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The most beautiful girls will welcome you to an all inclusive establishment hiding in the outskirts of a simple village peasant house.

The Village is called Zhukovka some 30 km west of Moscow. On arrival you’re checked and frisked by a GORILLA and your car and driver sent away till called back by cell phone (time guide 3-4 hours, or more) A charming receptionist in folk costume, perfect English and Spanish welcomes you and tells you “history and traditions of this simple hut, while u sip champagne from a crystal glass. She mentioned that there will be a contribution of $500, but not till you leave. A startlingly beautiful very scantily dressed 6’+ apparition with broken English, otherwise quite intact, takes you over inside. There are 10 – 12 of none less a #9. Girls in various forms of scant attire, all very friendly, courteous and after an assisted shower, from there on full service 1/2/3 at a time with bj or without. Total GFE service from 3 girls at the same time.

Well cared for facilities with sauna, large towels, massage area, cold pool for the sauna, classical music and food which included salad, salmon, caviar, crab and other delicacies.

When you leave at least 2 of the girls will help you to dress and see you to the door. Tipping is not mandatory but they allow tipping without pressure.

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