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 208 Club
Viladomat 208 (between Provenza & Mallorca) –

777 Habitaciones Lujo en Zona
Aribau 240, Tel. (93) 200 08 02 – There are no girls who work here; it is strictly a place where you can rent a room for 30 minutes or an hour after picking up a prostitute elsewhere. This place is situated behind Pub 240, where a lot of prostitutes, some of them quite attractive, hang out looking for customers and provides a place where you can rent a room for up to an hour for 5000 to 8000 pesetas (about $30 to $47 US dollars or Eurodollars)

Bassinger Whiskeria
Buenos Aires 11-13, just off Av. Sarria – In January 2000 I was quoted 10,000 pesetas to go alone in a private room with one of the girls working there and that for 15,000 pesetas I could take her to my hotel room for one hour. More recently I was quoted higher prices.

Bueno Bonito Barto
(which in Spanish means Good, Pretty, Cheap), Pje. Valeri Serra 6, Tel. (93) 451 60 22 & (93) 451 57 65 – Open 24 hours during the entire week, according to an advertisement in Guia del Ocio (Guide to Leisure), a weekly Barcelona magazine which has many ads for clubs, saunas, and escort services.

Cabaret Starlets
Av. Sarri 44 (next to Meli Barcelona Hotel) – Tel. (93) 430 91 56. This is a strip club. I’ve never actually paid the entry fee here and gone inside, but talking with the lady at the door I was told you can watch the show, take a girl to a private room, or take one of the girls back to your hotel room.

Chez Maria Sauna
Entenca 189 – Despite the name, this place is actually a bar rather than a sauna.

Club Ibiza
174 Paral.lel (near Entenca)

Club Jaiant
Intersection of Sepulveda & Entenca

Club L’Estel
Avda. Sarri 25

Club Lusca
Loreto 36 (corner of Av. Sarri ) – This club is a bar on the main level and areas downstairs made private only by a curtain.

Club Re-Bo
Avda. Sarri 37 – Tel. (93) 430 97 33

Club Riviera
Open from 5PM-5AM and have dozens of girls, many of them beautiful. The girls are Brazilian, Colombian, Dominican, Chilean, Russian and Polish. Surprise not to find any Spanish women there. You pay 10,000 pesetas (about 50 US dollars) for a half hour, or until you blow your load whichever comes first. The rate for one hour is double or 20,000 pesetas. I never paid a cover charge to enter the club. I just walked straight in past staff who were standing in front of the entrance and no one ever stopped me. They don’t charge for the rooms but you pay i200 pesetas for a clean sheets. A fee I was happy to pay. When I went to the club about 10 girls working about half of the girls do bbbj but not all so ask. Many of these girls will do 2 girl sessions with very good lesbian action. Drinks here are expensive – about 2,000 pesetas, and there aren’t enough places to sit in the main room where you meet the girls. Found out the girls here work 6 days a week 12 hours a day. Some of them even sleep in the club. From downtown near the cab ride takes 20-25 minutes and cathedral cost about 3,000 pesetas.

Club Star
Conde Borrell 306 (corner of Av. Sarri ), Tel. (93) 410 72 89 – Club Star is a bar with private rooms in back

Club Tu y Yo
(Club You & Me), Entenza 3, Tel. (93) 325 04 41

Eclipse Night Club
Loreto 32 (near Av. Sarri ) – Tel. (93) 410 30 03

Eros Center
Valencia 140 (corner of Urgell) Tel (93) 453 88 99 When I went here two of the girls, first one and later another, asked me if I’d like to go to a private room with her. The first told me she would only dance naked for me in the private room. When I asked the other what we could do in the private room (“¨Que podemos hacer en el cuarto?), she said “Todo” (everything).

Gato Verde Club
Intersection of Vilamari & Sepulveda

Gessami Club
Avda. Sarri 8, Tel. (93) 321 04 03 This club is a bar with private rooms upstairs. The rooms upstairs are made private only by a curtain in the doorway to each room. The one time I found a girl here I was interested in I paid 30,000 pesetas for an hour alone with her. She was a pretty, model-thin Russian girl in her 20s. After I paid the 30,000 pesetas (about $180 in US dollars at 166 pesetas per dollar) to the middle aged woman behind the bar, she gave the girl a sheet, two towels, and a condom, and we headed upstairs where I had one of the best experiences of my life.

