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There are tons of AMP’s in Dallas, and most of them are pretty good. My favorite is Aprils on I35 just north of Commonwealth on the SB service rd. there’s a blue and white sign. Lily is just around the corner, and they’re both run by the same woman.

Most of the girls are Korean (6-8’s). The price is 40 to the house for half an hour and 60 for an hour. then you go in and it’s straight forward usuall AMP stuff from there. Half and Half is about $200 tot

Gine Bath House
Type: AMP
Location: Mockingbird and Irving Blvd
Girls #: 5-6
Girls Rate: 5-7
Saw: Kiki
Her Detail: Korean 27 about 5’2″ thin small breast, nice face. About a 7
Price Paid: $40 House, $140 Her
Service: Half and Half
Notes: Gina is a run down looking place and it hasn’t even been there as long as most of the AMP’s and the selection is small. You won’t get ripped off here but it’s not a great selection either. Basically a normal AMP routine. I saw Kiki who said she hadn’t been here but a week, I wouldn’t recommend her over the others. The service was just average, not enthusiasm. The shower was average, the massage was average the CBJ was above average and the FS was sub par, but not unacceptable

Type: AMP
Location: I35 SB Service Rd north of Commonwealth
Girls #: 7-8
Girls Rate: 5-8
Saw: Julie
Her Detail: Average Face, normal Korean build (5’5″) B Cup,long hair
Price Paid: $60 House (1 Hour), $140 Her
Service: Half and Half, FS
Notes: Julie is new to April’s

Lily Sauna
Type: AMP
Location: I35 just north of Commonwealth Southbound SR
Girls #: 2-3
Girls Rate: 5-8
Saw: Mona
Her Detail: 5, a little old, about 35, thin Korean A cup, but experienced
Price Paid: $40 Half Hour for House, $120 Her
Service: Half and Half
Notes: Lily’s is owned by the same people who own April’s around the corner and you will get the same service(good). The location is a little nicer since it’s newer. But there are hardly ever more than two girls here at any one time so the selection is limited. I usually end up here if I don’t like the selection at Aprils. The shower is a little odd because it’s not entirely enclosed but it’s still private enough, but if your paranoid or ultra shy go to Aprils first.

Yokohama Body Bath
Type: AMP
Location: 183 South(East) of Regal Row before the joining of 35
Girls #: 6-7
Girls Rate: 6-8
Saw: Lee (or Li?)
Her Detail: Chinese, most girls are Korean, a solid 8
Price Paid: $60 1 Hour House, $120 Her
Service: Half and Half, with Greek
Notes: Lee was unusual in several ways. She’s obviously new to the business (which was nice) and she was willing to discuss just about anyhting, including Greek. Asian women, at least in AMP’s in the States are almost never willing to do Greek, but she was, and she hadn’t done it very often, that was clear, she had a diffucult time getting started so we took it real slow. Her table shower was unpractices but thourough which was nice, and her CBJ was inexperienced as well but enthusiastic. Her FS was fantastic and she had this little grunt that was really appealing.

Silk and Satin
Type: Brothel
Location: Harry Hines and Royal
Girls #: 3-4 Caucasian
Girls Rate: 7-8 Usually good quality here
Saw: Leena
Her Detail: Blonde 5’7″ C Cup natural, great face and nice body.
Price Paid: $40 House, $200 her
Service: Half and Half
Notes: I hadn’t been to this place in years but thought I’d go in two weeks ago and give it a try. A few guys had mentioned it recently so I thought I’d go back. In the past the girls were first rate. When I got there the place looked familiar, it hadn’t changed at all, but it looked a little more ragged than in the past although still not bad at all. The girls came out (2 of them) and said they were both available and that there were two others but they were busy. They also had a book of other girls who work there which was strange.

We went to the room an exchanged the house money and she started rubbing me as she asked what I wanted to do, I told her Half and Half and asked about greek. She said she didn’t do Greek but Half and Half was $200. That’s really high, but she was hot, and I was trying something new and decided to see if she was worth it.

She was NOT worth it. No wonder I always stick with the AMP’s. She wasn’t rude, but she was totally distant and mechanical. Her CBJ was barely stimulating and her FS was uninspired. She got on top and was literally looking off into the distance. I turned her around to go from behind so I wouldn’t have to look at her face and could just look at her ass and back which was much better.

I won’t be going back for another bunch of years.

She will change with experience but hopefully only for the better, she’s great now. Although her prices will surely come up, she’s a little under what everyone else is and that can’t last. She’ll learn quick.

Mona is an old hand (literally). But she knows her stuff and will satisfy. As a matter of fact the first time I saw her she knew I was a regular of two other girls and promised to give me two shots in one session if I wanted to try to get me to include her in the rotation which shows ambition. She gives a very thourough shower with plenty of attention to the right areas, and a slightly below average massage. Her CBJ is excellent though, and she’s willing to do BBBJNTC with a regular. Her FS is enthusiastic.

