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I was traveling through Nashville, and decided to stop by Dawn’s on 8th ave, but couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s closed. I instead decided to stop in at 1205 and had a great time. They don’t mess around there. I rang the bell and the bouncer opened the door and politely frisked me to be sure I had no weapons. The fact that there is a bouncer who has to unlock the door before you can come in made me feel a little more confident that the police would not be barging in unannounced. He went to the back and brought out four girls, a brunette, a redhead, a black girl, and an Asian girl. I took the redhead. She took me to the back to a room and told me they have three session prices. $45 for half an hour (which I found out later is code for a HJ), $75 for 45 minutes (BJ), or $125 for an hour (FS). I of course took the hour, paid her and she went to go put in the money. When she returned, she told me to get comfortable and take my clothes off and then she got right to business. She took her clothes off and put a condom on me and then asked what position I would like. I told her I liked it all and she got on top and got right to work. This girl really loved her work. She encouraged me to slap her ass and pull her hair and said she didn’t mind having her head banged against the wall. I came but kept inside her so we kept at it for at least another 35-40 minutes, trying several positions, and I am certain she had at least 2 orgasms, maybe a third – like I said she likes her work. It was an hour session, but we honestly were back there for an hour and a half. She never rushed anything and we talked for a long time. Overall, a really nice girl who knows what she’s doing. I will definitely go back next time I’m in Nashville

To be right in the middle of the Bible belt, Nashville can be a very sinful town. There are probably more relaxation centers per capita than any other city in the country. I think there are so many because the city is far enough away from other big cities that it attracts so many women to work in them. To have so many massage parlors Nashville, and Tennessee in general, has very few escorts.

Nashville is usually divided by Broadway St. running north and south and 8th Ave. running east and west. 8th Ave is to Nashville massage parlors as the Strip is to Las Vegas casinos. 8th Ave. turns into a north and south street and parallels I-65 in the southern part of Nashville. Nashville massage parlors are divided in a few seperate groups. There are places where you can get full service for less money. Some places have full service for a lot of money. Some places have girls that do FS along with some that don’t. In some places the farthest you can go is BJ. And the rest you can get HJ’s in.

5th Ave Spa
818 5th Ave South Ph. 615-251-1518
$40 for 30 min., $100 for 45 min., $120 for the hour
Five blocks south of “International Fantasy’s”. It is next to the self-proclaimed “Worlds Largest Adult Bookstore” This has been the location for several massage parlors off and on over the years. They have set prices for the sessions and the girls have set prices for the extras. They have been opened for about 6 months. Early on they were showing some pretty good looking girls but they have slid back to about average here lately.

A-One Natalie’s
2803 Nolensville Rd Ph. 615-254-6500.
A few miles east of downtown on Nolensvile Rd. is A-One Natalie’s. This is a fairly new place that I’ve only been to 2 times. It is rather small but it does have a large table shower room with a large whirlpool. Both of my sessions were the same price which is encouraging. $60 entry fee but I got FS for only $60 extra. My last session started with a pretty good looking Phillipino looking girl and she asked my if I was interested in two girls. I said yes and she brought in an American girl that was about a 5. We had a fairly good time and it only cost me another $40 for the extra girl. I stiil would like to get a girl in that huge hot tub of their’s.

Bamboo Gardens
974-D Murfreesboro Rd Ph. 615-399-0681.
Bamboo Gardens used to go by another name. Oriental Girls. You have to go upstairs.

Cleopatra’s Health Studio
On 8th Ave. about a block north from Kathy’s and Dotties is Cleopatra’s Health Studio. They used to have the best looking girls of the smaller clubs. But about 4 years it started sliding downhill rapidly. The bigger places were hiring the good looking girls away. The last time I was in there about 5 years ago there were 5 girls and the one that weighed the least was around 180 pounds. They don’t advertise so I don’ t know if they have changed. The best experience I’ve ever had was in Cleopatra’s in 1991.

2214 8th Ave South Ph. 615-269-0226
$40 for 30 min., $80 for 45 min., and $120 for the hour.
Desiree’s is on the right kind of up on a hill. Desiree’s is very hit or miss. They sometimes run specials like two girls for $100 or $100 hour hot tubs on Friday and Saturday nights. I did the two girl special one Tuesday and had a very good time. But there can also be some talent working there that are downright scarry. The last two times I’ve been there the best girl there rated about a 5.

2207 8th Ave South. Ph. 615-385-4842. $120 for the hour.
Across the street from Sunny’s on 8th Ave. is Dotties. You have to park around back and walk up a flight of stairs to ring the bell. 4 to 5 girls working at a time but here they almost always ask for a tip

Executive Pleasures
24-A 3rd Ave South Ph. 615-256-2419
Downtown on 3rd Ave. It is very hard to find. They are in a kind of a row of businesses that are back off the road a little bit. Plus that part of town is not very nice anyway. I have only been there once. They have a couple of other better than average looking girls working but there are only 2 or 3 there at a time. $100 to $120 for the hour

1 Hana’s Bath House
1915 1/2 Church St. Ph. 615-327-1700.
Church St. is a couple of blocks away from Broadway. They are an Oriental type spa also. They generally have only 4 to 5 girls at a time but most are very pretty. $60 to enter then the $300 tip for FS. They feature some very pretty girls in their ads in Nashville Times.