Gin Scotch
Mallorca 579 (near Meridiana), Tel. (93) 456 9015

La Amistad
Ausi…s Marc 145 (between Marina & Sardenya), Tel. (93) 231 04 53, Link

Las Vegas Club
Avda. Sarri 39 Tel (93) 230 01 84 or 430 01 84

Libert Pub Liberal
Sepulveda 31-35, Tel. (93) 423 36 35

London’s Bar
Villaroel 204 (corner of Londres) – Tel. (93) 419 78 46

Mary Carmen Club
Intersection of Vilamari & Mistral

Masaje Relax
Enric Granados 66

No Se Lo Digas A Mama
Rocafort 191

Nopal Club
Entenca 193

Open Club
Valencia 103 (corner of Urgell) – Open Club has more girls working at any given time than anyplace else I’ve been in Barcelona. You may or may not find an attractive girl here. Once when I went here I bought a drink (1,000 for my drink, 5,000 for hers) for a very pretty fair-skinned 19 year old girl who spoke only Spanish, and for an additional 20,000 pesetas ($120 US dollars) I took her to a private area in back with two sofas where we could not be seen by others but which had no door or curtain to insure our privacy. In this private area she hugged and kissed me and allowed me to touch her bare breasts under her dress, but when I tried to get my hand into her panties she wouldn’t let me and told me, in Spanish, that if I wanted to touch her there I must take her “abajo” (downstairs) – for 60,000 pesetas ($361 US dollars)!! I declined. After this, I went to Kiss Me (see above), where a nice-looking young woman allowed me to touch her bare breasts and insert one of my fingers in her vagina after I’d spent only 6,000 pesetas ($36 US – 1,000 pesetas for a drink for myself and 5,000 for a drink for her) as we stood in the bar. Probably not all girls at Open Club will give you so little for the 26,000 pesetas ($156 US dollars) that I spent with a different girl at Open Club you might do better than I did.

Patty Club Liberal
Joseph Estivill 32 (near Meridiana) Tel. (93) 349 92 45

Portobello Bar
Villaroel 204 – Usually, the word “bar” is not used to designate a brothel in Barcelona, but Portobello is an exception. There is a private room downstairs where you can take one of the girls or women working here.

Pje. Valer¡ Serra 6, Tel. (93) 454 17 65 & (93) 454 08 51

Pub 240
Aribau 240 – half a block south of Travessera del Gracia, and 777 Habitaciones Lujo en Zona, also at Aribau 240, Tel. (93) 200 08 02. At Pub 240 the situation is different than at the other “clubs” and “saunas” I’ve been to in Barcelona. It costs everyone, including the girls, 2500 pesetas to enter Pub 240. At most “clubs” and “saunas” in Barcelona, the girls seem to be employees of the club or sauna. Pub 240 is similar to the descriptions I’ve heard of the Help Disco in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: It’s a place where prostitutes go to find customers – and vice versa. Inside Pub 240 I saw maybe 15 or 20 women, most of them alone. Only one of them looked attractive to me, a girl named Eli, a pretty blonde with very fair skin and a thin enough figure. She was sitting with a female friend. I walked over to her and sat a short distance from her and spoke with her. She moved closer to me and reached out to touch me and kissed me on the cheek almost immediately. I thought: Isn’t it sad women who are not prostitutes are not this friendly, warm, and affectionate? Wouldn’t it be nice if women who are not prostitutes were as friendly, warm, and affectionate as prostitutes are? In a perfect world, they would be. Eli and I had difficulty communicating, because she knows less English than I do Spanish. With difficulty, I told her I’d like to see the private rooms briefly. She took me by the hand to see them. This involved leaving Pub 240 through a back exit and walking a short distance through a parking area and a driveway to a place the business card for which reads “777” in huge letters; the address says “Aribau, 240.” It seems to be a separate business from Pub 240 at the same address. There a middle aged woman showed the pretty young prostitute and me rooms with beds and bathrooms, one with a jacuzzi. She said the prices were 5,000 or 8,000 pesetas, depending on the room. Eli had told me the price was 20,000 pesetas for half an hour or 30,000 for one hour. So 30 minutes with her would be at least 25,000 including the cost of renting the room.

Sauna Bali
Paseo del Gracia 123 (just north of Av. Diagonal) – Tel. (93) 237 91 04

Sauna Cristal
Tarragona 177 (entrance on Rector Triado) – Tel. (93) 325 80 29 – After you enter here you will be asked to sit in a small room and wait for the girls who are available at the time to come in one at a time to introduce themselves and let you take a quick look at them. Sauna Cristal is a luxurious place with private rooms that have round beds. Unfortunately, there were no attractive young women working when I went there.

