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Looking for information on Rio. Well, if you’re going in summer it’s winter there and visa versa. Seasons are reversed.

I can tell you that the beaches have some activity, but the places to hit are the “TERMAS”. Favorites are Quatro y Quatro in Centro and Centaurus in Ipanema. Both are great pick up spots as well as Full Service clubs.

You might want to check out the usual Barbarella’s, Cicolina and all the “Boties”. Be sure to stay at locations that allow visitors. I recommend anything off the beach. My favorite is Hotel Acapulco Copacabana.

You might want to also check out this website It gives you a taste of the type of talent available in Rio. Many of these girls are available at places like Barbarella’s or Centaurus.

Prices always depend on how much bargaining you want to do and what frequency. Quality is an issue.

Typical Termas pricing is an entrance fee of 20-70 Real. Girls range by rooms that you want and amount of time. You can get a generous room with girl for about 140-200 real for 60 minutes. Quality of the girls are 7-10 scale.

Picking up girls at Help, Barbarella, etc. about 100-200 Real for 4-6 hours. Some will stay overnight. Quality of the girls are 5 – 10

Other spots MAB’s, Meia Pataca 50 -150 depending on the amount of time. Quality of the girls depends on the time of day. Most of them work at Help, Barbarella or some other club.

There are a couple of secrets to get a GFE experience in Brazil especially Rio. It’s close to impossible to get it in Sao Paulo. Brazilian women have to have orgasm with you. They need to feel you’re trying to give them a Boyfriend experience. If you treat them like a working girl like a lot of other men do then you’ll get a working girl experience. Try to negotiate the entry fee for the GFE. Explain that you want an extended session.

Check this site our for rentals

Buy a copy of “guia 4 rodas” for about 25 reis at any kiosk (Banca) and you’ll find tons of information about tourism, hotels, restaurants, attractions.

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