Donna’s Ranch

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Donna’s Ranch
679 8th Street
Wells, NV 89835
Tel 775 752-9959

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66 Miles from Wendover (Border of Utah)
50 Miles from Elko
115 Miles from Twin Falls Idaho
181 Miles from Salt Lake City
140 Miles from Ely

Interesting enough the “accountant” who used to manage the books for the former owner took this place over. They also took over the old Calico Club in Battle Mountain and renamed it Donna’s Battle Mountain Ranch. These guys have gone nuts with the typical promotional items and even further with (portable blow jobs) balloons, match books, calendars, cups, ball caps etc. Sometimes food is served at no extra charge. Known as the the oldest Nevada brothel by some.

Step into the covered entry way and ring the buzzer. Once in the door to the far left a door leads to the men’s room. Straight ahead is the bar and to the right of the bar is a hallway that leads back to the rooms. Make a right down the hallway and another right there is a shower room. This is probably offered to truckers but I had no problem using it (not on the clock) prior and after my session. Just behind the bar to the left you’ll often see the women pass a doorway, this is the entrance to the kitchen area.

Since there are only two brothels in town and located less then a hundred feet apart talent tends to float back and fourth between them. YMMV and while $100-$150 can get you a good half and half ride it will depend on the lady. Once seated at the bar the bar tender or madam will almost always ask if you’d like to see the ladies. Should you choose this option, a line up will form just behind the wall to the right of the bar. The women are called to position by the ringing of a bell.

Plentiful and made for trucks there is ample room for large rigs and even space to spend the night and shower. Just a stones throw away is Bella’s Ranch so you won’t even need to move your car.

Since the recent change of hands to a new owner Donna’s has taken over most of the talent from the Hacienda ranch next door. The place has gotten a whole new face lift. Customers are given a bar of chocolate, a take home blowjob, hot bowl of soup and a sandwich. Talk about improvements. Prices start at $60, this is what they tell you.

Yes, I agree with the improvements at Donna’s. Was there in Feb. this year. Paid a little extra and got the hot tub and the round bed in the special room with the mirror on the ceiling. I was fun but don’t ask me to tell you if it was worth the extra $$$. Partied with Jamie for the second time. She is good. Other than Jaime and Amber, did not see an improvement in personnel. Just not very many good brothel workers in Wells. You might need to make an appointment to get one of the better girls.

Donna’s is the king of the freebies, chocolate, balloons, calendars, and as usual a pen. Hey the food is not too bad either. I saw some of the best looking women I’ve ever seen at Donna’s in Wells in 2002. Things are looking up even if prices have risen.

Hi guys. My name is Dyana. If you’re ever thinking of coming to Bellas’ in Wells, visit me. My home page is I’m blonde, hazel eyed. 5″4′ and 36e-30-36. Check me out or email me on my site.I’m also available at the wild kat ranch in Mina, Nv. or Xoxo-Dyana


It was common the gals along the interstates would use CB radios to befriend the lonely truck drivers and get them to stop in to make a buck or two

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