Look for the blue and white sign. The turnover at April’s is average, you can get a regular girl and see her for two years a I have done in the past (with JJ, Lana, Mona etc but their all gone now) or you can see new girls every week. I have been going here for at least three years. The manager (I wont give her name) is very nice, although she’s not around much anymore but that doesn’t matter the girls run the show fine.

This is an average AMP place but a favorite of mine. They’re honest, I’ve never had a problem(will return with correct change etc) and you never have to worry about getting a really bad girl.

They even have a dry sauna that you can use to start before your table shower.
Julie gave a very thourough table shower, and an above average massage followed with a thourough CBJ and an above average FS. She seems to enjoy her work.

Street Action
Harry Hines $40 CBJ
Three weeks ago I went out to HH for the cruise to see what’s new. After I made a few passes I had a black girl in a Mitsubishi make contact, she’s not my type, so I passed. After another round I could tell that there were plenty of girls working but I was having trouble being in the right sopt at the right time. I saw three lookers get picked before I could get to them. Then I saw Mandy.

She’s a very thin Blonde but she’s hot. An easy 8 with A cup perkies. She was driving a little dark color Honda. She made contact and I nodded and followed her to a staging location where we talked.

We agreed to $40 for CBJ. She took me to a warehouse parking lot and got in, she was definitely as hot as she looked. I don’t really like the SW scene and the safety issues but it’s ok for a cheap change.

She gave a great CBJ (as far as CBJ’s go) and let me feel around wherever I wanted. I got her number to call directly when I want her to come to my place (which I have done since, I will write about that later). I won’t give her number out because she says she wont talk to any one she hasn’t seen on the street first (5.0 worries)

She also recommended a firend if I ever see her named Cassie who’s a redhead in a white Lexus, but I can’t speak personally about her.

You have to be careful at Harry Hines. Johnny Law is everywhere and they will bust you for crazy little things, even just driving around. I rarely go there now.
HH is short for Harry Hines Blvd. – a major drag running northwest from the downtown area.

As Hugh said, but also not that you should NOT run Harry Hines from teh downtown area.

The action mongers are interested in is the area North of Northwest Highway up to almost 635. Particularly the areas around Walnut Hill and Royal.

If you just drive up and down this area girls will pull up next to you, nod at them as they try to signal you in somw way. They are usually in small econobox cars, lots of rentals, or an SUV.

All the pickups and cheesy hot rods are guys doing the same as you, ignore them. You need to keep your head on a swivel to spot one and position yourself for her to pull along side, or she will snag you first if its not busy.

Look out for cops, do not speed.

April’s Body Bath
3131 Stemmons Freeway, Suite S Dallas, TX 214/631-1212. Rates: $40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr, plus tips. Well equipped massage parlor has a large sauna and customers get to use this when they buy the hourly rate. Very clean place has some very cute young girls. April’s Body Bath is located just between Mockingbird and Inwood and there is a blue and white sign cut front. Hours: 9a-4a, 7 days.

Got to “April”s” and was buzzed in and greeted by one of the “technicians”…didn’t find her to my liking (older and plump), but she called for Rose and I was set! Rose was half Korean/half Japanese and all nasty! Very well proportioned and all natural. She first took me to a “table shower” and scrubbed EVERY part of my body.

It was then back to the room and a very satisfactory rub down that included my hands roaming wherever I wanted. Then, without any prompting she asks if I “want the special”.$100 dollars later, I had been given probably the best full service (foreplay, bj, sex in multiple positions) I’ve ever had at a amp! A lot of moaning, tonguing and even cuddling.

Gina’s Bath House
off of I-35 Mockingbird & Irving Blvd. Today is Memorial Day what a way to start off by a bang. Around midnight I went to Gina’s Bath House for the first time. I went in and saw “two” Asian ladies around late 30’s or early 40’s they had on see through night gowns. They ask me if I was a cop . I said hell no I just want to fuck. One said 40$ for half amd 60$ for 1 hour for the room. Than one better looking girl named “MIMI” said 140$ dollar for me. I smirked and said ok, you love me long time.

We went to the room in the back . She gave me a “BJ” without a rubber and it was great. After a while she slipped a condom on she said to fuck her in the “ASS” I got extremely excited and I fucked her good. She moaned a little and I busted a nut pretty quick. It was well worth 180$

June’s Tan and Sauna
Oriental/Full Body. 1820 West Mockingbird between I-35 and Harry Hines Blvd. Dallas, TX 214/638-7380 Rates: $40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr door fee plus tips. In spite of the American sounding name, this is an Oriental massage parlor which is very well equipped with a sauna and tanning booths. About 5-6 rather abrupt girls, which is odd for an Oriental establishment. You can drop a lot of money for a tip but you may not get anything more than a manual release. Not the best place to look for sexual satisfaction.