2217 8th Ave South. Ph. 615-269-5330. $120 for the hour.
y’s is on 8th Ave. right next door to Dotties. You’d think they are the same place since they’re right next to each other.

1809 8th Ave South Ph. 615-463-2829. $60 entry fee, $300 for FS. Further up north on 8th Ave. you come to the first Nashville super parlor as we call them. This is Kimono’s. It is on the left just after you cross the turnoff to the interstate. It has a big red neon sign on the building. Here you pay your $60 to the house mother then she brings out the lineup. Sometimes as many as 8 to 10 girls at a time. They are generally very pretty. I had the prettiest girl I’ve ever had in Nashville here on my birthday 2 years ago. Your girl will take you back into the room and tell you to get undressed and slip a towel around you. You will then go back to get a table shower. This is where you lay face down first and the girl scrubs your body down with soap and a loofa. She stays full clothed during this. Then she turns you over and does the front. After she dries you off she asks if you prefer wet sauna or dry sauna. All of the time you are doing this your wallet is safe in a little zip bag that you carry with you. Then you get back to the room. She will then undress and ask you what you want. If you tell her that you want everything it will cost you a $300 tip. These girls will give you a better massage especially the oriental ones. They’d better for $300

511 8th Ave South Ph. 615-255-9177. $60 entry fee, $300 to $320 for FS.
Miko’s does not advertise much at all. They have been the subject of police raids a few times over the years. Miko’s is also a typical oriental spa. Table shower, sauna, massage then whatever you and the girl decide. $60 entry fee to the house mother then $300 for FS. The last time I was in Miko’s I was expecting 4 or 5 oriental girls to come out. But I was shocked when nearly 15 girls lined up. 90% percent of them were gorgeous Playboy types. Killer bodies and beautiful faces. Only 3 or 4 of them were Oriental and they were stunning. But as I said I haven’t been there since their troubles with the law and I don’t know if their talent level has dropped off. Every time I pass there though, there are several cars out front so they might still be doing big business. On the plus side they have a full time security guard and you have to pass through a metal detector to get in.

I was going to try Miko’s today because they showed some very good looking talent in their latest ad. Even though it was going to cost over $300, I thought I should give some information to the guys who might want to try Miko’s. There was only one problem. IT WAS CLOSED AGAIN!!! This seems to be an ongoing problem. Open for a few weeks then closed for a few more. Guys the only advise I could give you is to possibly call before going or drive by and if the neon open sign is not lit up then they are closed. If they are open and you are willing to spend over $300 for everything, you should try it once. Everytime I have been there they’re lineup consisted of about 10 georgeous ladies. And the sessions were great. I’ll try to keep you informed

I decided to take one for the team and visit Private Fantasy. It is in the basement of a nude dance club called Big Als Showplace. They have been showing some nice looking women in their ads. There was not much of a selection considering it was Saturday night. I picked the thinnest blonde. I thought her when she worked at the Whirlpool Canter. Between now and then she must of had a baby because she has som serious stretch marks. It basically works the same as Private Dancer, you are paying for the dancers time. Whatever happens behind closed doors is strictly between you and the girl. She quoted me $100 for BJ $150 for FS and $200 for both. Just to take one for the team I chose both. She talked a good game made all the good moans and groans but I could tell she wasn’t very interested.

This is the bottom line, I would avoid this establishment at all costs. There is so much better in Nashville for a lot less money.

2528 8th Ave South Ph. 615-298-5388
$120 for the hour. Some girls ask for tips, some don’t.
Starting at the sluth end of 8th Ave. the first place you will come to is Sunny’s. It is on the right just behind a chicken place. It is very hard to spot and you will miss it if you are not careful. I’ve been there several times generally with good results. At Sunny’s just like about every other place in Nashville, 30 min. means massage +HJ, 45 min. means massage +BJ, and 60 min. means massage +FS. I always go for the hour everywhere unless the girl is so unattractive that I don’t want FS. Most times your massage may just be a running of her hands over you back a couple of times. The girl takes you back in the room and asks you how long you want to stay. I have paid the girl for the hour and gotten everything for no extra tip. But there have been a few that will ask for a tip to enhance your session. The girls at Sunny’s have generally rated from 5 to 8 on appearance. Most times 3 or 4 will be working. The place is kind of small like most places in Nashville are.

Whirlpool Center
1025 8th Ave South Ph. 615-782-0070
$40 for 30 min., $80 for 45 min., $120 for the hour
(Hour session includes whirlpool)

On 8th Ave. two blocks north of Cleopatra’s brings you to the Whirlpool center. It was formerly known as Dawn’s Whirpool. The Whirpool center is a pretty large place with about 10 girls working at all times. They cover all ranges white, black, tall, short, less weight, over weight. If you pick an hour session you are gauranteed to get a hottub unless you tell her you don’t want it. An hour costs $120 plus the girl will probably ask you for a tip although there are signs saying no tipping required. To be a bigger place the talent level is not what it should be.

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