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I got the impression that there is lots of sensual activity in general in the area, so I’m sure this report just scratches the surface. First place I went to during the day was Club Solei. This place has massage, pools, sauna, etc. in very nice, new facilities. The girls were all quite cute, say 7s to 9s. The entrance to the massage was about $25 and if you wanted a hand release and exploration of the ladies it was an extra $20. To my knowledge nothing else goes on, but all in all, not a bad way to hang out in the afternoon enjoying the massages and saunas etc.

After 10 pm, begins the action at one of the most fun places I’ve ever visited. The name of the place is Tavares. Actually, there are 2 nightclubs right together, it’s just I don’t remember the name of the 2nd place. But it doesn’t matter because they are literally about 30 feet apart and belong to the same owner. There is an entrance charge of approx. $6. This charge allows you access to the both clubs. The same very high quality women work at both places. The only real difference is the atmosphere in each place. Tavares is loud rock and roll, very high energy place. It’s difficult to hold much of a conversation with girls, but still a lot of fun. The waiters are zooming around the place on roller skates. Whereas the other club is more relaxed and the music is not as loud. Now for the best part. The girls are exceptional beauties (7-10s) and there are lots of them. Most are local to the Acapulco area, so if you’re like me and are fond of athletic looking morenas (dark-skinned), then this is heaven and you didn’t even have to die. The girls are available for full contact table dances for only 5 dollars. Sometimes the table dances are really passionate with the girl wearing nothing and making herself available for cunnilingus and all sorts of other depravity (anything goes except intercourse). A few girls are a little more modest and keep the bikini bottoms on. This gives a good inexpensive opportunity to see what the sweet young thing is like. My experience has been the better the table dance, the better her bedside manner.

About 90 percent of the ladies are available for take out service. The bar fine is 20 bucks and the ladies want between 75 and 100 US. In theory this is for 1 hour but in practice 4 out of the 5 times it turned into longer periods.

The first girl, named Angeles, I took home to my hotel was stunning. Short black curly hair, sweet personality, skin the color of cafe con leche, perfect body, in short the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been in the same room with. The sex was hot, her pussy even tasted like cinnamon. From the sounds of her moaning and breathing it appears a good time was had by all. A courtesan unlike any I’ve seen before or since.

The third girl Guadalupe, while not up to Angeles class, was nonetheless excellent as well. Her outstanding attribute was a world-class ass. After the first night 2 hour session, she came back the next evening uninvited (although very welcome) and we ended up hanging out all night and the next day. At the end of our time together she made clear that I could compensate her in whatever amount I wanted. This was a first for me and I paid her well.

Overall, these places are the best I’ve ever seen in Mexico. Excellent selection, moderate priced very hot table dances. They even had an onsite room in both places for romance, however since I had a nearby hotel, I didn’t try. If looking for an alternative to the destinations you’ve already visited or there on a convention, check them out.

Went to Acapulco in December 1996! After a trip on a small boat to La Roca, I found a taxi driver to get back to the hotel and he told me if I wanted to to meet a few girls. I told him OK,so he took me to a somewhat of massage placed called Imperial. Simply it was just an apartment house with two rooms that were divide into two small rooms with a shower. The girls were better looking than the two whore houses that I visited Raquels and Quintanas, one was up a hill and the other one was on the main highway to Mexico City. The session cost $60 for what ever time it took to finish. I went to several of the strip clubs, but I liked one girl that was a beauty, but did not go to bed with anybody. There is prostitution on the streets of Acapulco main drag by the bar that is built like an old pirate ship. I did see my taxi driver there, but I did not talk to him.

So I decided to spend the weekend – Friday/Monday – at the beach. A local travel agency sold me a last minute package to Acapulco with departure late afternoon ( Aeromexico ticket + 3 nights at the Radisson hotel ).

I took the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel located near the main avenue of Acapulco along the famous Acapulco bay ( Miguel Aleman Ave ).