June’s Tan & Sauna.: Last week I had the greatest bordello sex experience since the glory years of Irma’s in Juarez, MX and Papagallo Club in Nuevo Laredo, MX. It was at Junes in Dallas and a lady named CiCi took me to heaven. Fee: $40.00 for bath and massage and $100.00 for “full service”. Time: 30 minutes. Let me save space by saying that she told me she “will do everything, that is….EVERYTHING” and she did. In a word…..wonderful. (Mockingbird near Harry Hines)

Suji and she’s setting up her own place on Henderson downtown…real GFE with her. Look for the new place next month.

Mikos Tan Oriental/Full Body
1475 West Mockingbird Dallas, TX 214/688-1819
Rates: $40 1/2hr, $60/an hr. Large parlor has facilities for body rubs, showers and shampoos plus tanning booths, you can get a manual release for an extra $40 $60 and depending on the girl, an oral session may also be available. Cute girls all in 20’s or 30’s. Located just off 1-35 and a half mile from Sheraton Hotel.

Nagoyas Modeling Agency
Corner of St Emanuel and Rusk. Don’t be intimidated by the security guard that frisks you at the door, he is quite friendly. They have a flat rate of 120 dollars when you come in the door.

Oasis Body Bath
1710 W Mockingbird btwn I-35 and Love Field Airport Dallas, TX 214/951-0050 Rates: $30 1/2 hr, $60/an hr plus tips. Manual and oral can be had at this massage parlor which also has girls giving good quality body rubs and oil lotion massages.

Royal Sauna and Bath
Oriental Full Body 2691 Freewood at Harry I-lines Blvd Dallas, TX. 214/350-4335 Rates: $40 1/2hr, $60/an hr. A session in their sauna, body shampoos & body rubs available but the girls are simply too cautious when it comes to delivering sex services. Manual has been reported, this about all. Located between Andora’s Men’s Club and Lipstick Men’s Club. Open 7 days from 9a-2a.

I went to Royal Sauna just last weekend while I was town from LA. I didn’t expect to stay, just have a look and leave. I was met at the door by a cute 23 year old Korean lady who convinced me to try it out. The standard rate for all these places seems to be a basic fare of 40 for 1/2 hour, 60 for 1 hour, and a negotiated tip averaging 80 to 100. I chose the hour option

I was led to a massage room where I was asked to disrobe and then given a towel and then given a few minutes in the suana. She returned and took me to the wash table and gave every inch of me a good scrubbing. The water temp was just right! Once I was cleaned and dried, back to the suana for a few more minutes then back to the room, she then gave a very good massage. At one point, she was leaning over me from the head of the table massaging me while I laid on my back. As she reached over my head to rub my thighs, I had a great view of her nicely formed breasts as they rubbed against my head. She slowly rubbed in between my thighs and this was a cue to me to start rubbing her beautiful thigh and cheeks. She had no panties, and felt her moist pussy. We both started getting into it, then she asked me to turn over and massaged my inner areas and penis. She asked what I desired and I said full service. She intially wanted 200, but I said I paid less that before. I told her that if I do repeat business this weekend, could 100 do? She agreed. I paid her and then she lowered the lights and slowly undressed for me. She was the most shapley vision I’d seen in a long time. I had no problem rising to the occasion, even after prostate surgery two years ago. She sensuously rubbed me all over with her naked body. She started with oral, giving me an excellent one..so good in fact I realized she’d done something only a professional could do. After the oral, she sexily mounted me, with her on top. I thought I was going in her unprotected, and it felt like it, too. This excited me to no end, we switched positions several times and each time she felt great, even giving me small GF kisses, but nothing deep. She she said “give it to me!” and other loving sex talk, which had me coming after a wonderful session. When she started to clean me up, she noted that I had no seamen. I told her that beacause of my surgery, I could come, but no seamen will come out. No baby to worry about thinking I was bare. She slowly pulled of the thin comdom she had put on during the oral session! “well, you can’t be too careful” she said. I was impressed with her beauty and love style. I will always return here whenever I’m in Dallas. The massage scene is still very much alive in Oil Town.

Sakura Body Bath
Full Body 5010 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX 214/360-9595. Rates: $40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr. A new Oriental place, but the services are very sexy, very relaxing rubdowns and body shampoos are given.

Sun’s Tanning Studio
Oriental Full Body 1820 W. Mockingbird La Ste #16 Dallas, TX 214/688-1586 Rates: $40 1/2hr, $60/an hr plus the tips. About 6 very cute, young attendants who give excellent massages. A sauna session in included in basic rate. Located in a large building almost directly between I-35 and the famous Harry Hines Blvd., where many streetwalkers hang. Open 9a-2a weekdays and 9a-3a F and Sa and closed Sun.

Yokohama Body Bath
Full Body 7045 John W. Carpenter Freeway Dallas, TX 214/637-6267. Rates: $40 1/2hr, $60/an hr. Some rather high tipping in $75 range and up can bring manual release, this is about all. Girls are quite Cute, table showers are available.

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