Hungry Duck

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Hungry Duck
Pushechnaya 9
Cover Charge: 35 rubles (50 rubles on Tuesdays and Fridays).
Tuesday and Thursday nights woman are let in for free and given free drinks, so this place is wall to wall girls and even the non-pros can be picked up here because at US$100 dollars for the night that’s more than they can make working for the month with a normal job so many girls added to their income level. For those who haven’t been here below is the location and cover information.

Hungry Duck has changed it’s name but everyone still knows it as the Duck. Crazy, crowded, noisy with a floor show on the weekends. Full of Russian girls supplementing their income students, office girls etc. Never left the place without finding someone, most are beautiful, average around $100 for a full night of non-stop sucking and full service.

Hungry Ducks concept made them well known, a Washington newspaper reported The Hungry Duck was the only bar of its kind in the world. The concept was to invite women to drink as much as they wanted for free for two hours, while the doors were closed to male customers. When they were finally allowed in, they were obliged to pay for their drinks, but got to view a orgy of drunken women for free. With a stroke of public relations genius they invited journalists from North America’s leading media to act as barmen for Ladies’ Night. As they televised and published the goings on, the fame of The Hungry Duck got popular.

According to Moscow police, the lurid atmosphere attracted underage females, criminally minded males, and drug traders. A Russian parliamentary delegation was shocked one evening to witness, during one females-only session, a black man stripping to the music of the national anthem of the former Soviet Union.

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