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Went to Chica’s and scouted out the scenery and it was great. Usher brought me a girl without asking and ended up going to the back room for a quick FS. Service was OK but I was very timid being the 1st time cost was 1000 pesos and 300 pesos for the room. I didn’t have enough money for a doubleheader so I chose a lap dance at 150 pesos and everything goes. First of all there was a guy right next to me getting a bj so I knew this was my kind of bar. I explained to her that I couldn’t go to the back room with her that night but I would be back the next night if she was working and she agreed to meet me there the next night. The next day I came and sure enough she was there and was mine basically for the night.

When we got back to the back room 1000 pesos for her 300 to the bar, It was the greatest sex I had ever had. She gave the best covered bj you could ask for after that she fucked me for an eternity when she was all done after about 35 min. She asked me if I wanted to do it again no extra cost we went at it again for another 45 minutes with never anyone knocking at the door again fucking for about 15 minutes and 30 minutes. I walked out of there knowing I would have to go back 1 more time before leaving this sex garden so 2 nights later I went back to see if she was working but she wasn’t.

And sure enough found a petite brunet with the tightest ass you would ever want same routine as the other nights but this time 1000 pesos for one hour. In Mexico that’s about 90 minutes. Got the best bbbj you would ever want and after doing all this plus great sex she asked me if I wanted another bbbj. Well I don’t like to say no so she must of blew me for 30 more minutes and I couldn’t come and was just about worn out from trying god bless her went back to the bar after about 90 minutes to watch the show and all the she was jerking me off at the table. This by far was the greatest time I had ever had at a club. So if you ever go to Acapulco go to Chica’s tell em superman (their nickname not mine) sent you.

Located by the beach behind the Acapulco Plaza and next to the Acapulco Plaza Hotel. Admission is about 60 pesos or about $6US. The girls are all 8s and above. They do the normal three dances then totally nude. Table dances run about $10 US and you can do everything but total intercourse. If that’s what you want a room is available in the back. The price for that service generally runs around $100. I visited a strip club called Foxie’s in June and had a blast. It is in the bay. I went there on the advice of a taxi driver. He took me there for free b/c of the commission he receives. All the girls on stage were at least an 8. But there were some 5-6’s that gave lap dances, but were not allowed on stage. The cover was 60 pesos=$6. I had 2 shots of cuervo and a bottle of water for 100 pesos = 10 dollars. Lap dances were $10 and $100 to take the girl back to your hotel (no time limit was stated). The girls can be a little bit pushy, I was enjoying just watching the show and they kept hounding me to buy a lap dance. I sweet talked one for at least 30 minutes before we went to the back for a lap dance. She said it was 100 pesos for 1 song, but it lasted at least 4 songs. Then I paid her $50 for a private room where we had intercourse twice with blow jobs before each. She was very clean and excellent in bed. She was very intimate and we laid there kissing and cuddling afterwards. Most girls there that I talked to could speak moderate to minimal English. The girl I was with said she studied international business. She was fluent in Spanish, Italian, French and could speak some English.

Las Nena
Ten to 15 women mostly in the 7-9 range. Had a couple of very satisfying table dances at this club. I’ve only seen one place in T.J. that came close to this kind of table dance. In short, they’re awesome! The girl slowly removes her clothes while rubbing herself all over you, sitting on top of you even. Wow! The whole thing lasts close to 10 minutes and costs about $10. I was looking for one to take back to the Hotel and ended up making a bad choice. My top choice wanted to do a one hour session on site for around $60 + $15 for room. Another one was selling all night at $135 or 3 hours for $100. Either one would have been better than I got. Two others said $160 (3 hours) for both of them. They both looked all right at the club but when they put on their street clothes they were already starting to slip. Worse yet when they got back to my room they looked even worse undressed and were more interested in each other than me.