Sauna Modelos
Entenza 184 (open 24 hours/7 days) – I walked into this place at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning. What is neat about this place is that it’s always open: You can come here and get laid at 8 or 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning if you want. I was asked to sit in a small room as the girls available at the time walked in one-by-one to introduce themselves by first name only. None appealed to me. There is a bar where you can sit and talk with the girls. I didn’t see anybody appealing here, but there might be one when you come by.

Sauna Yuma
Aribau 230 Tel (93) 4140776

The Girls
Avda. Sarri 23 Tel (93) 430 08 75

Cjo. de Ciento 185 Tel (93) 451 42 81. 24 hours

Palencia 10-12 (corner of Meridiana) At most “clubs” in Barcelona the girls remain dressed in fairly normal clothes while they are in the club’s bar. Here however I saw a big breasted woman dancing topless as she stood very close to a man who was standing next to the bar.

Villarroel 68
Tel (93) 451 08 94

Violant d’ Hongia 17
Chalet. Zona Sants/Badal Tel (93) 490 98 25 & (93) 490 21 62 & (93) 490 56 98 24 hours

Whiskeria Ramcho
(Club Ramcho), Josep Tarradellas 58, Tel. (93) 322 49 69

Club King
Loreto 34 (near Av. Sarri ) – Walking in to Club King you find yourself in a room that looks like a typical bar. At any given time there are three to eight girls in the bar waiting for or talking with customers. Near the front door is a staircase leading downstairs to two bedrooms where you can go with the girl you choose for 25,000 pesetas for what the girl I chose described (in English) as an hour of “total sex” – including oral sex and intercourse. The room we went to had a large bed, good heating and air conditioning, and had a private bathroom with a sink, bidet, and a shower – but no toilet. (Obviously, this room and bath are intended for sex only.) Like at most “clubs” in Barcelona, drinks you order in the bar are 1,000 pesetas (which at 166 pesetas per US dollar is $6), and drinks you buy for the girl are 5,000 pesetas each (which at 166 pesetas per US dollar is $30US).

In Barcelona, anyplace you find open after dark that includes the word “club” or “sauna” in the name is almost certainly a brothel. The only businesses I’ve seen that have “club” in the name that were not were a “deportes” (sports) club and a video club. Barcelona may be the best place in the world for prostitution despite the fact that, like everywhere, finding a truly attractive young woman can be difficult. When I’ve made the rounds at Barcelona’s “clubs” and “saunas” it has often seemed the women working in them must be those left over after the men of Barcelona have chosen who they want as wives and girlfriends. Every time I have gone looking, however, I have found at least one very pretty young woman who I felt attracted to. Even if you (like me) will choose to have nobody if you can’t have a pretty, thinner than average woman between the ages of 18 and about 30, you’ll probably find someone to your liking if you go from one “club” or “sauna” to another until you find the kind of girl you want.

A very good aspect of prostitution in Barcelona is the girls (the prostitutes) will almost always let you kiss them on the mouth and touch them everywhere you want with your hands. My experiences with prostitutes in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) have been exactly like sex with a girlfriend! This is different from prostitutes in many other countries (for example, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Manchester, England) who usually have an aversion to kissing or letting customers feel inside their vaginas with fingers. And unlike New York City where most if not all “incall” businesses demand photo ID from every customer (which makes me wonder if blackmail isn’t one of the purposes of the business), in Barcelona you can go to clubs or saunas and have sexual relations with the girls or women working in them with complete anonymity, even using a fictitious name if you’re so inclined.

The scene is usually one of two – it’s either a “club” or a “sauna.” In “clubs” the girls sit or stand at the bar or elsewhere in the room and wait for or talk with customers. In most of the “saunas,” you will be asked to sit in a small room, and the available girls will come in one after the other to introduce themselves and let you get a look at them. Nowhere in Barcelona where I’ve been were the girls lined up in front of me while I was asked to chose a girl.

