the couch. These Spanish guys had been there for a little bit and I could tell they were satisfied with their evening. When one of the girls invited this one guy for another session behind the curtains he just jumped up–couldn’t wait.

Each of the girls introduced themselves, then I started talking to one and she stayed with me while I savored my drink. I wanted to kick back, relax and was in no hurry…my evening was free. The Spanish guys, dressed in their towels, were also surrounded by girls. We had some friendly chit chat then she moved her hand up my leg and started to fondle my dick. My first reaction was we ought to wait until we’re behind the curtain, but it seemed to be normal and expected behavior. Besides, it felt so damn good, I didn’t want her take her hands away. A few more minutes and I didn’t give a damn, she was starting to blow me, if it feels good, do it. Everyone was cool, the bartender came by and picked up the drinks. She said she had to have my cock in her and that’s what I came in for, so we went behind the curtain. Afterwards, I picked out another chick, a black Hispanic one. I relaxed with her for while in the lounge, then went for round 2 behind the curtains, this time a massage and blow job (a very good one).

In the end, I travelled to a somewhat quiet street away from the center, had sex with two friendly women for a total of 300 NLG, plus a couple drinks. I think that I could have had up to 4-5 drinks, but I came for sex not drink. According to a sign on the wall, they frequently have parties, ie, Margarita party, etc., so they must have regular clientele that keeps coming back. The towels say Barbara’s Sex Saloon, but the phone book says “Golden Lagoon” on Haarlemmermeerstraat 150.

There are several clubs in Holland that offer the discounted sex if it’s done in public. Part of the clubs benefits is that you don’t use a private room which costs extra and you bring in more customers. I will do my best to get more info on the latest clubs that have this feature. I know it goes on at “the club” on Van der Duynstraat 109 near the RLD in Den Haag. There is also a swingers club not far from the RLD in Amsterdam, Club Paradise Schaafstraat 26

While many of the individuals favoring the relaxing of laws between consenting adults cite the economic arguments (which I don’t necessarily disagree with) that related crime would disappear with the legalization of prostitution in the US, the fact is that those who feel the need to vigorously enforce the status quo have their own economic stake as well. Which brings me to this question:


In all my travels, I have noticed that some of the friendliest females (judged on their treatment of the typical single male) are in Amsterdam! They are extremely friendly and sociable, even for blondes (sarcasm there). Why is that?

2 different manifestations of the same factors at work: most men in Amsterdam are not looking to have sex with them! For starters, the guys who meet them in the clubs, bars, cafes, and museums
(the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum being good places to meet ‘intellectual’ type girls) know they are looking for friendship, companionship, coversation, romance… but NOT necessarily (only) sex. They are fully aware that if the guy is just looking to “get off”, he can stroll down to the Walletje any time of day, any day of the week, and get the woman of his choice in the sack for $40. Therefore, they are put at ease, and going up and talking to a couple in a bar is not seen as a great deal. Conversely, women who are prone to being “bitches” can’t get away with it, because unlike the States where they use the (typically illusory) promise of sex as leverage, they no longer have that advantage…

So you see why the women are all bent out of shape about subjects such as professional sex workers?
It’s not necessarily about enslavement or abuse of women, or morality, or even disease… it’s about POWER! The fact of the matter is: American women are bitches cuz THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!!! They got control, and they don’t want to give it up.

The guys who get to hang out overseas got it made. I went to Holland a couple of times, and even tho I checked out the red light district, the coolest part was just going out and drinking, talking, and hanging out with the women. They were great. No attitudes or anything. I guess it used to be like that in America, but no longer.

Amsterdam is a huge tourist attraction and the women that work there know it. Thus the concept of repeat business means nothing. Many (not all) the women know that your a one time shot, get your money and run. These women will smile, promise you the world and then once they take your cash it’s rush, no interest and lack luster service. Thus the reason many of our trips no longer include Holland and focus more on Germany. You still can find good sex but it’s usually off the beaten path and not where the tourist go. I suggest you take a train to one of the smaller cities like Den Haag where you have better odds. Amsterdam is great for looking, (there’s a chance you’ll find a GOOD lay). It’s also a volume place where the girls want maximum money for their time so don’t expect more then 15-20 of time.