If you’ve got huevos, and you want to go where the horny Acapulquenos go when they want to pay to get laid, try Plataformas. It’s a bit sketchy, but hey, it’s an experience. It’s located in a neighborhood called La Progreso, not to far from the center of town. This neighborhood is accessible by taking the Ave. Cuahtemoc to more or less where Sears is. Then you go to the right (UP the hill – away from the beach). I don’t remember the name of the street where Plataformas is, but most cab drivers know where it is. If you are a gringo and you ask a cabbie to take you to Plataforma, the guy will probably get a good kick out of that. Anyway, some nights it sucks and other nights it’s A BLAST. One night a friend came with me. After spending 15 minutes there, we had already negotiated with 2 girls to come to our house for 350 pesos – for the both of them. That’s a pretty damned good deal. The girls weren’t knockouts, but they were young and cute. Not used up (yet). If you want them to come to your house or hotel, it’s called a “salida”. “Cuanto cobras por una salida” is how you would ask how much $ she wants to go home with you. To be honest, if you see a girl there you like, you dance with her, buy her a few drinks, chances are you’ll get her for free. If you don’t feel like hanging out in a shitty cantina all night, dont hesitate to negotiate, and make the deal.

The servers were dressed up in costumes. There were lots of women all averaging between 8’s with a couple 10’s. Some girls looked fairly young, maybe just over18. Lap dances were $20 and the upstairs room was going for $100. Wanted to take a couple babes of to take back to the Hotel. So after talking to about 6 girls found the right 2 who were willing to go. Cost was $150. They started negotiations at $200. This is still a bit steep. If you’re short on cash and willing to bargain shop, you should only pay around $100 to $120 for hotel service. Asked for “La Noche” (All night) but apparently “all night” to these girls’ means when you cum the tricky part was getting them into the Hotel. My best advice is to talk with the front door bellhop and find out who’s going to be working the door at night. You don’t want any hassles when you bring 2 hookers in around 1:00am. It cost us about $20 per girl, paid to the night doorman for entrance. When we finished which was around 4:00am walked the girls to the lobby and saw them off in a cab. Negotiate in the bar and always say no to the first offer. The girl will come back and agree to anything reasonable. I’m not cheap but I realize that these girls are trying to make a living in a difficult economy. You should be able to get sex in the bar for $70 – $100. If you take them back to the hotel price should be $100 – $200. And of course add $20 for the night doorman. Make sure to work the deal with the bellhops. Some hotels won’t allow you to bring women back, period.

Girls in Tabares, Chicas and Foxy’s ask US$ 125-200 for taking them out.

Just returned from 3 nights of absolute pleasure spent with exotic, sexy, olive-skinned, hard bodied young Mexican women. I spent all my nights exploring the strip clubs of Acapulco. The top 3 continue to be Tabares, Foxys and Chicas. All 3 are located one block off the main road lining Condesa Beach and are easy to find because there are many touts in the streets trying to sell you tickets to enter the clubs and they will point you in the right direction. If you buy your ticket directly at the clubs it will cost you 60 pesos(about$6US). It’s better to buy them from touts in the street – you can always negotiate a better deal (20-30 pesos). Friday was spent in Foxys about 30 girls working, mostly 6’s – 8’s, a couple of 9’s. Table dances are $10US, the girls get completely nude and spend the next 6-7 minutes doing EVERYTHING in their feminine power to entice you to fork over some more money to take them to a backroom to fuck them. During the table dances girls kiss your dick through your pants, rub and grind their naked pussies and asses on your cock, the rest of the time their hands are playing with your dick.(all through your pants) Meanwhile it is perfectly ok to suck and lick their tits, finger their pussies and grope their sexy bodies non-stop. It’s very easy to come in your pants just during the table dance but I wanted to get laid so I paid my 22 year old goddess the going rate of $120 and we went to a private room. The girl I chose, Jamie, was a 9 – I’d give her a 10 but her Dolly Parton sized tits weren’t real and I like natural breasts. Everything else about her was perfect – beautiful face, smile, perfect ass, great legs, great attitude and a body built for pleasure. I started off tit-fucking her, after a while she gave me a blowjob with condom and then we fucked in many positions. I finally came fucking her hot pussy from behind doggy-style.