Few if any of the “clubs” or “saunas” have entrance fees. One strip club, Starlets (see below), does. After you enter one of the “clubs” you will usually be asked to buy yourself a drink for 1,000 pesetas ($6 US dollars or Eurodollars; a Eurodollar is about the same value as a US dollar). At some places your drink will be 1,500 or even 2,000 pesetas. You might want to ask “How much?” first, which in Spanish is “Cuanto?” (pronounced “QWAN-toe”). In both the “clubs” and “saunas” you can usually get away with looking at the girls and leaving without buying a drink or spending any money if you do not see someone who interests you. When asked what you want to drink in the “clubs” you can say: “Nada” (nothing) or “No ahora” (not now). They probably won’t ask you to leave unless, maybe, you stay a long time without spending any money. Everywhere I’ve been, buying one of the girls a drink is 5,000 pesetas (about $30 US or Eurodollars). Sometimes the girl will then sit and talk and hold hands with you and be affectionate with you. If that’s all you want, she may do this for an hour, or she may finish the drink quickly and ask you to buy her another drink for another 5,000 pesetas. Typically, she gets half of what you pay for her drinks, giving her an incentive to persuade you to buy her as many drinks as possible. The cost to have oral sex and intercourse with one of the girls working in a “club” or “sauna” in Barcelona usually is between 15,000 pesetas and 30,000 pesetas (about $90 to $180 US). The younger, thinner, prettier girls are usually more expensive.

In either a club or sauna, before you have even bought yourself a drink, you can ask one of the girls to show you the private rooms – without being obligated to spend any money to spend time alone with her there. After having a look around the place and having a few more moments to get a better look at the girl from different angles and see how friendly she is and how well you can communicate with her, you can say simply, “Gracias, pero no” (Thanks, but no) and leave. Or, you can ask “How much for an hour?” (“Cuanto por una hora?”) If you are offered 30 minutes (una media hora) for 25,000 or 30,000 pesetas, you might try asking for an hour for the same price. Often, after you have paid your 15,000 or 25,000 or 30,000 pesetas for 30 minutes or an hour alone with the girl, you will be asked to buy her a drink to take with her to the room. This is a way to get you to spend another 5,000 pesetas in addition to what you have already paid to take her to the private room. The best response I’ve thought of if you don’t want to spend this extra money is “Later!” (or, in Spanish, “Mas tarde, no ahora,” which is “Later, not now.”) However, if the girl is insistent, rather than start an argument with someone you intend to be intimate with in the next 30 minutes or hour, it may be best to buy the drink. Some of these places have showers you can use afterwards. Others don’t.

If you want to find a lot of these “clubs” in one general area, go to Avenida Sarria south of Diagonal and north of Paris, where you will find about a dozen of them.

Many of the girls speak no English, so you’ll have more opportunities if you speak at least a little Spanish. However, some of the girls speak enough English for you to deal with them without you speaking any Spanish.

On a Friday evening I visited the Asian House, Balmes 74 – 1-1 (primo principal). I was led into a room and six Chinese ladies came and introduced themselves to me by kissing me on the mouth and mentioning their working names, which they gave as European names. Some of them also touched my trousers as to check my gender. Sophia not only checked my gender but brought my hand to her lovely breast. I choose to spend an hour with her at 75 euros.

She came in and undressed, her breasts are really lovely, size cup B, firm and her nipples were erected. She has a nice soft skin and partly shaven. She told me she is from Bejing and 23 years, but I would estimate her around 27 years. Her Chinese name is YanLi and she has long black hair. She is about 155 cms, looks healthy and smells clean.

She speaks rudimentary English and Spanish, communication was a bit hampered as she cannot pronounce the R, but she did try to keep the conversation going.
She kissed and caressed my body with her hands and breasts. She invited me to do cunnilingus to her and then did a nice long uncovered fellation to me with CIM. She is a nice person and she gave me a good time, but she is not a real erotic artist.

We are an important group of brothels and escorts in Barcelona. Our nightclubs have administrative licenses for this type of activity. In our Clubs of Muntaner 101, Numancia 12, Rosellón 315, Urgell 150 and Roma 122 you will find the pleasure you are looking for, with total comfort and discretion.
All Haima ladies offer escort services in our premises located in Barcelona. Rates start from 40€. You can contact the telephone numbers for reservations and inquiries. We know how to offer our customers what they are really looking for.

Muntaner 101:
Club Muntaner 101 is a symbol of elegance and pleasure. Get to know the luxury relax in Barcelona. With an impressive bar presiding over the entrance, the venue is decorated in the style of the luxurious American casinos and lounges. Also, enjoy our Jacuzzi with the most sensual escort girls in town.

Hello, Ive seen this new place and wondering if someone has already been there…  SoulValencia. The pics look gorgeous but i dont know if I can trust…Prices are lower than in the website. 50€ for30min

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