Escorts Mexico Lindo Bar

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Escorts Mexico Lindo Bar Tijuana Mexico

Mexico Lindo Bar
Tijuana, B.C.
Tel US (614) 469-1053

You can call our US number for faster answers at: 615-469-1053
This is not a cell number so please do not text.

Alternately, you can email us direct at

Open 24 Hours

Pricing and Specials
Current date prices are below. In addition to the fees for the women, the client pays the hotel and the taxi for those women that do not drive (if you are not in the taxi, you do not pay for a taxi). Hotels (La Mansion and La Premier) generally runs less than $30, and round-trip taxi is generally $10 (you only pay taxi if you are riding in the taxi). Clients pay the hotel when arriving, and the woman at the conclusion of the date, but please pay her in the room. It is best not to be handling money in front of the drivers and hotel staff.

We recommend that you carry small bills for the taxi drivers, as they often will not have change. The hotel can make change for the room rental and please have exact change for the women. Tipping is appreciated, but never requested, and should be when you feel the service is exceptional. Prices are for GFE (girlfriend experience) services and the price to the right is for bi-sexual dates (per woman) and Greek for those few women that provide that service.

Recently several of our clients have asked for the dates to start earlier to share dinner or a movie and we are now offering 10 hours for $400 starting at 8pm and ending at 6am.

Please be advised these prices are in US currency. If you must pay in pesos, please call the agency before your date to get a conversion.


One hour $150
Two hours $240

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