Saturday night I went to Tabares and Chicas. Without question Tabares has the best looking women of Acapulco – lots of 8’s,9’s, and 10’s with a few 7’s. The choice was outstanding but don’t go there until after midnight. I arrived at 10:30 and the girls were still arriving. I almost left the club right away because the club had about a dozen male waiters dressed in ridiculous costumes on roller-skates. They were dressed as chefs, superman, gangsters, court jesters etc. Sexily dressed waitresses would be a much nicer touch! So glad I stayed! Goddess after goddess kept showing up. I ended up having sex with one beauty in a backroom for $120 and getting jerked off for $40 by a different girl in the private table dance area right next to 6 gorgeous, bare naked girls who were grinding away at their customers. I also had a few other girls give me table dances for $10. About 2am all 35 women working the club put on long evening gowns, got up on top of tables throughout the club(including mine!) and started sexily dancing to a fast-paced salsa song. Next a slow romantic tune came on and they all simultaneously stripped down to their thong underwear and bras. After a few minutes of this highly seductive dance they all stripped naked showing off every inch of their beauty. It was very erotic to see 35 beautiful women slowly strip naked at the same time. Tabares also has 2 other features which I found to be very erotic. No matter where you sat in the bar, you could view every girls locker. It was fun watching them dress and undress over and over. They also have a shower in full view and every girl must take a shower after dancing on stage. Many girls had guys soap up their tits, pussies and asses. I’m not sure if they had to pay to do it. There are thousands of guys having their credit cards charged $29.95 a month in the U.S. to watch girls on the Internet shower and get dressed. Here you get to see it live, closeup just for the price of admission. As you can tell, for me Tabares is excellent. About 3am I stumbled into Chicas and found the girls to be between a 5 and 8. No knockouts, I had one beer and left. Maybe the action as better earlier.

On Sunday night I explored strip clubs away from the main tourist hotels where mostly Mexicans go. These are located nearer to the town Zocalo. A few that I checked out were Isabelles, Kisses and Bar El Sombrero. The girls don’t speak English but I’m fluent in Spanish and had no problem. Girls were between 4’s and 8’s but in Bar El Sombrero (located at Vasco Nunez de Balboa #1010) I found a perfect 10. After buying her a drink I took her to a backroom for a table dance ($8US) in which I almost came. Fortunately I didn’t, she then agreed to go to a different private room where I could fuck her for $70US. The next half hour was spent fondling, squeezing, fingering, sucking , licking and fucking this perfect 10. I came as I stared at her gorgeous ass while fucking her doggie style.

I had never tried sex-for-hire before. After reading the high marks on Acapulco on this site, I went there to experience an adventure. Acapulco is the city of gouging. There’s no hotel shuttle bus between the airport and the hotels. I had to find my own transportation. The airport taxi service wanted $42 for the 8-miles ride to downtown. The airport shuttle bus company sold me a round trip ticket for $18. But when I tried to return to the airport, there was no shuttle bus and the office was closed! Tip: Do not use the taxi company located at the passenger exit. Go straight outside and negotiate with a taxi driver at the curb. One hundred to 150 pesos is fair. It’s a good idea to change dollars to pesos. Mexican currency has been quite stable and the locals are not eager to take the dollars. If you use dollars, you will likely overpay because the locals always want an exchange rate in their favor. I could use my American ATM card to draw pesos. I found it helpful to carry pesos in all denominations, since taxi drivers and clubs are extremely resistant to give back changes. Also, avoid the “tourist guides.” They are like leaches. Once you start talking to them, it’s very hard to get rid off them and they’d expect you to pay a hefty fee for the dubious service you don’t need. Summer is probably not the best time to visit Acapulco. The weather was uncomfortably hot and humid. Most restaurants are front-wall-less with no air conditioning. Taxies and many buses also don’t have air conditioning. Expect to pay at least $150 USD per night for a hotel room that is inferior to Motel 6 in the United States. I paid $100 USD at hotel El Presidente. It had only partial ocean view and the room had heavy urine smell. The next day I waited 4 hours and got a room at hotel Copacabana for $130 USD a night. The quality was not much better. There’s no soda machine at the hotels. I had to walk several blocks to get a drink from a convenient store.It’s better to forget driving in Acapulco. More than half the intersections have neither traffic lights not stop signs. Cars were missed by a split second. Miraculously there was no accident. There’s no pedestrian lights and pedestrians have no right of way even if they are walking on pedestrian crossings. On the bright side, Acapulco is a safe place due to the omnipresent police and private security guards. The foods were excellent but the price were also high. Almost all the locals can speak English. Of course, if you can speak Spanish you will have a more enjoyable time. There are many sex clubs in Acapulco. If you ask locals which one is the best, you would get different answers, depending on his taste or whether he receives a commission from the club. One taxi driver insisted on taking me to “Rebecca.” Upon my arrival, the management called a line up. Imaging you were surrounded by two dozen chubby and silicone women. I don’t know what you would do. I just ran for la salida! After a day’s activity at the beach, I began learning some of the best kept secrets of the sex clubs.