First night I decide to visit the famous discos of Acapulco to pick up some amateur. I took a taxi who recommend me discos near the Hyatt and Days Inn hotels. You will find something like 5 discos in this area. The best was a disco called formerly ¨Disco News¨ All disco have the same rules : you pay entrance fee $20 including all drinks till 5:00 am ! I mean including all alcoholic drinks like Cuba Libre, Screwdriver…

The local girls are hot, very hot. Mexican girls in Acapulco are coming from the upper class/level of the Mexican society. Girls are well dressed and sexy. More than one girl was Jennifer Lopez look a like. Some girls start to touch me when dancing but didn’t want more than flirting with a gringo.

Saturday afternoon, I took a look at the beach but most of the girls where tourists except in the middle of the bay ( don’t remember the name of the big international hotel located next to this beach ). It’s a place where you can find a lots of beach bars and one open air discos on the beach.

I started the second night at one of these bar and met 2 Canadian guys. At 10:30 pm we decided to take a taxi to try other discos. They were in a disco located in the west part of the bay with the same experience as me last night, so we decided to try the discos located in the east part of the bay ( in fact near the Radisson hotel ). Taxi driver showed us 3 discos. This part of the bay was a bad choice : more expensive entrance fee, older customers, boring music and last but not least most of the girls were with boyfriends !!!

At 1:00 am we took a taxi who drop us at the Foxy night club. Seems that all taxi drivers know the address. It’s a strip bar full of young Mexican girls from 3 to 10 !!! Entrance was free, 80 % of the customers were Mexicans. Not expensive drinks.

We sit at the stage and watched the shows… All girls are available for private dances. Cost of private dance is 50 pesos. I took a set of 5 dances with a young stunning girl. Dances took place in the back of the main room where 5 seats are available. After the dances, a body guard asked me if I want to meet her for a more intimate moment ? All girls are available told him…

I agree and followed the girl trough a back door and the dress room to a small room with a mattress. No shower… She ask me if I wanted sex with or without condom.

Price was expensive for Mexico : 100 USD. She told me that it’s because I’m a gringo. But she offer me 45 minutes instead of 15 minutes she is usually offering to the Mexicans clients.

As she was good looking, I asked her if she wanted to spend the Sunday and Monday with me at the beach, walking in the old town, going out for dinner. She accepted my offer with a big smile !!!

Sunday she was waiting me in the hotel lobby as agreed. We had great time all day at the beach and in the big shopping mall :-))) as well as all evening in a steak house restaurant she chose. After a short time in a music bar, she asked me to go back to hotel…what I agree immediately !!! The night was long and enjoyable !!!

Monday afternoon, she only ask me $10 for a taxi before I left the hotel to reach the airport for my flight back to Mexico city – of course my credit card was charged for the jeans and the shoes…she found in the shopping mall the day before but anyway a great girlfriend experience

There is a spa called “Acapulco Spa” located a block off the beach. Check in the phone book for the listed in phone number. The entry fee is 400 pesos( 9 to the dollar), you get all day entry, 2 drinks and a one-hour massage. The spa has a sauna, steam room, and a swimming pool. The masseuse is chosen for you. They were all young chicas, 18 to 23 years old. 45 minutes into the massage, you are offered a choice of extras, from hand to full service. Prices range from 250 pesos to 800 pesos. No rush and a good atmosphere Nighttime action can best be found in the upscale Gentlemen’s clubs. The best group includes Tabares, Foxy’s, Las Chicas and Stars. The same people own them all and you buy one admission ticket that gets you into all four(80P). you can use this 4-part ticket in each venue until all 4 tickets are gone. Drinks are approximately 60 pesos, and the dancers are very hot. The unique thing is that all the lockers are along the walls of the clubs, so you get to see the girls changing and freshening up. They also shower in full view of you. Gets you ready for a private dance. Each dance is 200 pesos and takes place in a secluded back room. Tipping is extra, and anything goes back there. Full service is strongly encouraged and the salesmanship is admirable. Tipping ranges from 200 to 600 pesos. It turned out to be a fairly close-by alternative to my distant adventures.

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