I recall selecting this Playboy magazine type blond along the canal. Guys were going in and coming out all night. No sign of them being ripped off or angry. So I went in, she took my 100 guilders and asked me to enter the room at the end of the hall and get undressed. All the while she remained in the window hoping to hook more guys. She then yelled down the hall “are you undressed”. I said yes and she quickly came down the hall into the room, (did not even close the door), got on the bed doggie style and pulled her bikini bottom aside. She gave me a poor if anything hand job, put on the condom and expected me to do her doggie style with the bikini on. I did my best and finished. As soon as I came she jumped up, looked in the mirror to straighten her self out. Told me to get dressed then ran back to the window, I was not even dressed and she was already letting in the next (victim) guy. Ok so 100 guilders ($50) is a low price for sex but if you call what I just got sex then maybe Amsterdam is heaven. This rushing happens all the time, especially in the high volume areas. Also consider $50+15 minutes is $200 per hour which is not realy cheap. Thus Germany where you get quality service for $30-$100 and they want you to come back.

I suggest you visit this message board and read or ask for some suggestions of proven girls.

The standard rates are 50 guilders for either a suck or fuck or 100 guilders for a combo of both. One trick that worked well for me when I had no info on a girl was to always start with a 50 guilder blow, depending on how she blows and treats you, you still have the option to add 50 guilders once you are sure the blow job is good, to get the combo. You can usually save 50 guilders this way to find out for less money that she is a rip off. You’ll also note that some girls will even demand 100 guilders and not do the 50 guilders. This is usually a sign they are a rip off. Unless they are REALLY fantastic and deserve it which is rare.

The currency is usually half what the dollar is and has been this way for years. 100US dollars is 200 dutch guilders.

Im sure their are local newpapers but good luck trying to read dutch. It’s not that simple. Try the message board link above to ask this same question. I would ask for them to recommend an escorts.

Racisim is not an issue from what I have seen in Holland. It’s common to see black men with white women and visa versa. Holland is a huge melting pot with a big mix of women and men of all colors, sizes and shapes. You’ll note this when you see the selection of girls in the windows too.

Yes by all means ask upfront BEFORE you give her the cash. Do you take off ALL your cloths, do you do oral, (99% they use a condom for everything), Ask if anything costs extra. How much time do I get, how many positions etc. But do this before you give her the money. The bad thing is that it’s your word against hers and even if she promises you something she might not do it. If you get angry she’ll push a button and 3 huge guys will come into the room and throw you out into the street. Expect your shoes, pants and clothes to follow you. I saw it happen before me several times. The door flys open and a guy is beat up and thrown out into the street. The girl came out kicking the guy and throwing his clothes at him. Not a pretty site, the police nearby did nothing.

It’s all a very confusing and uncertain place. Lots of pretty girls behind glass windows who try and get your attention with a wink or smile. What you get when you enter is unsure if anything. It’s a huge crap shoot, so take your time and do some homework before you go.

Amsterdam is fun, good selection of food, people speak english and things are relatively less expensive as compared to other Euro cities. If you’re comparing RLD’s in Holland, Amsterdam is well known worldwide as a place where tourists go thus the tourist trap handle. Most guys I know and myself manage to get better service in other cities in Holland. Once you experience Germany it’s hard to go back to Holland. If Amsterdam was close to me in the US I’d be there all the time but it’s the same distance as going to Germany so I select Germany as my choice. Your right that RLD’s do have more chances of rip off. You could compare Hamburg, Germany’s biggest sex area (the Reeperbahn) where getting ripped off is more common. (see the f**K fest 1 report for Hamburg) It’s also a tourist trap. You see this when you’re walking the windows both in Amsterdam and Hamburg. Tourists are all over the place. The girls know this and many don’t care if you come back.

It’s also true that among the bad seeds in Amsterdam you can find some good women. I just feel you get better odds in Germany. So in regards to your post, yes Amsterdam is a tourist trap especially when you compare it to Den Haag, Arnheim or Utrecht. When your in the other cities you rarely see a tourist. By the way I’ve had some great parties in Utrecht, almost all were excellent. Kissing and BBBJ are also not as common and in fact more rare then in German FKK clubs. Another reason I put Holland in second place.

There are worse places in Europe to go in search of sex. It’s all a matter of opinion and taste. hey Amsterdam has some very attractive women and if you take the time to research the place you’ll also find the gems among those that prey on tourists.

Prague if you know what your doing can be a great place for paid sex. There are also some drawbacks that make Germany a better selection. It’s not always the best looking women or cheap prices but safety and quality that count.

I avoid the RLD in Amsterdam. My first paid sex was in the RLD, but that was years ago. There are two smaller areas where you can go without the drunk and shouting English lads.

The Ruysdealkade in the south and the Spuistraat in the centre, not too far from central station. Both very quiet, the girls are usualy less commercial.


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