Lesson #1: One hour means when you cum.

Following the advice from the earlier posts on this site, I purchased a ticket from a street vendor for $5. The ticket could be used to 4 clubs, including Tabares and Foxys. Tabares is about 200 yards off the main street Miguel Aleman. The street vendor walked me to the club and I tipped him a dollar.

Is a well organized club. Everything was so carefully orchestrated. At the door, the bouncers, dressed in camouflaged fatigues, did body search on every patron, which was a bit intimidating. Once inside the club, I was shown to a table but not allowed to pick a spot on my own. A drink was about 55 pesos. Of course, if you buy one for your lady, she would earn a commission. The wait staff were all on roller blades and dressed up in devils or batman costumes. One guy dressed up like Sadam, which was not exactly what I’d like to see. Tabares must be a great place for 007. The music was deafening with the whistle blowers from the wait staff. When I needed to talk, I had to press my mouth on someone’s ear and shouted as loud as I could. The lights were so dim that I couldn’t see the value of a money note without a flash light.

Tabares indeed had the best looking hookers in town. About 10 or 15 of them, mostly 7 and 8, but there were also a few I wouldn’t do even if I get pay for it. The problem was impossible to get a good look at them due to the darkness and the artificial smoke. In the shadow, 7 and 8 looked like 9 and 10. Although all the women I talked to could speak English well enough to carry on a conversation, it was impossible to chat because of the loudness of the music. At midnight the girls were still arriving. They walked in, plastic bag in hand with personal belongings, just like any shift-workers. They got changed in their “uniforms” at the lockers and took showers, both were part of the club view. In the center of the club was the raised dance floor. The girls took turns dancing to advertise themselves. Some also asked me to buy a table dance. When I say no, they were not insistent.

Not before long this cute girl came and sat next to me. She’s a 7, appeared to be 5’8″ with high heels, shoulder length hair, and a bit skinny. She asked me if I wanted a table dance. I said no. She then sat there for ten minutes saying nothing but watching me, like a cat waiting for its snacks. I felt bad about it so I bought a table dance from her for $25. The cat lady took me to a private large dark room with four benches on the floor. Two bouncers were in the room making sure the customers not to become unruly, and that the girls not to bypass the club. I handed her $30 and asked for the change. She handed over the money to a bouncer, received a ticket, and put the ticket in her purse. The bouncer then disappeared. I was adamant to have my change back. I told her if I did’nt get my change then I was not going to do it. She went out the room and came back with the change. Now the music started again. She asked me to lay down on the bench, which I didn’t like it. She then rode on top of me and rubbed her pussy against my “little general” through my pants. She was quite responsive. Her tiny nipples were getting hard. But for me having some other guys lying just a foot away and
under the watchful eyes of two bouncers, it’s hard to get excited. A few minutes later, she told me softly “that’s it” and did not return to me for the rest of the night.

I went back to my table and saw the girl I was looking for. She’s a 10, appeared to be 6′, short dark hair, natural C size breasts, nice tan skin with glow-in-the-dark bikini. She sat by herself and did not hustle customers . We made eye contacts and she seemed a bit shy. When she passed my table, I grasped her hand. I asked her how much to go upstairs. She said $200 for an hour. I said how about 150? She smiled and said ok. I handed her the money. She asked me “condom?” I said yes. She left briefly and returned. She then took me to the “back room.” A bouncer was already waiting there. He handed her a ticket and she put it in her purse. I had the feeling the room was listened and probably watched. Well, here I was with the tan lady. The room had a normal lighting so I had a good look at her. She’s indeed very pretty with a big smile. However, she could have had some dental work, and she was much shorter (about 5’2″) without the high heels. I said you looked much taller before. She laughed and invited me to try the 10″ high heels. Still, she was passionate. She kissed my stomach and took my “little general” out. She was about to give me a fellatio with condom. I told her I didn’t like that. She seemed a bit relieved. We went to the vinyl mattress and began making love. At one point I could tell by her facial expression and her breath that she was about to have an orgasm. She then went on top of me with her killer twist. As soon as I came, she took my condom off and said “that’s it, no more.” I said it’s one hour, isn’t it? She said no, it’s done. She wouldn’t let me to cuddle her any more, although she still cuddled me a little. She tried to kiss me on the lips but I turned my head and gave her the cheek. We small talked a few minutes. She said shes 21, no boy friend, didn’t want to go to college, the job was easy, and the money was good. She then gave me another kiss on the cheek, and left. I had fully intended to give her a fat tip if the session went well. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

Lesson #2:
What you see is not what you get.

