Clubs and Bars

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Black Gold
2 doors down from BAR HAWAII and also the same deal but smaller more laid back.

Black jacks
I made a tour of club 21s’ centre ,consisting of several strip clubs next door to each other. Blackjacks is da bomb, great service ,clean girls 5-9.Club really starts rolling after midnight. Private dances 50 pesos, full service 1000 pesos. Great Cuban cigars and hot women in your lap. Life don’t much better da dis. And I thought New York was wild!

Calle 20 about 2 blocks before Super Maz. This is the most active of the daytime bars. Loud music, a stripper or 2. A shitload of Mexican Fishermen, at times 20 or 30 girls in the afternoon.

Casa Blanca
At the intersection of Yaxchilan Ave. and Sunyaxchen Ave. in downtown the Caribe International hotel sits above the bar and about 200 yards south of Club Loco. This is a show bar, topless bar and a take out service all in one. A huge place that doesn’t get going till the show starts 11.30 P.M. If you get there early the strays non-dancers try to convince you for a quickie at their place or your hotel. But hold out and wait for the main show or you’ll miss a selection of some beautiful women that show up at show time to strut their stuff they start in bikinis and work to less. For the strays, the starting prices are $100.00 but unless you can’t wait, I’d pass and wait for the floorshow. Once show time starts the main dancers are introduced around seven of them and they individually do a dance, which ends in “total” nudity. My waiter told me that all the girls are available for table dances and perhaps a private showing in your hotel room. Some girls will say no the girls are independents so if you want one of the beautiful stage dancers simply ask your friendly waiter or bar tender and he’ll ask her to join you for drinks and? Remember that the real stunners won’t ask you, so you have to ask them to join you! While you’re getting hot from watching the show you’ll have several girls offer themselves to you. Most of these girls know that if the dancers get to you first you will take the dancer and they will not make any money so they offer deals. Two girls offered me a special 2 for 1 but only if I left with them right now.

Chilly Willy’s
I’ve been there many times and learned some good lessons. My favorite place is Chilly Willy’s. It’s about a 30 min. ride from the hotel zone. But as mentioned in other reviews, be careful with the taxi drivers. They’ll try to wait for you and get an exorbitant fee. We even told one driver “Do Not Wait” several times. We paid him $20US for the trip there. We spent about 4 hrs. in the joint and when we came out, there he was. We believe he understood us, but gambled that we’d ride back with him and he could charge us for the wait. Stupidly, we got back in his cab and half way back he tells us we owe him $80. I told him to get screwed. The next thing you know he pulls up to this little “policia” precinct with many Uzi carrying officers. He spoke some lightning fast Spanish to a sergeant, who proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms “Pay the man, or go to jail” In my drunken fury I stuck my hands out and said, “Take me away”! Very luckily some touristo friendly Cancun local cops came along and saved the day. They straightened everything out and even took us back to our hotel. Sorry for the long story, but I hope you’ll heed my warning.

Back to Chilly Willys. Great place. Plenty of great looking girls from all over Latin America. The last time I went, the cover was $30, which included all you can drink. I’ve heard that’s gone up. It’s been two years since my last trip, although I’m scheduled to go Oct. 11 of this year! As far as purchasing a lady, I’ve never paid more than $100.US. This takes some negotiating skills or a good line of shit. My best story is that all I have left is the $100. Take it or leave it baby! Unless you resemble Yoda, they will almost always bite on it.

Chilly Willy Cost of taxi is $20 USD one-way (I could have negotiated )Entrance to Chilly $35 USD Paid per session: $150 USD/hr (could have negotiated) Total cost: $225 USD

Entrance for Mexicans is 60 pesos and a trip to the room is 500 pesos. Gringos or those not passing for Mexican can bargain for $80 to visit the room. Entry however is not negotiable.

Outside of town is a place called “Chillie Willies” that is similar to Casa Blanca but more reasonable priced. I was content to have fun at Casa Blanca and the other places downtown. Several friends did and said worth the trip.

You might try visiting “Plaza 21” which is the Official Zona Roja for men. Prices are lower and you won’t pay entry. Most taxi drivers know where this “Plaza 21” is.

Club Loco
Downtown on Yaxchilane Ave. This club is in a bottom back basement of a third rate hotel but it is wild and crazy. You almost sit underneath the dancers and in complete contrast to clubs like Bolero’s, almost anything goes here and they don‘t try to rip you off. No entrance fee or camera check. The bar next door is a gay bar.

This is near the bridge for Villahermosa. Take a taxi never walk here at night. This is the late night spot where everybody goes after everything elses closes. It starts happening around 1 or 2 am and goes until daylight. Any girl in this place is hot to trot. It is a very safe place but the road coming into it is not. The same lady owns this bar LA PLATAFORMA & LA PERLA but this is the best one of the 3.

El Buche
This is right around the corner from La Plataforma. It is a small bar, restaurant. A couple of girls, if nothing you like have a beer and move on. Another thing almost any of the waitresses (or as they say “Meseras”) will see you after work for a few pesos. There are some lookers here in all of these bars.

El Camaron
North of calle 56 (tell a taxi driver) This is a bar just like Plataforma. A few girls, some fine
Meseras, live music. Same deal.

2 doors down from LA PERLA and the same deal.

On Lopez Mateo 2 blocks past the Pemex Dock just past the bridge(going towards centro). It has a few working girls after 11:00 and some hot dancers. The dancers are pretty much high dollar. It cost like $150 to take them out of the bar and she only gets part of this so this isn’t an option unless you want to spend some serious dollars. The working girls are usually 500 pesos plus you have to pay a salida of 120 pesos. Never show up here before 11:00 pm. A lot of the girls won’t show until after Midnight. It’s good sometimes and sometimes dead but has some fine dancers where you can get some warm up table dances.

