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In Guadalajara there are a few places I will update one by one. KAOS-is one of the most expensive allot of the women have gone to a new club that opened because management does not pay on time, despite all the money that they make. If you go to Kaos you need to see a captain named Remey, tell him that a friend from the US sent you so as to bypass the cover charge. There usually isn’t a cover charge and it really depends on how you are dressed. Once inside the girls are rank as STARS, Dancers and company. If you want to screw you will pay about 2000 pesos for a STAR, 1000-1500 for a Dancer and the women who’s main function to be a company can go for 1000 or less depending on how you negotiate. All rates are negotiable. Now lately the local law enforcement has been strictly enforced. so, with that I’m mind you may not be able to screw inside the place. So, you will have to negotiate that you take them to a hotel and then there is a out bound fee of 800. Best to negotiate with the women on how to best resolve this issue. Dances are about 150-200 pesos. Pay with cash if possible, and watch what you drink and what the women drink, some of the waiters have a bad habit to add drinks to your bill. Some waiters will even ask you to buy them a drink. oh, and not to many of the women speak English, but talk with Remey tell him what you are looking for and he will help.

The second place to visit while in Guadalajara is called Golden Palace. The women here come from various clubs in the city. This is a newest club in the city and therefore very expensive. This club has no sex in the club so skills in negotiate is a must. The interior is very nicely set up and very comfortable. you will have anywhere from 20-50 women in the club most range from 7-10 in looks. But you have to understand that these women are in BUSINESS and therefore will negotiate a high price. If they feel they are wasting their time with you they will get up and leave at a drop of a hate. Negotiate cash with them and you will start off well.

Here’s the rundown on a few of the clubs in the city. All prices are in pesos
Rameses had some nice girls. Saw one that I liked but it was early afternoon, I decided to wait. Never made it back. Basic deal at Rameses is P$1000 to P$1500 for the girl and P$650 for a room. Various lap dance options at P$150 to P$500.
Juniors had some pretty women as well, but do not have on site private rooms. Only a small room with a chair. Prices were P$1000 and I suspect upward for the girl, P$500 bar fine, and then a hotel room cost for a 2 hour take out.
Kaos had some lookers as reported. There were a couple of 9s in here. However, with the entry fee, a round of drinks, etc. I was out P$300 before I looked around. After the prices at the earlier clubs, and their being too much noise in here to talk, I started to get sticker shock and left after an hour without pricing things. Also Kaos, is a ways away from everything else and the cab fares will get to you. Del-Dia The quality of girls here was not great. There were 8 girls working in the 4 to 6 range. The price including the room for full service was quoted at P$800 this was a decent rate if I could have found something worth taking.

The third place to visit in Guadalajara is called Juniors Bar in the city of Tlaquepaque. The club will feature about 15-40 women on a weekend. This place once inside is very dark and they will request a door fee at the entrance, but ask for the manager and tell them that you are here to spend money and not waste time. Be confident even if you buy a coke, there is a two drink minimum so start with a coke and work your way up once you feel comfortable with the place. The women will look anywhere between 4-10. Sex rates are if you stay inside the place is 1000-1500 if you take them out it will be around the same amount plus an additional 600 for the exit fee. Drinks here are cheaper than Golden Palace or KAOS. The main problem here is the DJ he doesn’t know how to shut up. This is a nice cheap clean place to go.

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