I decided to take a “revenge of the nerd.” This time I would control the session and drag as long as I could. Using the ticket I bought yesterday, I entered the Foxys at no cost. There’s no body search at Foxys and the music was American style at a reasonable volume. Still, the lights were as dim as Tabares. The girls were a bit pushy asking for table dances. When I said no, they kept hustling. Their English was inadequate for a conversation. However they looked very young and some of them were fantastic aerobic dancers. This waiter introduced a girl to my table but I was not interested. She didn’t seem to have the quality I was looking for. A few minutes later, I saw a girl dancing on the stage and her aerobics could parallel an Olympic gymnastic. She appeared to be 5’8″ with dark blond hair, very young looking, a perfect 10! I asked the waiter to invite her to my table. It turned out she was the one I had just rejected! I bought her a drink for 55 pesos. She was very sweet and hanging all over me. Then a waitress came selling recycled gifts, i.e. when you bought a girl a gift, the girl received a commission, and the gift went right back to the basket. I didn’t want to disappoint my girl so I bought her a teddy bear for 125 pesos. I handed the waitress 150 pesos but she refused to give back changes, saying the bear was 150 peso now. Again the girl asked me to buy a table dance. I said how about going upstairs? She could not understand. After a few rounds of “no comprender,” she said do you want fuky fuky? I said how much? She said 1300 pesos. I said too much. She said she had to pay for the back room so eventually I agreed. As soon as we were in the back room with good lighting, I was very disappointed. She was about 5′ without high heels. Her face was painted and her look was barely passable. Still, I decided to make the best out of the situation. Obviously my “little general” disagreed. Adding to the problem, the girl became totally uncooperative. She refused any cuddling and wanted my “little general” inside her right away. I said what’s the rush? I got one hour to go. I said well, you just wanted to finish me up and get out of here, didn’t you? She insisted on riding me at 65 miles per hour. After 5 minutes I didn’t come and she became exasperate. Finally I came and she jumped off right away. She went for a quick shower and came back laughing “what’s your problem?” I put on my pants and left without saying a word. I felt so used and dirty that I went back hotel and took a shower twice. I would never go back to Foxys again.

Next day I decided not to waste more money even though I had planed a “working day.” However I did go back to Tabares. I wanted to buy the tan lady a drink, at least she was pretty and had a better attitude. Surprisingly, the club was not crowded and the selection of the girls wasn’t great either. I noticed that without high heels, none of the girls were taller than 5’2″. Well, I didn’t see the tan lady. Shortly after midnight, the cat lady walked in to work. As she passed me to her locker she recognized me and said “Hola, do you remember me?” I mistook her as the tan lady so I said I was waiting for you. She changed her clothes and came back to me. I realized she was not the tan lady but the cat lady. But what the hell. I asked her if she would like to have a drink. She thought a moment and said yes. She began to reveal her assets and her hands went for my crotch. I almost asked her to go upstairs. But after the two previous days experience, I was very reluctant to be taken again. I stopped her advance and said I am sorry, no more table dances. I felt a little sweet revenge. She was very graceful and said “thats ok.” One minute later, she disappeared into the darkness. Well, so much for my adventure and curiosity in Acapulco. On the other hand, there are many beautiful babes in Acapulco, far more better looking than the working girls in the sex clubs.

The news about Acapulco action is that the Strip Clubs are still the place to go if you want to find a babe and get fantastic FS. First thing, stay away from the Brothels in the hills like Rebeccas. The girls are older. Plus they charge more $150. Now, as far as the strip clubs go, a year ago Tabares used to be the place. If you want a great friction dance, they still do that, rub your dick, you can still feel them up. But, the prices are like the states $20 per dance.

The place now is Las Chicas. Beautiful Young Girls! You still pay the same for a friction dance, but it’s well worth it. For $125 she’ll take you to a nearby hotel (the room is like a typical American hotel) and screw your brains out. She also gets into it.

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