Chicago Gentlemen’s Club Tijuana

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Chicago Gentlemen’s Club Tijuana
Av Constitución 414
Zona Nte., 22000 Tijuana, B.C.
GXQ6+7F Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Open 24 Hours


Brothel Chicago Br Tijuana Baja Mexico

Chicago Club

During a recent visit on a Tuesday I had a chance to check the club in the afternoon and evening. Things were slow and have been for some time now, this was according to what I saw during the visit and the doorman who I know from many trips. At 6pm there was not much going on, around 9pm things started to pick up. I counted about 20 women in the evening and about 8 during the afternoon.

Cost of a trip to the room can be had for $50 plus $11 for the room for about 30 minutes. Since business is slow women are more likely to accept lower offers so start your bidding low and don’t be afraid to say no. The dollar is up in Mexico and due to this each dollar means more pesos.

This is more an advice column for the newbies. A warning about picking out the first hot looking chica you see. Take your time…sit down and grab a few drinks…kick back and watch the prospects and see how they react to certain things the mongers do as they approach and negotiations begin. Sometimes guys will touch the girls…an arm around the waist…hand on an elbow or ass cheek. Surprisingly, how they react may be used as a barometer to what you should expect. Some girls don’t care or are very mild in their disapproval of getting touched. Some are outright violent or take a vehement stand against this type of approach. I won’t tell you which ones to avoid. They’ll be watching the clock like they worked for Timex. Also take the time to wait til a prospect goes upstairs. Take out a watch and time her. See if she comes down alone in 10 to 15 minutes. This is a bad sign. You can almost guarantee that the words “You finish now” has passed her lips.

I went to the Zona Norte , and saw plenty of girls. I found Claudia leaning up against a wall on the west side of Constitucion near the corner of Calle Coahuila. We chatted while I kept her warm for about 15 minutes or so before I headed over to HK and Miami bars. I had a beer at HK while watching a pair of dancers rolling around in whipped cream, which was quite a show to see! Afterwards I stopped off at Las Chavelas for a quick walk around, then I ended up at Adelitas! She was booming, although there were not as many quality girls, but then there were not as many guys either. After a couple of walks around and a beer, I bailed and headed back over to HK. HK was filled with locals, I saw maybe 3 Americans, that’s it! Some of the girls were good looking, but I noticed that they weren’t leaving the bar with the customers, so I thought maybe they weren’t allowed to “go upstairs.” I watched another girl do a hot strip dance while hanging upside down, which was really good too! I finished my beer and again went over to Adelitas, but this time I ran right into Evelyn, the last girl I had in TJ. She was looking good, better than anyone else I’d seen that night, so we chilled for a bit while she had some drinks and another beer for me. Just as before, she was hotter than hell, but this time I let her have it good, none if this “no finish, go long time” crap! Actually, the sex was fantastic, but I wanted to save some cash for another girl for later on, so I came just minutes before the room attendant knocked on the door. This time Evelyn and I walked down together hand in hand, then she kissed me on the cheek before heading off to the girl’s room…

