Airport to Hotel

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Important suggestion.
When you walk out of the airport, don’t listen to those unauthorized cab drivers they’re trying to steal your money. They demand 100 for a ride that costs 25. Look for a licensed taxi or take the bus to Copacabana it’s very cheap but you’ll need taxis at night when it’s not safe to walk.

Generally at all airports in Brazil you’ll find COOP taxis which don’t involve cash. You have to pay inside the airport building and get a voucher. They’re safe and air conditioned but 25% more expensive (Salvador 60 reis to Pituba or Barra).

Regular yellow taxis are sometimes meters behind and cheaper. Just in RIO and SP there are unlicensed drivers. If you don’t know the way and distances always insist in using the meter especially in Rio.
In safer regions like Maceio or Fortaleza taxi drivers may offer you excursions for the same price as small buses which safes you time.  Because they don’t pick up other tourists along the way.

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