La Cueva Pirata
This is right around the corner from Jardines. It is in a hotel called SUITES JADE pronounced “sweets ha day”. It is a small bar upstairs that always has girls. Some very pretty ones also. The girls here will want from 300 to 600 pesos. You can rent a room here for 100 pesos or they will leave with you. Any girl in here is available. Some of the street girls will go back and forth from Jardines and here. Both places require the girls to have their health cards but the same girl might be a little cheaper here. No salida fee here.

La Pachanga
this bar is located in San Nicolas. It burned about a year ago and I don’t know if it has reopened yet but if so is a good place. Also a Mexican bar but no problem here. many of the girls live in San Nicolas so this is the place closest to home for them. No hotels real close but it is right on the beach so lots of possibilities here. Taxi to a hotel or late night skinny dip just remember a towel.

La Perla
Located on Playa Norte across from the zoo. Always lots of girls here. They will start to arrive around 7 or 8. It is a Mexican place but they are used to gringos here. It was closed for a while and may still be but this is probably the best place on the island. Girls from 200 – 400 pesos. No salida and always a line of taxi’s out front.

La Platforma
Calle 47 , this is a typical Mexican afternoon hangout. They have a couple of dancers (clothed) and live music. There will be a few girls in there in the afternoon. There will also be a shitload of Mexicans in there getting drunk. They won’t bother you but you might get a few stares. The daytime circuit requires a little moving around to find what you want but it’s there. keep going to all of these places and you will find several attractive girls. It’s better to have a Mexican with you for your 1st few trips to any of these bars. Spanish is the only language spoken in any of these places. They have seen plenty of gringos they are just not used to seeing them in these bars. All locations are totally safe.

La Selva
This is my favorite daytime bar in Del Carmen. It has a stripper in the afternoon (yes she can be had) and a few girls in the bar and also more Meseras. One thing in any of these places you have to make the 1st move. Tell the Mesera that you want the girl to come over. Buy her a drink and make a deal. No salida in any of these places and you can get a girl to go with you for about 200 pesos plus about 60 for a room. Afternoon sex with a young Mexicana for under $30, yes.

Playa Caracol
Located at Playa Caracol which is beside Manigua. A rough part of town but ok if you go in a taxi. A small bar, also has a hotel attached. Girls are so so sometimes better than others. if it is slow you can take the dancers out for around 500 pesos or just take her into one of the private rooms.

At the “Party Plaza” and on the opposite side of (the third floor) Bolero is a bar called “Shampoo”. The girls call this the hooker bar because all the girls here are private contractors. There are a few dollar entrance fees and a nice and comfy disco. You can ask the girl to dance, drink or whatever else you want but be warned, it is expensive. The starting price seems to be around $300 dollars the girl was a knock out but for 300 she would need to stay the week, not a few hours.

On the highway leaving towards Campeche. It has a motel attached and you can take the girls out but expensive I asked once and was told 1,300 pesos and the girl I wanted wouldn’t go so I didn’t pay that for any other.

On the edge of San Nicolas a local joint with about 4 dancers. Closes at 8:00 PM and you can take any of the dancers for around 500 pesos. I took one from here. Kept her until 11:00 PM. I bought a bottle of rum that we drank and when I asked her how much she said she wasn’t there for the money. I gave her 500 pesos as I had did her 3 times then took her home.

Cancun my first paid experience. Me and 2 buddies in August of 1997 stayed for 3 nights. Didn’t get lucky first 2 nights so agreed to go to one of the “strip clubs” as a last resort. We had heard that there were 2 clubs in the northern part of Cancun that had strippers who would leave with you for a certain price. We walked in and sat at the first table. I saw mostly Hispanic with some Caucasian (probably Eastern European). 2 Hispanics sat at our table and being a newbie and real excited, I decided to deal with them instead of looking around. I negotiated what I thought was each of them does each of us once for $200 a piece. Getting a girl into the hotel requires paying off the doorman. Being a cheap bastard I decided to run a diversion while the 2 other guys snuck the girls up. So, while I’m running around, girl A starts blowing friend 1 (BBBJ) and girl B starts fucking friend 2. When I finally arrive both couples are having sex on the 2 beds. Working Girls feel sorry for me and promise that they will both do me. Long story short, I ended up with both girls taking turns on me.

Try checking out Plaza 21 and Chilly Willy’s. Just ask around while in the bars and I’m sure you’ll find someone. Most cab drivers know where these places are. CW is more upscale, there is also a second one near Tulume.

What a man’s heaven Chilly Willy’s a short drive or Bolero and Shampoo right in the hotel district in Cancun, offer anything and everything you could want and more. and pretty cheap!

We went to Bolero each night and saw unbelievable women each time. Sure, there were a few dented cans and a few women that I would pay only to watch my back in a bar fight, but for the most part……….OLE, baby! these women are very pretty and extremely cool. Not many scammers, but some. NEVER go for the price they quote, always haggle, but do it diplomatically, as it may affect the level of service you receive. You don’t want the woman who is about to make you feel good to not like you. Just act like you spent all your money on booze and are really upset you can’t afford them, and suddenly, magically almost, the price comes down. Most will ask for $30-40 US for a lap dance in the back, but ALL will do it for $20 if you tell them that’s all you can afford. A BJ should run about 80-100. any more and you are getting ripped off. Most will demand condoms, but some will start you without and then put it on with their mouth later. All have great skills and will make it fun regardless. One girl kept my friend in the back room of Bolero for over 45 minutes, refusing to stop until he came. (rubbers are a problem for him) I guess it was a pride thing with her. Don’t you just love a girl who puts her heart and soul into her job?

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