I grabbed a couple of tacos from the stand down the street from Adelitas, then I strolled over to Chicago for a quick look-see. The place was dead, and the girls were not up to par, so I walked back over to Adelitas and saw that Evelyn was already on another customer! I found that to be amusing, she has a good routine going which seems to be almost pre-programmed, but since I saw nothing else of interest, I went back over to HK. The girls there were looking better and better at about 2:30am, the crowd had thinned but all the girls had remained! I grabbed a ringside seat and ordered another beer, then I watched in amazement while some hot chica proceeded to rock my world! She was so beautiful, she was tall, slender, and best of all, she looked Asian! Her long golden brown hair was so beautiful, and her eyes were so so so soooo killer sexy! Her body was so tight and firm, her ass was abundant without being too big, and her tits were a perfectly shaped yet natural C cup which stood at attention with much enthusiasm! Anyway, I was mesmerized by this chica and I had to have her! Then, off came the see-through skirt, and to my total delight was this tiny little shaved pussy, no panties were adorned so I had the best view of her when she squatted down in front of me and pulled her legs wide open for me to get a full view! My dick was pounding hard and I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but I waited ‘til she was finished with her routine before I motioned for the manager to come over to me. I asked her if I could take the dancer to a room, then she walked away without a word. She discussed it with another manager, and he then took off for a few minutes. He came back with the news that I could take her upstairs for $70.00, but I negotiated it down to $60.00 WOW, no shit! Damn, in a few minutes he came back to lead me to my dream girl in waiting, I sat beside her and I told her she had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen! She was shocked, she never heard that before, but I assured her that she was so very sexy with her beautiful eyes! We talked for a while, and then we went off to the hotel upstairs next to HK and Miami! The room was $12.00, Azul was $60.00 and worth every penny of it! We went overtime as she did not want to end our date, but she asked for no more money, just only for my time! We made love, slowly, deeply, passionately, we really had a connection that was more than just good sex! She told me about her family, where she is from, and a few things that are personal, and she showed genuine concern for me when I told her I had been working hard with 2 jobs (to pay for my TJ trips). This was a real girlfriend experience, complete with kissing and with her coming hard, which in turn I blew my nut along with her! She let me continue to pound her slowly for several minutes after we came, and when the attendant started knocking, she insisted on going overtime without additional cost! We were in the room for 55 minutes, she was stalling the attendant with things in Espaniol, not much of it I understood, but the gist was she wanted the guy to back off! Eventually we left the room together, but she asked for my phone number and E-mail address, and she gave me her cell phone number and E-mail address as well. I’ve already sent her an E-mail to say thanks and that I am looking forward to a long time session with her next time!

We gave each other a big hug and a kiss, then she went down an elevator to her room to go eat something, and I headed back to Adelitas for one more walk around and a smoke before I hailed a cab. I knew at this point Claudia would be furious with me for standing her up, as I had told her earlier that I’d be back for her! Of course she knew I wouldn’t be back, but I promised anyway! Sorry Claudia, but my experience with Azul was much too wonderful to have passed up on! I truly love that shaved pussy, not to mention she is tighter than hell! After watching her dance moves and wishing that my cock was the recipient of those moves, then to have this hot chica actually doing those very same moves only with more enthusiasm, was more than I could take! I was totally spent after fucking Azul, and my legs were wobbly for quite some time afterwards! The cab ride back to the border was quick, and the walk through was a snap, in all, from Adelitas to my parked car was a total of 16 minutes! It was 4:19am when I started my ice cold Blazer up to get some heat going! It was 4:24am when I hit the 805 fwy., and it was 5:49am when my head hit my pillow in my Santa Ana home. I slept like a rock until noon this afternoon!

A few side bars…

The cab driver that took me from the border into the Zona Norte took me to a massage place located behind La Tropa Bar, just down the street from Adelitas. I went along just because I was curious, but I did not buy in to this potential rip off scheme. I looked at the line up, and although the girls were young and cute, I saw none that rocked my world. The cabby was pissed, but fuck him, I asked him to take me to Adelitas, not to this place! I only gave him $5.00 for the ride, nothing for the side-trip!

I met up with some really suspicious looking characters while heading back from behind La Tropa to the main action just west of Constitucion. But as they appeared to be eyeing me, I shot some mean FU looks of my own, they left me alone as I walked past them, but glancing over my shoulder ‘til I was safe!

The address of Hotel Coahuila is 1439 Calle Coahuila, the address of Adelitas is 1441…

After enjoying a couple of quick tacos, I wandered over to the Chicago Club, but at the SW street corner I was met by a TV, he grabbed me and was trying to grope me, but my attempts to push him away were meager at best. I wasn’t trying to start a fight, I only wanted him to get off me! A cabby watching this yelled some shit to the TV, then he ran off! I thanked the cabby for his thoughtfulness, what he did was totally cool!

Some guys have asked why do some of the girls ask for phone numbers or exchanges of address, etc. It seems quite simple, times are hard up for these girls now since 911, and it seems that there is more money to be made from private arrangements such as in employing an escort! I think when times are slow, the girls can reach out to their clientele and seek business to keep them going until the bar action increases. Either that, or the girls really like you and want to keep in touch on a personal level… You pick.

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